Lacura System Razor + Trimmer (Men)

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A personal razor is an indispensable tool in most households. Humans have hair, and a razor is a way to shave it off. As we know, where there is a need, companies will find a way to meet that need.

There are no shortage of opinions on what razor is the best. Some opt for the old school method of a straight razor. Still others prefer a metal safety razor. Others will push for a disposable razor or cartridge razor. Still others will go for an electric foil or rotary shaver. Each of these offers its own pros and cons, to say nothing of costs.

Aldi has been selling disposable razors for a while now. However, those razors were simple, with three blades, and once they were worn out, you’d throw away the entire thing: handle, blades, and all. Recently, we discovered that Aldi had introduced a new line of razors: in addition to more blades, these had disposable heads that could be replaced, letting users keep the handle for longer.

We decided to try out both the new women’s and new men’s razors. Here, I’m taking a closer look at the men’s razor.

Lacura System Razor + Trimmer (Men)

The Lacura System Razor + Trimmer, designed for men, is an Aldi Regular Buy. You can find it in stores all the time. It comes in a cardboard box and currently costs $5.49. That’s a couple of dollars less than the Walmart Equate 5-blade razor and trimmer and is less than half the cost of the Gillette Fusion5. Aldi looks to be the cheapest in this category, at least compared to what I can find online.

The handle has the word “PACE” on it. Based on that small piece of information, it wasn’t hard for me to trace the this product’s manufacturer. The company is called Dorco, and it specializes in private label razors for dollar stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores. Dorco is the maker of both this men’s razor as well as the Aldi Lacura Women’s Razor.

The package is all thin cardboard and made with 80% recycled paper and no plastic, which gives it points for environmental consciousness. Inside there is a razor with two refills, one of them already installed on the handle.

Lacura System Razor + Trimmer (Men)As you can see in the picture, each cartridge has a moisture bar and six blades. There is debate on whether more than 3-5 blades is really that big a deal. There’s also some disagreement over whether or not the moisture bar does all that much, seeing as how you need shaving cream either way. But hey, they’re there.

This is a pretty easy razor to use. The cartridge comes on and off like you expect, as does the plastic protective cover. The handle grip is comfortable and ergonomic, and the razor head pivots as expected.

As for the blades? The razor part works fine. I paired it with shaving gel and I got a clean shave mostly free of nicks and cuts. My first pass was pretty effective at getting a close shave, too. I’m less a fan of the trimmer — I don’t think it holds a candle to an electric trimmer — but it’s something, at least.

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Lacura System Razor looks like a solid option for disposable razors. Thanks to an ergonomic handle, easy-to-use cartridges, and a close 6-blade shave, I was able to get a close shave without too much hassle. Better still, it’s cheaper than any other similarly designed razor that I can find on the market. If you’re a non-electric disposable type, this one might be worth a try.

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  1. These handles can be used with the older Dollar shave club blades (retired early this year). Weird thing is these Aldi cartridges very much resemble the new DSC ones in their shape. In essence making this system a combination of the older DSC razors (the connection to the handle) and the new ones (the flater blade cartridge). Also, while the trimmer does not compare to an electric one, I don’t believe it’s is meant to. I find it very useful to use where my top lip meets my nose. I missed it when I temporarily switched to the DSC version without it.

  2. I have been using the Equate razor for awhile and it’s been excellent. Unfortunately, I can’t find it in the store anymore. So I bought this one today. Hopefully it’s as good-if so it will be my new go to, as I’m in Aldi at least twice a week and the price is right.

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