L’Oven Fresh Keto Friendly Zero Net Carbs Bread

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a product review of the Aldi zero net carbs bread. For an in-depth analysis of the bread, including a timeline of when it has and will show up in stores, click here.

Joshua also contributed to this post.

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In recent years, we’ve seen a bigger push for cutting down on carbohydrates, rooted in recent science that has told us that the old carb-heavy food pyramid was, well, a really bad idea. (Science also seems to indicate that a moderate carb intake may be a better idea.) A number of diets, from the paleo to the keto, have pushed for lower carb intake, which has in turn spurred a rise in low-carb alternatives to foods that are traditionally higher in carbs.

In early 2019, Aldi dropped L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carbs Bread into stores as an ALDI Find, and it was a massive hit … so massive, in fact, that it disappeared from shelves almost as soon as it was released. People raved about how well it worked as an alternative to traditional bread. For weeks afterward, Aldi customer service kept telling customers that it wasn’t coming back anytime soon, even as Aldi workers online claimed they had proof the stuff was headed back to stores in October of 2019.

The workers were right.

The keto bread price sticker at our local Aldi, taken in October 2019. Note that it’s a Regular Buy.

It’s been a wild ride, but Aldi finally has zero net carbs bread available as an everyday purchase, at least in some regions. And we finally got our hands on it, after it landed on our Regular Buy shelves. [NOTE: Shortly after this review, the bread disappeared again. You can read our thoughts on when it might return here.]

L'Oven Fresh Keto Friendly Zero Net Carbs Bread

Aldi’s L’Oven Fresh Keto Friendly Zero Net Carbs Bread comes in wheat or multiseed varieties. It cost $3.49 for a 14-oz. loaf at the time of publication: that’s about 50 cents more than it was as an ALDI Find, although it is still a lot less than zero net carb breads we’ve seen anywhere else. We purchased the wheat bread variety to try.

Ingredients and Nutrition

A single slice (28 grams) of the wheat bread has 45 calories, 1 gram of total fat (1% of your daily value), 0 grams saturated fat, 0 mg of cholesterol, 75 mg of sodium (3% DV), 9 grams of total carbohydrates (3% DV), 9 grams of dietary fiber (32% DV), 0 grams of sugars, and 5 grams of protein.

L'Oven Fresh Keto Friendly Zero Net Carbs Bread nutrition and ingredients

L’Oven Fresh Keto Friendly Zero Net Carbs Bread nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

While the bread does contain 9 grams of total carbohydrates, the fine print on the package states that 9 grams of total carbs minus 9 grams of dietary fiber equals 0 grams of net carbs. Fiber is a type of carb that the body does not absorb, so when all or most of the carbs in this bread are from fiber, they should simply pass through the body. (Just be aware that eating a lot of fiber can have an effect on the other end of the digestive system.)

Ingredients are: modified wheat starch, water, wheat gluten, wheat protein isolate, oat fiber (chicory), vegetable fiber, wheat bran, soybean oil, yeast, vinegar, salt, and preservatives (calcium propionate, sorbic acid). Those with allergies should be aware this contains wheat.

Some people might debate whether this is truly a “keto” bread or not. We’ve discussed this question elsewhere, but we’ll ultimately leave that one up to individual consumers.

Texture and Taste

Some other companies have tried their hands at keto friendly bread, with mixed results. It can be difficult to get the texture right. So how does Aldi’s keto friendly bread stack up?

In our view, there are two ways to evaluate this bread: 1) how it compares to regular bread and 2) how it compares to other zero net carb bread. Each reader is going to use different criteria. To an extent, probably both of those things are important: you want something that is as close to regular bread as possible, and hopefully better than what some others have done.

We haven’t tried other zero net carb breads, so we looked at how this compared to regular bread.

You probably wouldn’t expect this to be an exact duplicate of regular bread, and in our opinion it isn’t. It’s a little bit chewier than regular bread, even when toasted, and if you just eat it plain (which most people wouldn’t) there is a bit of an aftertaste to it.

However, it’s a remarkably good attempt. We tried it with various things on it, and we discovered that, if you use it for things you often use bread for, it does a good job. When you add things like butter and jam, it tastes mostly just like … well, bread. And that’s precisely what people who are getting this bread probably want.

The Verdict:

There’s a lot of hype behind this zero net carb bread, and it’s easy to see why. You wouldn’t think of bread as something that could be carb-free, but this bread comes close, thanks to having carbs made entirely of fiber. And while it does have its limitations — it’s a little chewier than normal bread — it is a close approximation, especially when you doctor it with butter and jam or sandwich toppings the way you doctor most breads. If you’re serious about a low-carb diet and you’re willing to pay more for it, L’Oven Fresh Keto Friendly Zero Net Carbs Bread might be just what you’re looking for.

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  1. As someone who has type II diabetes which I manage completely with a very low carb diet I would warn other diabetics against this bread. Many doctors who advocate a very low carb diet recommend counting total carbs. The theory behind fiber is that since it is not absorbed it does not find its way into the bloodstream. My personal experience, and that of many other diabetics, is that this is not true.
    If you positively most have a piece of bread every once in a while this is probably not a bad choice, but I would suggest that any diabetic carefully monitor their blood sugar levels after eating something that counts net carbs instead of total carbs.

    • Any idea what cities or states its available in?? I live in Ashland ky. And my store keeps telling me it is definitely not coming back. I’m a little embarrassed to say this but when I read this post about the bread coming back I teared up a little. being on keto has been very hard for me because bread was a big part of my EVERYDAY and if I can have toast and sandwiches again it will make it alot easier on me

      • I live in Fresno, CA (central California) and the Aldi store that opened here last week does not have it in stock. When the store manager was pressed for an arrival date, he would not guarantee an arrival date. If I had to guess, it won’t in CA for another month.

        • Did the bread ever make it to Central California?

        • I live in Fresno as well and I have checked Aldi twice and they don’t carry it. I guess I’ll have to continue buying Zero Carb bread from Amazon once in a while. I wish it was cheaper like what Aldi was offering.

        • I live in Calcutta ohio and the employer at our store said the bread is never coming back so it sounds like the employees don’t know what is going on. Will just order from netrishen.com its not worth the head ach!

      • I just bought this two weeks ago in St Louis. I went back today and they did not have any, when i asked they said they quit selling it.

        • ive found that the store employees don’t know anything and just say that. it may be true and it may not be true.

          even the 800 number CS doesn’t really know. when I Tweeted about it, ALDI USA responded by saying it will be back by early 2020

        • This may be a duplicate post….sorry if it is…

          It appears that while it carried the Aldi brand name, Aldi used a small-time 3rd party baker to make the Aldi Finds Zero Net Carb bread…..and that small time baker isn’t big enough to handle becoming a full time producer.

          So, Aldi had to find a larger baker to handle the demand. Ramping up for a nationwide production as a regularly stocked item is a huge deal and is what the delay is all about.

          However, @AldiUSA should be upfront about when and where (by region) the bread will be arriving again.

      • I feel the same way girl. I’m very disappointed with Aldi not making things clear here. I was going there every morning at 9am when the doors unlocked in the hopes of getting my hands on a single loaf.
        Is it available anywhere? Will it be available in our markets? Damn- Aldi needs to tell their customers the deal- available or not.

        • It looks like it’s hit or miss in the Illinois area mostly. And it appears that it’s because the smaller baker is in that area.

          It appears that a larger baker is going to be baking the huge quantity needed for the targeted 2020 nationwide roll out as a regular item. And the price will increase by about 50 cents.

          We need to keep Tweeting @AldiUSA insisting that they tell us when if will appear in various regions of the country.

        • it’s available now in stores

      • I’m in Greenup trying to find the bread absolutely anywhere ! Have you had any luck?

      • If you cannot find this bread, there are good alternatives. Natures own makes three lower carb breads. 2X fiber is a great alternative at 7 carbs a slice. . Also theY make 40 calorie bread and sugar free bread. Both also 7 carbs a slice.

      • Yes! We get it down here in Southwest Florida, North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Fort Myers.
        I buy it and send it to my friends that can’t get it in their Aldi stores

    • Excellent post.
      “net carbs’ is bs. Term is not recognized by FDA.
      Made up by manufacturers to sell product.
      Plus, wheat is a know inflammatory protein and is NEVER in any keto food.

      • Thanks to the FDA and the stupid food pyramid we have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. I have type 2 and am off all my meds thanks to keto.
        Calculating net carbs is the way to go.

      • @Duke – food, in and of itself is not “keto”. Ketosis is a metabolic state of the body induced by eating very low carb/low sugar foods. Foods are also not “inflammatory”. Some foods cause an inflammatory response in YOUR BODY when consumed. For others, they may not; hence, food is not inflammatory. If you are irritated by wheat gluten, by all means do not eat it.

      • With all due respect Duke, you’re being very foolish if you think the net carb concept is bogus simply because the FDA doesn’t talk about it. The FDA doesn’t recognize a lot of things! Eating a keto diet is not about inflammation, for most of us, and subtracting dietary fiber to count net carbs DOES keep us in ketosis. This methodology (eating a low net-carb diet with moderate amounts of fiber) has worked wonders for me, and has been something I could actually stick to.

      • Hey Roberto,maybe check your insulin instead of blood sugar. That is where the problem is. It may not raise blood sugar, but it will still trigger an insulin response which could be even worse since the insulin won’t have any sugar to deal with. It’s insulin that causes potential harm,not the actual sugar. Too many folks believe that if they don’t see a rise in blood glucose, all is good. Not true if the foods illicit an insulin response. Check your insulin after eating this junk and then let me know how great it is for you……NOT.

        • Shea, I have a few questions.
          How could one have an insulin response without a corresponding sugar response?
          If The carbs from fiber don’t increase blood sugar but do increase insulin, shouldn’t his blood sugar have gone down a bit not as he said “raise blood sugar much if at all”? This also seems to make no sense.

          1) Fiber: The indigestible parts of the food we eat. They are not absorbed by the body directly but may feed bacteria in our gut to provide fats.
          2) Insulin is released by the pancreas as a response to rising blood sugar levels.

          If fiber is not absorbed then how can it raise your blood sugar and thus cause an insulin response?

          Furthermore, have you done this experiment where you eat only fiber and then see if it raises insulin?

          The reason I said “only fiber” is because lots of things can trigger a reaction. I also would like to mention that he was not talking about this product. He was talking about net carbs in general and that in his experience he has not noticed a sugar rise. However, Protein can cause a small insulin response. There is also the fact that if the carbs are bellow a certain amount that they can round down.

          I would only eat this sort of product in moderation but I find that it is quite wonderful to take the edge off cheat days. Like french toast with lakanto syrup. As good as normal but with far less damage done. 🙂

        • I am not aware of an at home insulin test kit, is this something new?

      • Duke,
        The FDA does not list net carbs on labels this is true. However only the FDA lists fiber as a carb in the first place. In every other country fiber is a separate category.

    • it did not affect my blood sugar at all. I was eating it on a daily basis but the recently NO longer carry the bread because they can’t keep up with the demand. Sounds like they need to build a new facility just for that line of bread!

      • It appears that while it carried the Aldi brand name, Aldi used a small-time 3rd party baker to make the Aldi Finds Zero Net Carb bread…..and that small time baker isn’t big enough to handle becoming a full time producer.

        So, Aldi had to find a larger baker to handle the demand. Ramping up for a nationwide production as a regularly stocked item is a huge deal and is what the delay is all about.

        However, @AldiUSA should be upfront about when and where (by region) the bread will be arriving again.

        • Aldi didn’t use a small-time 3rd party baker. The bread was supposed to be an Aldi-find, a limited run item and wasn’t supposed to be a full-time product. The company producing the bread is ThinSlim. They sell their own zero net carb bread online and at select stores…at a higher price. The flavors sold at Aldi are exclusive to Aldi. The popularity of the bread necessitated a bit of jiggering around. Last year they posted a notice on their website advising they were temporarily discontinuing production of some of their products due to high demand and that they were expanding their facility.

          Ramping up IS a big deal, but they didn’t use a 3rd party baker per se. They contracted with the company that makes the bread and has their own proprietary recipe for the bread.

          • That’s interesting…I’ve tried ThinSlim’ s bread and it tasted nothing like Aldi’s zero net carb bread. The ThinSlim bread was drier in texture and did not toast very well. The Aldi bread was moist and tasted more like bread to me. But, that’s just my opinion. I’m not sure how large the ThinSlim facility is but I’ve ordered from them and at times they don’t always have products available on their website.

          • I live in Seattle, WA and the Franz Bakery now makes Zero Net Carb bread. Sold at Walmart and Franz Bakery that I know of thus far.

          • I bought three loves of it yesterday at Aldi and had no problem. Although I did have a weight gain ☹️

        • Last week there was a notice in the bread section of the Rutland, VT Aldis that the no-carb bread has been delayed until June.

    • it did not affect my blood sugar values, infact my keto blood levels stayed the same and I was eating 4 slices for breakfast and 4 slices for lunch on some days

      • I was luck to find them in south florida a couple weeks ago but since then I have not seen them at all. From what I heard they will be back in December

    • they are still selling it on ebay for 10$ a loaf pluss shipping

    • My wife and I, both T2D, experimented with this bread and it did not effect our blood glucose levels and were looking forward to making it a part of our regular diet plan. We manage our blood sugar through diet alone. We both had regular A1C levels in the 8 range (me) and 10 range (wife), and my wife is now routinely in the 6 range, and I have been in the 5’s for nearly a year. Each person is different in how the react to products. Blood glucose testing is key. We want Aldi to bring this product back.

    • Aldi’s in Virginia just got the net zero carb bread in today. Bristol and Roanoke has it! Bristol did not have a limit so I bought 12 loafs (6 loafs each). Roanoke has a 2 loaf each limit… Food City’s has the net 3 carb per slice bread “Sola” which is pretty good…

    • Also, it has canola oil in it. which is very bad to be consumed by anybody, especially a diabetic.

    • Are not healthy for the body! Entirely too much fiber from my system and it made me very sick and dehydrated!

      I finally was able to get a loaf of this bread and was so excited! I made a sandwich for lunch. And the next morning I had a half sandwich mid morning. All of a sudden I had stomach cramps that day of the half sandwich ever within 12 hours from eating a full sandwich. Ended up with severe diarrhea. Being a type two diabetic I have found that sometimes these zero carb itemsAre not healthy for the body! Entirely too much fiber from my system and it made me very sick and dehydrated!

    • I monitor my glucose very closely and it barely made my glucose go up. But thanks. Everyone’s system is different.

  2. None of my Aldi’s have it in stock. Roanoke Va, Christainsburg Va, Bristol Va, Martinsville Va.

  3. Veronica Albarbarawi

    My ALDIs told me no ALDIS carries this bread
    I live in Mesquite TX

    • We can confirm, both from ourselves and from others, that Aldi has started carrying this bread, and in multiple regions.

      • When you say that you can confirm…..can you please tell us what city you’ve seen this bread in during the month of October (not Sept)?

        No one I know has seen this bread come back into stores . My friends and family live in Calif and NY. and I live in Alabama. We have not seen it in Aldi stores since about Sept 12th.

        And which other regions?

        • We’re in St. Louis. We’ve heard from others in the Midwest, including Chicago, that have seen it. Also know at least one person in Florida who has.

          • Thank you!
            Ok I just got off the phone again with Aldi. They transferred me to a higher level CS person. He insisted that they have no info about the product returning, even tho I told him that it has showed up AGAIN in stores in IL and MO. I told him that the new Sell-By dates were Oct 20….rather than Sept 18 like the “Aldi Finds” loaves sold in Sept.

            He still claimed to have NO INFO.

            So….TWEET about it to @AldiUS

          • Joshua, where in Saint Louis has it? I live in Saint Louis, and have yet to find it! Thanks!!

          • We’ve seen in Bridgeton, although not consistently.

      • It actually is true. Illinois stores did get more deliveries in October. The sell-by dates on the bread were late October, rather than Sept (the dates that the rest of us got).

        This is what Ive been able to piece together. The baker that baked that bread is located somewhere in the Midwest, perhaps near IL and Missouri. That baker is not large enough and/or doesn’t have the ability to mass-produce this bread to support all Aldi stores continuing.

        So, Aldi has had to contract with a larger baker to meet the need. There’s a lead time to get that larger baker up and ready….and that’s what we’re experiencing now.

        Thru Twitter, @AldiUSA has twice confirmed to me that the bread will be available to all the stores by early 2020.

      • Why don’t you call Aldi’s Customer Service line(1-800-325-7894), press the Option for Product information(2) and then press the option specifically regarding this bread(2).

        That’s right, the demand for this product is so significant that Aldi’s recorded an Auto-Attendant in their IVR to tell you what’s going on.

        The bread IS coming back, it’s going to be a year round item in ALL states\stores, they just have to ramp up production to begin getting supply on shelves.

        The demand for this item is huge- so huge that they could not keep it in stock, anywhere. People who bought it began reselling it on ebay for a significant profit. Aldi’s would be an idiot to let this opportunity pass.

        Currently, there are ZERO Grocery stores that carry 0-net carb bread marketed to Keto\low-carb individuals. This is a huge un-tapped market and is a license to print money for Aldi’s. I guarantee you that once Aldi’s has deployed this nationwide, your Supermarkets are going to start having their versions show up in store soon after. Because their customers that do keto will do all their shopping at the place where they can buy their bread.

        Keto isn’t just another “fad” diet, the science behind it seems to add up. And the results can not be denied.

    • I found it at my store in Arlington, TX

  4. Just got off the phone with the 833 corp number, the lady I talked to had no information about the bread being in the stores :((

    • Here’s the situation as I understand it: on this product, there appears to be a disconnect between Aldi customer service and what’s going on stores. Aldi CSRs have been telling people for weeks that this bread is not headed to stores, even as store workers have been seeing price tags for the bread as a Regular Buy.

      The bread is definitely in some stores as a Regular Buy. I know, because we bought it, and because we’ve talked to people in other parts of the country. Be patient, and you should eventually see it make its way to your stores.

      • I was just told they are no longer going to carry the bread ): the baker can’t keep up with the demands !

        • Who told you that? Was that the corporate office?

        • I hope this is not true for this was a turning point for those trying to control their weight with a ketogenic profile. one thing is certain and that others have taken note of the demand for the bread and one thing I am certain is that people love to make money. Maybe the next time you see it it’ll cost a little more but believe your bottom you will see it again!

        • The corporate office said today that it will be back in stock after the new year.

          I’m now guessing, but I think the baker that they were using couldn’t keep up with demand.

  5. I hope it becomes a regular item at our Aldi in Wichita Falls, TX. My daughter is a manager there and says she has not heard that it is coming back as a regular item. Our store sold out of the bread in one day.

  6. I’m in Virginia Beach and just checked at two different stores- nothing. I wish they had a “where to buy tab” or something.

    • The problem is, even if you have a store that carries it, like me, its sold out so fast you. You have to like live in the store to be there at the time its stocked.

  7. There are 6 stores within an hour or less from me and all were sold out in a day or less….but again only 12 loves were sent to each store…..I never even got one to try….I know some people bought 3-6 loves which was wrong when many others didn’t get to try any….and have been told there is no future dates when it will be if going to be on shelves

  8. I have been calling the customer service line for over a month and it has been confirmed by the customer service supervisor I spoke with, the bread is coming back as a regular stocked item. I was told it would take time to reach all stores, but it is going to start rolling out in October/November. If you call the customer service line they can check your zip code and see the stores inventory (but only as of start of business that day).

  9. What is there customer service line number?

  10. Robert A. Campagna

    Cherry hill nj 08002 had it and sold out almost immediately. It’s Considered a specialty item and they don’t have it all the time. Oddly the afternoon they were sold out it was available on eBay at three times the cost. This should be an item that’s available all the time not something to be held for ransom on eBay!

  11. All I can say is – Aldis if you don’t jump on this you are fools !

  12. Is there any other information about what cities will have it available or when will it be available? My 9yo daughter has been put on a medical ketogenic diet and this was the ONLY bread that she’s liked and now we can’t find it. I call weekly and I’m told it was an “Aldi find” and they do t see when or if it’s coming back. We are in Southern California. thank you for the heads up. This is the costumer service number I call ‭+1 (855) 955-2534‬

  13. I went to 3 local Aldi stores here in Central Florida and none of them had it and no one at all 3 stores said they were expecting it. I hope they are all wrong.

  14. Just scored 12 loaves at our Aldi in Carol Stream IL. It IS being stocked, with a set amount per store. Our Wheaton IL store was sold out, and our CS store had 23 loaves as of this morning, when I arrived there were 13 left. Corporate was kind enough to tell me where the stock was 1-833-440-1024 and choose ‘product information’

  15. Ok! Tweeting works to get real replies in writing so I suggest using Twitter to bombard Aldi with requests.

    Here’s the Twitter reply that I just received back from @AldiUS ( I sent them a Direct Message via Twitter).

    “Our L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carbs Bread was a hit and sold out in most locations. We expect to have it back in select stores soon, and plan to bring it to all ALDI stores in early 2020. Thanks, and stay tuned!”

  16. Aldi US just called me because they were afraid I was going to tweet something negative.

    I assured them that my tweet was not bad at all….it was just asking when the Net Zero Carb bread would be back on the shelves.

  17. Hi, I emailed Aldi’s. Their response was the bread was a special buy and would not be carried in the stores as a regular item. HOWEVER, I was just at my local Aldi’s. During checkout, I asked the cashier who told me that she just loaded the shelves with this bread and it would, in fact, be a regular store item. I immediately went back to the bread section and bought two frozen loafs. So, as Joshua said, there is a disconnect between the stores and customer service.

  18. This bread is not truly keto. It contains wheat and oat grains, which you’re not supposed to have on keto. You’re better off making bread without trashy ingredients

  19. In the freezer section?

    • In our store, it’s in the bread section.

      • Has anyone gained weight with this bread i bought 4 loaves from my aldis in pembroke pines fl ..its soooo good ..im scared it will kick me outta ketosis.

        • No. My son eats it every day and he’s lost 50 lbs….he’s lost at least 15 since sept when we first got the bread.

    • I think the freezer confusion is this..
      Aldi often keeps some bread/bakery items in their storage freezers and then they bring out boxes as needed with dates on stickers and put in their regular bread dept.

      In Terry’s situation, the Aldi employee knew that they had some of this newly-arrived bread was in their freezer (soon to be put on the floor in bread dept), so the employee went to their storage freezer and brought some out.

  20. Hey,
    My friend in DeKalb, IL just posted that she bought the loaves TODAY. The sell by dates are 10/30

    And Delish. Com just posted this:
    “You Can Buy Keto Friendly Sliced Bread At Aldi
    It’s FINALLY back in stock!
    OCT 19, 2019

  21. Any updates on availability of the bread?

    • DeKalb Illinois has already received their SECOND October shipment!

      But we, in Alabama, have not rec’d any since about Sept 10th.


  22. Nothing yet in Plano, TX – asked today. The manager said it’s a “unicorn” product. He still hasn’t heard if it will be permanent or not, and doesn’t get notice before it gets shipped to the store. *shrug*

    • im very disappointed that Aldi USA can’t give us a better idea as to when the bread will arrive by region. I realize they can’t provide dates “by store,” but SOMEONE, SOME TEAM knows the schedule as to when the bread will arrive by region!

      We need to Tweet about it to @AldiUSA

      Tweet to @AldiUSA and insist that they find out a rough delivery schedule by region!

      • it’s absolutely unreasonable that their “pat answer” is to “keep checking back”. Aldi is a rare store that has no phone number so one could call and ask if something is in. So so they really think we should have to physically go into their store everyday, maybe twice a day, in order to actually find the product?

    • I’m in Frisco near Little Elm and can’t get any answer other than it was a specialty item that won’t be back. Please come back and post if it comes to the Plano store so I can see if my local area has gotten it too.

      • Don’t listen to in-store employees. Ive learned that even the general store managers don’t know anything. And even if you call their CS number, those people don’t know anything either.

        You have to TWEET to @aldiUSA in order to get any real info. And press upon them to give dates.

  23. Absolutely

  24. i would not recommend contacting Aldi thru that link.

    if you want to get Aldi’s attention, you have to go to Social Media Twitter and tweet your concerns. once Aldi sees that tweets about them are being widely seen, then they respond with more accurate info, rather just “pat answers” to wait and see.

    @AldiUSA is their Twitter

  25. @AldiUSA replied to my tweet today and restated that the bread will be back after Jan 1, 2020.

    It appears that the IL/MO areas got it again because the baker is Nearby.

    It also appears that Aldi is going to a larger baker to produce the nationwide roll out.

  26. I head that it has to stay refrigerated so it is keep frozen in back and you have to ask for it. Just add it to the frozen section.

  27. Just got a message from Aldi. They are returning it to the stores in 2020. It has not been discontinued.

  28. Found this in Chicago around October 18. Then it disappeared again from store shelves. One store manage told me it was discontinued. I hope she is wrong.

  29. The Aldi’s in Daytona Beach Fl had this 3 weeks ago. I bought three loaves but now the Aldi manager said the supplier could not keep up with the demand and Aldi’s will no longer stock it. I am very disappointed. I have type II diabetes and this bread did not spike my blood sugar at all. The DR had me taking 4 metforman a day, but now I’m not taking any thanks to a strict keto diet.
    If anyone knows of any other stores that sell this, please let me know.

    • I have found that the store managers don’t have accurate info.

      @AldiUSA is still saying that we’ll get the bread back in January 2020

  30. I found the bread in Mattoon IL. Was so excited and enjoyed it as it’s delicious. Bought two loaves but when I went back I was told they won’t have it until February 2020. We do Keto for my husbands diabetes so we need this bread. He is off one expensive med.

  31. I’ve seen it in Woodstock Georgia Aldi

  32. It’s still not in stock at stores in Madison WI. I check two stores every couple of days, living in hope. Some of the staff recognize me and answer before I ask.

  33. It’s in stock in Virginia! Bristol and Roanoke has it!

  34. I live in Northeren Illinois,which is the Batavia district,we still don’t have any yet.

  35. How can it be Keto friendly if it has wheat in it?

  36. I’ll believe it when I see it 🙂 I was on this roller coaster last year, managed to snag two loaves during the second release. Was told it would be regularly stocked until I got to the store the following week and everything WAS GONE (including the regularly stocked item tag), tried several stores and came up empty handed, (as mentioned, some stores didn’t get any of the bread and looked puzzled when I asked), also emailed customer service and got the canned response of it being a “specialty item and would not be returning”…alas, I resigned myself to never getting it again…but then, it seems there might be a glimmer of hope???! Be still my heart, do I dare get back on the this ride? 😉

  37. Patsy Gray…what is the reason for not eating wheat? My understanding is the reason we don’t eat wheat on Keto is because grains cause sugar spikes. If a wheat byproduct is used that does not cause a spike in glucose readings (and thus not a spike in insulin) then it could be considered Keto. I see a lot of conflation with Keto/Paleo/Whole 30 when people talk about Ketogenic diets. Some people may decide not to eat any wheat product because they may believe it causes inflammation. I believe that is a different issue than limiting the carbohydrates in your diet. A lot of it depends on how each of us defines Keto. For me Keto is keeping your carbs down below 50, strict Keto is keeping the carbs lower than 20. It is all in the definition and what you include in your definition of Keto.

  38. Thank you…..this gives me something to think about.

  39. These Aldi divisions are distributing the bread in January and all Aldi’s should have the bread sometime in February.

    – Batavia, IL
    – O’Fallon, MO
    – Greenwood, IN
    – Springfield, OH
    – Salisbury, NC
    – Dwight, IL
    – Mt. Juliet, TN
    – Hains City, FL
    – Royal Oalm Beach, FL

  40. The bread just arrived at my Aldi’s store in the northwest suburbs Illinois! There is a limit of 4 per purchase 🙂 It’s tagged as a regular item so let’s hope it stays this time!

    • Yes, regular item….but we all have to do our part and buy buy buy.

    • I bought two loafs two days ago and the limit was four. I went back yesterday to buy more after trying it for the first time, they were sold out. 😔 Hoping more arrives soon in Gainesville Florida.

  41. Aldi in Dayton, OH has it now.

  42. I go to the Aldi’s in Ocala every morning looking for the bread so far no luck spoke to a worker this morning and she tells me she has worked in that store for 6 months and never seen the bread they do have a sign saying two per customers but no bread maybe I will get lucky one of these days

  43. James L. Greenlee

    It’s good (enough) for carb free, fantastic price. Toasts up nicely. And I’ve been doing Keto tests, and I’m still in ketosis after eating a sandwich, so I’m all in. Our store has a 4-loaf limit, but I’m really not sure they enforce it.

  44. I was disappointed because of the crap oils they use in this bread. A lot of people won’t buy overly processed oils like canola and soy. They are detrimental to our cells. I really want them to use coconut oil. Please.

  45. I just had a lengthy conversation with Chelsea of Aldi’s Customer Service. I had sent a complaint to Aldi’s earlier in the day. Here it is:

    “I was told this week by an Aldi’s district employee (not a store employee) that your Zero Net. Carb bread would probably not be in your stores until the 2d quarter. I understand that there are difficulties in getting a product into wide distribution, but I think this delay is truly shameful. I do not understand Aldi’s almost completely ignoring the needs of diabetic and pre-diabetic customers, as well as those who need a low carb diet. Numerous studies have shown that a low carb diet can be very beneficial in helping to control diabetes, as well as for weight loss, but Aldi’s ignores that huge portion of the market. You seem to have put your focus on gluten-free foods, although there is only a very small portion of the population that has celiac disease and actually needs a gluten-free diet. You also focus heavily on organic foods, which is admirable, but organic food is not as crucial for the general population as low carb food actually is for diabetics. Please do your research. You can say that we can eat meat and vegetables, as some have said, but you are ignoring reality and your potential market.

    Please also understand that every time I come to your stores looking for the Zero Net Carb. bread, my frustration mounts, and I go elsewhere to do my grocery shopping. I am now just plain angry with Aldi’s. I just want Aldi to see this gigantic market segment and have some smidgen of understanding of the need. I also just want a sandwich, and a piece off toast with my breakfast that won’t drive my blood sugar through the roof.”

  46. Chelsea told me that the Zero Net Carb bread was an Aldi’s Find. I told her that was not correct. I told her that I didn’t understand why Aldi’s was ignoring a huge part of the market. She said that she would convey the information I gave her to the correct department.

  47. Patricia Matthews

    Does the company make rolls and buns?

  48. Franz Zero Net Carb White Bread is better than Aldi’s. I can eat it un toasted as a sandwich. It’s only available North western united states. I order it off ebay and Amazon but it’s almost 13.00 a loaf that way. Franz is a big bakery. The bread has like a 3 week expiration date. You can order their Gluten free breads online. I emailed them to add this bread to their online ordering. They pretty much responded NO… Maybe some of you could email them as well….

  49. Found it a couple of times here in central FL. Limited to two loaves per person. That was fine with me but then when I couldn’t get it for a while, asked Aldi’s and they said it was a seasonal item. Since when is bread seasonal????? Can’t find the Keto ice cream they said they had also. Aldi’s isn’t exactly around the corner here either!

  50. This bread is out of this world. I can’t even believe it’s a real product. The only difference that I notice is that it runs a little firmer than standard bread, but it also lasts FOREVER if I keep it in the fridge. It takes a little longer to toast, as well, but what an unbelievable addition to my keto diet! Unlike some critics, I have stayed strongly in ketosis (verified by testing strips) and have not wavered with this addition, but I never have more than two slices per day; even that’s a bit most days. My favorite keto power-foods with the bread are grilled cheese, avocado toast in the morning, and tuna melts. I have also baked and used both as croutons AND bread crumbs. For reference, I’m just outside of Charlotte, NC, and I noticed it as a consistently available product at least a month ago. Only caveat is that they ask no one purchases more than four loaves at a time. THANK YOU, ALDI!!! <3

    • I totally agree with you! I love this bread but I know some do not. For me, it allows me to indulge my craving for a sandwich or toast once in a while 🙂

  51. Found it in rural IL. I bought the multi-grain net zero carb bread and it was good. I’m not a big bread person to begin with so I just want something for toast a couple times a week without the guilt. I put avocado butter, salt and pepper on my toast and it tastes good. I’m actually really surprised. It also makes me feel better about myself, just eating something that has a higher fiber content compared to other breads plus the lower carbs. Oh, and there’s no sugar! Which is in itself, an unusual feat for bread. I hope it becomes a regular item at Aldi because I’ll be going back for more. 🙂

  52. I still can’t find this product in Western NY. I’ve been looking for this Zero Net Carb Bread since it’s launch, and have yet to find it in stores.

    Sure, I can go online and purchase it from ebay, but then I have to deal with re-sellers price gouging. From time to time it shows up on instacart(via google searching), but it never lets me place an order with it in my cart.

    It’s incredibly frustrating, I’m looking for a good bread-substitute so I can have an occasional sandwich without having to admit “Oh look, in one sandwich I just blew all of my carbs for the day”. The mission low-carb wraps are alright from time to time, but there’s no substitute for a good sandwich.

    I just wish Aldi’s would do a better job tracking who has it, and when other stores will get it, because as far as I know it hasn’t been in NY yet…

  53. I just got my Zero net carb bread. I am absolutely Thrilled. I am a pre-diabetic and it’s very difficult finding things to eat that are low carb. This bread has changed everything for me. I have 6 loaves frozen already. It beats making and eating almond flour bread for sure. It is great for French toast, peanut butter toast, cinnamon toast, grilled cheese, love it.

  54. I bought this bread at our aldis in Jensen Beach Florida. I was so happy to find a low carb bread at a reasonable price of $3.99 a loaf. I missed bread as I am on a low carb diet. I was able to purchase 3 loaves so I froze two. I also use mission low carb tortillas at 4 net carbs for an alternative.

  55. Where did you find the mission for net carb tortillas?

  56. When will this bread be available in England

  57. Just found it in Newnan, Georgia yesterday.

  58. Aldi in Bristol, Va has .There is a 4 loaf limit…

  59. This bread is awesome. It’s the best no carb bread I have had. I have bought the $10 loaves which were not as good – the taste was like cardboard but you could make french toast and doctor it out. It’s not Wonder bread but its the best out there. I like it toasted. other than that they opened up an Aldi by my house 2 weeks ago and i must be on my 6th loaf. Like my son said the other bread has been around awhile and there was nothing else. I guess since Keto is such a big diet now the food and baking is getting better. It’s definitely a win

  60. I finally found it at one small, kind of on the edge of the city limits store in Houston TX at $4.29 per 14 slice loaf in both wheat and seeded varieties. I got there at 9:15amish (so close to open); however they only had 2 small pallets out (like 24 loafs).

    They ask that you only take up to 4 loaves but no one seems to be enforcing it. I was good but by the time I passed again almost a full pallet was already gone.

    As none of the locations close to me have it, I stocked up and got some for the freezer.

    Tip: Sign up for an online account for pick up with them. Search for it and all of the locations that have it in stock in your area should pop up. Stick it in your cart for pick up or haul it to that location.

    Good luck!

  61. I found it at the Dumfries, Va. store. I found it to be a little dry, but added some mustard to my sandwich, and it tasted fine. I highly recommend it for dieting purposes.

  62. putting jam on keto friend kinda defeats the purpose of getting keto bread but thanks for writing this article. I am going to give it a try. You kinda get use to accepting a different experience with keto products so ultimately its trying to find a new experience that can be enjoyable.

  63. Best Keto bread that I have tried. Some of the bread that I have had has tasted like cardboard and costs $10 for a small loaf.
    This is a game changer. Their buns are very good also.

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