Open Thread: Medion Dual Monitor Desk Mount + Single Monitor with USB Desk Mount

Last Updated on April 7, 2021

If you work at a computer for most of your job, there’s a chance that you’ve found yourself using more than one monitor. For some jobs, a second — or even third — screen is indispensable, especially if it’s work that requires you to switch back and forth between multiple tabs or programs. Rather than going back and forth, you can put the information on separate screens. Multiple monitors can also be useful for gaming purposes.

Monitors come with their own stands, but depending on your desk layout, that can create some clutter. In recent years, vendors have started selling monitor mounts that use the mounting hardware on many modern TVs and monitors to attach the monitors to the back of a desk.

Aldi isn’t the first place you think of for electronics accessories, but the grocer has been known to sell a few such items from time to time. Some of them are sold by Medion, which is a German subsidiary of the Chinese tech giant Lenovo. These two products are examples.

What We Know:

Medion Desk Mount

The dual monitor version. Monitors would attach to the spaces with the black boxes.

The Medion Dual Monitor Desk Mount and the Medion Single Monitor with USB Desk Mount (Product Code: 703956, Model Numbers: MD23060/MD23061) are both Aldi Finds, which means they’re only in stores for a short time. At the time of this post, the mounts are both $34.99 each. That’s on par for mounts online.

According to Aldi, features for the Single-Arm Monitor Desk Mount with USB include:

  • the ability to support one monitor from 10″ to 27″
  • weight capacity of 4.41 pounds (NOTE: a reader says Aldi’s number is incorrect and that the package indicates it is 19.84 pounds)
  • tilt range from +15/-85 degrees
  • full motion swivel up to +/-180 °
  • the ability to rotate 360°
  • two USB cables and pass through cables (NOTE: the pictures indicate that the USB ports are 3.0)
  • the ability to mount to desk with clamp or grommet

According to Aldi, features for the Dual-Arm Monitor Desk Mount include:

  • the ability to support two monitors from 10″ to 30″
  • a weight capacity on each arm of up to 22 pounds
  • tilt range from +15/-85 degrees
  • full motion swivels up to +/- 180°
  • the ability to rotate 360°
  • the ability to mount to desk with a clamp or grommet

Both come with a 2-year warranty.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tested either of these models, so we can’t speak to how easily they set up or how well they perform over time. Our goal for open thread posts such as this is to provide a space for people to share about their experiences with a product.

Have experience with these mounts? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. FYI: The single arm has a19.84 lbs. weight capacity, not 4.41.

    • Good to know. The 4.41 lb limit was from the Aldi website listing (which is no longer active) but it seemed awfully light for a monitor. I’ll update the post accordingly.

  2. I have the single arm monitor. Seems really sturdy but the problem is that I haven’t figured out how to rotate the monitor arm. Says it is supposed to rotate 360 but the directions don’t explain how. I’m sure there is a screw or something that needs to be loosened, but haven’t been able to find it. If anyone can help, would really appreciate it.

    • 360 degree rotation is in the plane of the monitor. i.e. portrait to horizontal layout back to portrait again

  3. Yidelka M. Anzalota

    Does anyone have a picture of how they come in the package? I am trying to return mine but can’t figure out how to get it back in the box! Trying to return it as my small desk does not let me keep my laptop in the middle of them.

  4. I’m having a really frustrating time getting the springarm to even pretend to stay in a position that isnt straight up. I’ve turned the screw every which direction and it stays stubbornly at full mast

    • argh, I just got the spring arm and I’m having the same issue as well. So frustrating to turn the screw in every direction and the arm doesn’t move…

    • It is a gas shock control. For a lighter monitor you will have to turn it counter-clockwise probably 5-6 full 360 degree rotations. It is not a small adjustment. You can’t go too far it has a stop.

  5. This is a terrible piece of equipment – don’t buy it. Like others I cannot get the spring arm to do anything but stay at full mast, i.e., it won’t adjust downward. It says it is a German company but there must have been some miscommunication between Germany and China which built this and wrote the instructions.

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