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Last Updated on April 13, 2022

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi sold an electric spiralizer again in the spring of 2022 for $34.99. 

If you’re trying to get more vegetables into your diet, a spiralizer can be a great tool to have in the kitchen. This device can make spaghetti- or fettucine-shaped noodles out of a zucchini or cucumber. It can often slice veggies like zukes, cukes, carrots, or potatoes into chips that can be salted and roasted. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even spiralize other types of squash, along with apples, bell peppers, cabbage, and onions.

I own a small, inexpensive handheld spiralizer (not purchased from Aldi) that works much like a pencil sharpener. I simply stick one end of a cucumber or zucchini into the spiralizer and begin twisting. I use it to make zucchini noodles to use in place of — or mixed in with — traditional spaghetti or fettucine noodles in dishes such as shrimp alfredo. I’ve also used it to make cucumber spirals that go in a salad that includes bacon, sliced tomatoes, and a mayo-based dressing.

While my spiralizer is very basic, there are models that can do a lot more and do it more efficiently. Sometimes Aldi sells a more full-featured electric spiralizer to help you transform your veggies and fruit.

What We Know:

Ambiano Electric Spiralizer

The Ambiano Electric Spiralizer cost $29.99 in February of 2021.

While you can purchase manual, non-electric spiralizers that might cost less, the Aldi price tag is pretty competitive for an electric spiralizer compared to other models on Amazon.

Aldi also sold an electric spiralizer for $24.99 in February of 2018 and January of 2020, so it appears that this item is something Aldi commonly sells during the winter, although it may not be available every year.

Those previous Aldi spiralizers came with a three-year warranty serviced by GST International, based out of Houston, Texas. While we don’t have details yet on the 2021 spiralizer, we assume it also will come with a warranty.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t yet tried the Ambiano Electric Spiralizer ourselves, so we don’t know how well it works. We also don’t know what kind of warranty this year’s model may come with. Our goal with open thread posts like this is to offer readers a place to share their experiences with this product, ask questions, and offer suggestions.

Have you used the Ambiano Electric Spiralizer? Share your thoughts about it in the comments below. 

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  1. I just purchased the new spiralizer. I noticed that the old one was 100W and the new one is 80W. Any feedback as to why?

  2. New one seems more awkward to use in that you have to hold the vegetables down with one hand while keeping the lid held in place with the other. The old model allowed you to turn the machine on and let it do the work while you pressed down on the veggies.

  3. Peice of crap really , mushed my zuchini , nothing came thru , waste of money

  4. Absolute waste of money. Never works. POS. Way to go Ambiano

  5. Agree with above comment complete waste of money and time only good on hard veggies made my zucchini into squash

  6. Lesa @ Low Carb Lesa

    I like this new one much better than the old one. The issue I had with the older one was that the prongs that hold the zucchini were not deep enough, and it would just chew it up instead of holding it steady. So then my zucchini was ruined. I had a very hard time with it. The prongs on this one are much better and I have used it twice and not had any problems with it. I feel like this one leaves less waste than the old one as well.

  7. Absolute waste of money, Spins the vegetable not the blades.
    Poor design. Very disappointed. Have been happy with many items bought from Aldi. Not this one.

    • Ok I read the comments on this thread and was challenged. So I decided to go to utube and follow directions to a tee. Does cukes but very wet. Then I tried the sweet potato. That was a disaster! I tried every way possible to give it a chance. Nope. Packaged the whole thing up. Terrible, terrible design. This kind of poor merchandise is what makes so many electronics so expensive! So many returns. Very disappointed. I will even be returning my seal a meal. Why bother. The company doesn’t care enough to test their products before hitting the shelf. For now on USA products only. Less hassle.

  8. I bought one and returned it.

    It did zucchini ok, but everything was just mush. Harder to clean than I liked,

    The design is just bad

    Got a manual OXO brand one, and it works heaps better

  9. Anne-Marie Scialdone

    It didn’t work for me. I guess I’ll be taking it back. I had fresh zucchini and followed directions. Nothing fell into the bottom. Very disappointing!

  10. Junk! It’s a horrible design. The teeth that are designed to hold the zucchini just spins around and makes a sloppy mess. It’s a disaster to clean. I wish I could post pics. Do not waste your money.

  11. Wow, I am surprised by all the negative comments, I bought this product about a year ago and it sat on my shelf. Just started Weight Watchers and took it out. Mine works great. Long zucchini noodles no seeds. I came on line to see if I could order one for my daughter in law as a shower gift.

  12. I bought this weeks (on sale 16/2/22) version (Ambiano 27w Food Spiraliser) and boy is it a piece of JUNK! It wastes so much of the veggie. Most things have to be cut in half so as they’re not taller than the chute but then it doesn’t grate the last 3-4cm of the veggie. The fact that it’s only about 7cm in length to start off shows how much waste there is. Worked ok for carrots but would not do cucumbers. Cucumbers would not grip and just turned to mush. As I’ve used it I can’t return it so unless I can give it away it’s going in the bin!

  13. Trash doesn’t work

  14. Oh dear! Just bought spiralizer this week’s ad. I was so excited that I was going to buy my daughter one. After reading all these negative comments, I so disappointed 😞. Doesn’t anyone like it?

    • I bought the spiralizer 2 yrs ago – it worked fine for zucchini and then for no apparent reason – it no longer works- going in the trash🙀

  15. i just bought one for $3 at a rummage sale. But I cannot figure out how to put it together. I need a copy of a manual.

  16. Penny Van Tassel

    I bought an Ambiano 80 w spiralizer yesterday, It would not work. I called the company and we tried everything, so she told me to return it and I went to Aldi’s and exchanged it for the same model. I got this one home and the same thing, it doesn’t work, and I don’t know what is the matter. I wish I could get it to go, but how?

  17. A complete waste of money. Purchased Feb 2023. It’s useless. I wish i had kept the box so i could return it.
    Can’t hold the vegie to rotate it. Managed to get a potato done, but it was huge spiral.
    I feel really dudded.

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