Open Thread: Barissimo Maple Bacon Coffee + Barissimo Bourbon Coffee

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Aldi has a pretty big coffee aisle, with a variety of blends and roasts to suit different needs. (Aldi also stocks K-cups if you want them.) Most of these are Regular Buys, available all the time, but Aldi also sells unusual or festive blends at certain times of the year. Perhaps none of them are more unusual than these.

What We Know:

Barissimo Maple Bacon Coffee and Barissimo Bourbon Coffee are ALDI Finds, meaning they’re in stores only until they’re gone. These are ground coffee varieties, with each flavor coming in a 12-ounce bag. They retail for $3.79. Both of them are light roast.

To achieve their tastes, both use a variety of “natural and artificial flavors.”

Maple-flavored information. (Click to enlarge.)

Bourbon-flavored information. (Click to enlarge.)


What We Don’t Know:

While we have heard many opinions about this coffee, we’ve never tried it ourselves, which is why we created this open thread. We’d love to know what coffee drinkers think.

What are your thoughts on these coffee blends? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Just tried both flavors that I bought last week at Aldi’s. I mixed both together thinking Boubon plus Bacon sounded really good. I’m here to say that both my husband and I loooove it!!

  2. Haven’t tried the Bacon but the Bourbon coffee, OMG! THE best coffee i have had. I know it was an Aldi Find, and doesn’t last long, but you really should find it again. Please!

  3. I totally agree, the Bourbon coffee is my family’s FAVORITE coffee of all time and we are serious (unfortunately) coffee snobs. It is the perfect flavor, works wonderfully in the Keurig K-cup refillable pod. When we find out on the Aldi Fanatics FB page that Bourbon coffee is back, we buy every single bag at our local Aldi.
    As for Maple Bacon, we did NOT like this coffee. It was very bitter and a little too light for our taste. I do not recommend this coffee if you want something with a slightly bolder taste.

  4. Linda from Kansas

    I tried the Bourbon blend and I loved the flavor the first time I made a cup. I am a single cup occasional drinker. I have a single serve Kuerig and I make my own pods with light roast flavored ground coffee. My mistake was purchasing only one package. When I went back after triangle a cup it was sold out. I hope it comes back again because I will definitely stock up. A very smooth flavor.
    5 star coffee.

  5. I bought the Maple and Bacon and love it.

  6. I have always hated flavored coffee of any kind so why I tried the maple bacon I don’t know but it sounded interesting. Now I’m hooked on it! for the first time in 70 years I can drink coffee without having something to eat with it. just wish I could find more in the store.

  7. The Barissimo whiskey snd bourbon coffees are the bomb!!! I’m a KY girl… Love the good bourbon flavor. Now where are they? Heartbroken I can no longer find them at Aldis or online.

  8. I bought out all the bourbon whiskey and unfortunately still not enough. I absolutely love this bourbon coffee. I haven’t tried the maple bacon although i have some, im not really a maple bacon person but am going to try it. There are 2 other flavors i have tried that i no long can get that are also good. Apple crisp and Carmel both very good

  9. Absolutely love them both,. They are hard to find. Wish aldi would have the bourbon all the time, can’t get enough of it.

  10. Love the Bourbon Coffee. The flavor is so good and smooth tasting. Can’t find anymore!!!!

  11. Aldi< Please bring back the Bourbon Coffee on a permanent basis!!! It is like iterated here, some of the best coffee I've had. So sad when it ran out and the only way to get some was on ebay for a ridiculous amount of $$.

  12. I am always hesitant to try flavored coffees as they other in ingredient is natural and artificial flavors. Does anyone know what the “natural and artificial flavor” ingredient is?

  13. Joanna Kabshura-Cook

    I bought my 1st bag of the bourbon one 3 days ago and OMG…I LOVED it!!! I went bag to get more and it was gone! I was so disappointed! I went to 2 different Aldis to no avail. How long until more comes in???

  14. Purchased the Bourbon over the summer. After reading these comments I can see it was brought back this year but not for long. I should of grabbed another bag. So good. I see them on amazon but for $18 a bag that’s a no go for me.

  15. I absolutely love the Bourbon Coffee. It ha s a rich bourbon flavor and is a full bodied coffee. I look for it every Fall.

  16. I buy 2 packs of the French vanilla coffee k cups EVERY week. Lately they have switched the top to more of a tinfoil top. The Keurig does NOT punch through the top so I end up getting water. Who can I get this feedback to switch back to the old top?

  17. I love, Love, LOVE the Bourbon coffee!! 💕💕💕 I also very much enjoy the Bacon Maple. So good. They are also excellent mixed together! Last year in 2022 I could Not find them at ALDI’s. I’m hoping it isn’t gone forever! I’m going to start watching for it again. Does anyone know if it will be back this year?

  18. The Bourbon is AMAZING! I have not been able to get it since. It’s been 2 yrs now.😭

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