The Curious Case of Aldi L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carbs Bread

Trust us, we know.


  • This is an in-depth analysis of the Aldi zero net carbs bread, including how and why it showed up in stores. We also have a product review of the bread, which you can read here.
  • This piece has been periodically updated since its original post date to account for ongoing developments.

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned in this business, it’s that sometimes we see a big thing coming, and sometimes we don’t. We’ve proactively written about robot vacuums, and Advent wine calendars, and pressure cookers, and teal cabinets because we had a sneaking suspicion they would turn out to be popular items, and we were right. Other times, though, things have snuck up on us, as was the case when Aldi’s reformulated peanut butter cups suddenly became a thing.

But amidst the many items Aldi has sold, few have proven to be as mysterious and unpredictable, to us at least, as L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carbs Bread. Perhaps because of the intriguing title, and maybe because of the current interest in keto (more on this in a moment), and no doubt because of the large and growing Aldi communities online, this little item ended up being a surprise. Not only did it vanish from stores as soon as it arrived, but it led to a chain reaction of events we don’t see often with Aldi products. People clamored for it, stores allegedly asked each other about it, a small re-seller market sprouted up around it, and rumors swirled it might even be back again soon.

It’s a lot to comprehend, so let’s break it down.

A Brief History of Zero Net Carbs Bread

In the last few years, in part due to emerging research, people have started to rethink the wisdom of a high-carb diet. Low-carb (or at least lower-carb) diets are more popular now than ever, thanks to the rise of the ketogenic (keto) diet and other low-carb regiments. Where there’s food demand, you can bet the food industry will look to meet it, which is why we’ve seen grocers, including Aldi, roll out a legion of more low-carb-friendly foods.

The hardest place to do this is with food that traditionally is made up of carbs, like foods made from rice, potatoes, or wheat. One solution is to substitute cauliflower, which is generally lower in carbs while also being gluten-free for those who have gluten considerations. (While cauliflower can lower the carbs, you should always check the nutrition information, since the decrease may not be as steep as you think.)

Bread is one of the big roadblocks to a keto diet. Bread is a staple for many meals — breakfast and lunch especially — and many keto disciples have lamented the difficulties in finding suitable substitutes for bread. Coming up with a low-carb bread is challenging: after all, bread is made from wheat, and cauliflower isn’t going to fix that problem.

The solution is not to replace wheat entirely, but to reformulate the wheat and oats in such a way that all, or nearly all, of the carbs in the bread are from fiber. This is where the “zero net carbs” label comes from, because while such bread does technically have carbohydrates in it, fiber is a type of carb that your body doesn’t absorb, instead passing it straight through. (One potential problem is that you’re putting a lot of fiber into your system, which could impact things at the other end of your digestive system.) Whether or not you agree with the belief that this kind of bread is legitimately “keto friendly” depends on your point of view, but I think the point that your body doesn’t turn the carbs into fat or energy makes for a pretty compelling case.

A few companies have taken a stab at this kind of bread, but reviews have have been mixed. The biggest complaint is texture: getting the bread to a place where it feels like regular bread is hard, and not everyone likes the way low-carb bread feels in the mouth or going down the throat. Nevertheless, for the low-carb faithful, it’s worth at least giving it a try.

The (Rapid) Rise and Fall of Aldi Zero Net Carbs Bread

When Aldi announced it was selling Zero Net Carbs Bread among its ALDI Finds in September of 2019, we took note but didn’t figure it would make a massive blip on the radar. Sure, other Aldi low-carb items have generally been popular, but they haven’t been the kind of thing people knock the doors down over. Still, we thought enough of it that we figured we’d pick it up and try it for ourselves when it came out, at least to let the keto crowd know if it was bread-like enough to be worth the money, especially since the Aldi version was a relatively reasonable $2.99 per loaf.

We couldn’t find it.

This price marker was the only sign that the bread had been in our store.

Now, in our experience, not being able to locate an ALDI Find translates to either a supply issue or a demand issue. In some cases, we’ve discovered that a product isn’t in stock because it just didn’t make it to stores. This has happened to us before, like when we had to wait a couple of weeks to get a Visage Pro Series Electric Rotary Shaver or wait a full year to finally score a Gardenline 18.5 Gallon Tumbling Composter. Other times, a product is so popular that it flies off of shelves right away and we never get a chance to get it. This can happen, too — the Aldi wine Advent calendar is the best example — although in our experience it’s less common.

With the bread, we assumed it was a supply problem. We were wrong.

It was demand. Shoppers who had learned of the bread through various social media communities and message boards descended on the stores to score the bread the day it released, with the hype for this bread far exceeding the supply. It didn’t take long before people took to the internet to complain they couldn’t find it. In some cases, it was the collective effort of several shoppers, but there were also reports online of single individuals flying in and buying up a single store’s entire inventory, probably intending to freeze the loaves for consumption later. (Aldi sometimes sets per-person limits on products, but it did not in this case, maybe because it, like us, didn’t expect this to happen.) In a couple of isolated cases, those mass buyers even took to eBay to resell the bread, although at the time of this post I didn’t spot more than a couple of examples of that.

Now, Aldi stores are used to people asking about long-gone products, but in this case it seems they weren’t quite sure what to do, since I’m not sure they anticipated this, either. Some of those stores allegedly even called around to other stores trying to figure out who still had the stuff. It was a rare craze on a company that actively tries to avoid dealing with crazes.

Return of the Bread?

In mid-to-late September 2019, multiple people on social media — including Aldi employees — claimed that Aldi was bringing back the zero net carbs bread in October 2019 as an everyday Regular Buy. A few even showed Regular Buy price stickers to prove it. At the time, we reached out repeatedly to Aldi’s PR firm to confirm this, but we did not receive a response, and customers we interacted with who contacted Aldi customer service were repeatedly told the bread would not be returning.

However, in October, we caught sight of the bread for ourselves, on the Regular Buy shelves at one of our local Aldi stores.

The keto bread price sticker at our local Aldi, taken in October 2019. Note that it’s a Regular Buy.

However, even as we reviewed the bread, we continued to hear from customers via comments, emails, and social media posts telling us they still couldn’t find it. What’s more, when customers contacted Aldi, they got mixed messages about the bread: some customers reported being told that stores weren’t carrying it … even after we’d seen and purchased it ourselves.

In addition, while we saw the bread in October on our local store’s shelves as a Regular Buy — and there is a price sign indicating the bread is a Regular Buy product — the bread has been sold out since then.

So what’s going on?

One, there doesn’t appear to be any pattern to stores getting the zero net carbs bread versus those not getting it. In our relatively large metro area (St. Louis, Missouri), some of our stores have it, while other stores don’t even have a sign for it. It’s not clear to us how stores are chosen to get the stuff.

Two, there seems to be a disconnect between Aldi customer service and what’s going on in stores. Aldi customer service is reporting a situation different from what’s going on in the stores, which in our experience doesn’t usually happen. It appears to be happening here.

Case in point: we reached out directly to Aldi to ask about the first point above — namely, if there was a pattern to stores that received the bread. (We made a point to identify ourselves as bloggers for Aldi Reviewer.) Here’s the response we got:

We always appreciate hearing from our customers. Due to the limited space in our stores, we are unable to carry every product consistently throughout the year. Our ALDI Finds and Seasonal programs allow us to offer certain items for a limited time; however, we are unable to confirm details or availability for these items in advance. Every participating ALDI store receives a limited number of these products, so we encourage customers to visit our website,, to sign up for our weekly email to stay up-to-date on the latest information regarding upcoming ALDI Find and Seasonal items*.

We didn’t find that very helpful.

Three, Aldi appears to be having a really hard time keeping up with demand. Our best guess is that Aldi didn’t anticipate it, and the vendor Aldi is using, whoever that is, is having difficulty scaling up production to keep up. Aldi likes predictability, so this has to be a hard situation for the grocer to be in.

Four, some customers are scooping up several loaves at a time. More than one person has boasted about picking up several loaves in one trip, possibly out of fear that if they don’t there won’t be any later. The problem is that it means that an entire store inventory can get cleaned out by just a few customers. Aldi could probably solve some of this problem by limiting customers to 1-2 loaves per purchase, but so far it doesn’t look like most stores are doing that.

This is an ever-evolving story. Stay tuned.

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  1. My Mom went looking for the bread for me and the employee also said that the bread would be back in October as a regular item (North Carolina ).

  2. picture of the no carb bread????

  3. I went to Aldi’s tonight couldn’t find the bread and asked an associate when they might get some. He said he didn’t know if they would rather curtly and left it at that so I went on the web to see if I could get some information. Thank you for your article. Hope you are right. For someone who has given up bread for decades this is a very important matter to me.

  4. This bread is awesome! I happened to score two loaves (they had a set limit) a couple weeks ago. I literally just ate my last piece while reading this article. I’ve tried other low/no carb bread and it didn’t taste great and had a weird texture. This tastes and feels like regular bread! I’ll be stalking the shelves for it to return!

  5. I also got the last 2 loaves the morning it came out at my local store!! I’m down to my last 8 or so slices. It is goooooood!!! Definitely the most bread like low carb bread I’ve had. I told my sister-in-law about it that first week I had it and her first response was “bet it tastes like cardboard!” Absolutely not! It’s edible and hits the spot when you want bread, I’ve made grilled cheese, BLT’s and Reuben sandwiches with it and I can’t wait till it becomes a regular item and I can have a loaf every week. It’s a GameChanger for my diet!

  6. I’ve tried my fair share of zero carb bread the past 2 years. This, by far, is the best I’ve had. Congrats to Aldi!! I sincerely hope this becomes a regular product. I only have 2 frozen loaves left and I’m rationing. 😬

  7. Bring back the Zero carb bread so I can try them. I have gone looking all over Chicago and the Suburbs area with no luck! 🙁

  8. I had called and written to Aldi’s to ask them to make it a “regular” item. Got an email yesterday, which sounded straight up negative. We have no plans as of yet to bring this in as we only have so much shelf space blah blah. Funny its a bigger store I go to as well. Sure hope the info you have is correct. The reviews I’ve seen say it has zero flavor but it toasts up nicely, is crunchy and eat close to regular bread. I’ve not yet heard of uh “digestive issues” from it though! Here’s hoping

  9. I happened onto this bread earlier this month. I bought it because of it’s low sodium content, which is simply a must for my heart issues. Turns out the bread was fantastic, and I was excited about getting to eat toast or a sandwich where the bread alone did not eat up my sodium allotment for an entire meal. Sadly, I went to Aldi today to score another loaf only to find that it is gone. I was told it was a temporary product and would not be coming back. I do hope that’s not the case.

  10. I was lucky enough to be at the store when they took it out from the back. I bought 6 loaves because I had never seen it! I went back to the store to check if they still had it and it was gone within the hour. I just finished my last loaf this week and I am now so sad! I hope they bring it back, it tasted like reg wheat bread and was delicious for being a 0 carb bread

  11. My reply asking if it would be back in stock as an everyday item.

    September 30, 2019

    Case # 1653103

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Our “ALDI Finds” program allows us to provide customers with unique items available for a limited time. With new ALDI Find products coming in every week, we have to sell them quickly to make room for the next exciting offers. The item(s) in question was an ALDI Find we carried in our stores while quantities lasted. Unfortunately, we are unable to get any more at this time.

    Please feel free to visit our website,, to register for our weekly e-mail newsletter that includes information regarding upcoming ALDI Find items. Please note that some advertised items may not be available in all stores.

    Thank you again for reaching out to us.

    Kind regards,

    ALDI Customer Service

  12. I used the bread and enjoyed it for what it was very much. An I will be purchasing it in the future and using it in all types of recipes. That is if Loven Fresh provides it for us to purchase. It is a win win for us who love the keto life style

  13. I went to my Aldi store in Chicago and bought two loaves. Now they’re out. It was very good!! The question no one asks is WHO MAKES IT? Someone’s got to know, I’d pay a lot more for it. How do we find out other sources for it? The secret to its texture is the gluten.

    • A lot of ALDI product is made in Northeren Illinois,where their headquartered for the U.S. not sure about the bread. I would presume it is, since we have plenty of huge bakery’s in this area.

  14. I received a email from customer service st Aldi’s and was told it was a special item and will NOT be returning on a regular basis. Received email last week.:(

  15. I was able to buy 5 loafs the day my Aldi’s got it I have to watch my carbs, sugar and sodium this bread was perfect it taste great for sandwich’s for French toast grill cheese sandwich even the end pieces, taste like regular wheat bread I had no problems with my digestion. System. I share two loafs with my brother in law who has diabetes and was avoiding bread and the bread was perfect and didn’t make his sugar go up he was trill to be able to have bread sandwich instead of lettuce sandwich. This bread was a god send I hope you put it back on the shelf’s if there no room take some of those breads off or better yet the potato chips. In my store I see plenty of room for extra shelf’s also you don’t have to try it you have enough of your customers saying how great and good it is, hope to see it in the stores soon. Thank you for listening.

  16. Went to two Aldi’s in the Raleigh, NC area and no go :-(… I finally asked an associate at the second one, and they said they have been getting asked over and over for it and they have never received any. They also did not know if or when it would come in. 🙁

  17. I live in High Point and they told me it should come in sometime this month. They also had been asked a lot about it as well.

  18. Aldi in Ardmore OK said it was not Regular buy and they don’t have any just yesterday. Oct 14.
    Btw, like many old brands such as Sara Lee, it is made by Bimbo bakeries, a huge Mexican owned company.

  19. Good news,the no carb bread made it to our local ALDI,in Northeren Illinois. I walked past it without seeing it the first time,because it was in front of all the other bread,but not actully with the other bread. The second time I walked by I saw it,they had a 2 loaf limit,and only had I would say 12-15 out,they also said it was going to be a permanent item,so that’s good news.

  20. Still waiting for it to make a return here in Maryland! Like many others, I bought several loaves (5). Gave one to a friend to try and froze the others. I used my last two end pieces on a lunch sandwich today, so I hope it hits the east coast as a regular buy soon.

  21. Found it locally only 5 miles from home at Aldi’s in Glendale Heights, IL. Bought the last 2 loaves. Clerk said more deliveries come on mon, wed, friday, saturday. Only 1 kind was in stock and it tastes pretty good. No complaints!!

  22. I grabbed 2 loaves while it was in stock and I ate BLT’s to my heart’s content. I have enough left one last sandwich with sun-ripened tomatoes!! I hope it becomes a regular item as I would also like grilled cheese!!

  23. How about Columbus Ohio. Are we ever going to see it again? Best zero carb bread out there.

  24. keto bread is never in stock,local aldis told me to go to ebay…..

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