Ambiano Electric Mini Food Chopper

Last Updated on October 28, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi sold this again in 2023 for the same price of $9.99. 

Over the years, I’ve collected an assortment of kitchen gadgets from Aldi. My family’s favorite is the Ambiano Air Fryer, but we also regularly use our toaster oven, slow cooker, waffle maker, and stand mixer from Aldi.

Another gadget that can be helpful during meal prep is a food chopper. I have owned a few non-electric food choppers, but they don’t always work well and can be a hassle to clean between the blades. So when Aldi sold an electric mini food chopper in March of 2022, I decided to give it a try.

Ambiano Electric Mini Food Chopper

The Ambiano Electric Mini Food Chopper cost $9.99 at the time of publication.

This is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time, and Aldi won’t ship it to you once it sells out at your local store.

The box indicates this device is useful for chopping fruits, vegetables, bread crumbs, and herbs and spices. It can also be used to make dips and sauces.

Ambiano Electric Mini Food Chopper

The back of the box. (Click to enlarge.)

Here’s more information on the food chopper:

  • Chop, dice, mince, and shred easily and effortlessly
  • 1.5-cup capacity
  • One-touch activation and pulse control
  • Includes stainless steel blade, clear plastic bowl, non-slip base, and safety lid
  • Available in Blue or Black
  • Made in China

The mini food chopper comes with a three-year warranty serviced by Wachsmuth & Krogmann, a common Aldi warranty service provider. For service, call 1-888-367-7373 or email [email protected].

Ambiano Electric Mini Food Chopper

What comes in the box: the food chopper, a manual, and a warranty information sheet.

To use the chopper, place the base on a flat, level, stable surface and plug it into an electrical outlet. Place the bowl on the base unit over the center stem, lining up with the notches on the base. Slide the blade down over the center column of the bowl, being careful not to touch the blades because they’re sharp. Place the lid on the bowl. The manual says to line up the lid with the base by turning the lid clockwise until it is in place, but the lid on my unit doesn’t turn; it simply rests on top of the bowl and base.

The lid, bowl, and blade of the chopper are dishwasher safe, but the base needs to be wiped by hand with a damp cloth, sponge, or paper towel. Never immerse the food chopper base into water.

The manual offers a few tips and some safety advice for using the chopper:

  • Never run the chopper for longer than 30 seconds, and wait one minute to start again.
  • Make sure hands are dry when plugging in and uplugging the cord.
  • Do not use the food chopper to crush ice, coffee beans, or similar hard substances as this can damage the blade.
  • If food seems to be chopped unevenly, make sure the bowl is not overloaded and that pieces are small enough. Try chopping a smaller amount or make sure pieces are cut smaller and are similar in size.
  • If food seems to be watery or too fine, the food may have been over chopped. Make sure to use brief pulses for a shorter time, making sure the blade stops completely between pulses.
  • If food collects on the lid and/or sides of the bowl, you may be chopping too much food at one. Turn the machine off, make sure the blade has completely stopped, remove the lid, and clean the bowl and lid with a spatula.
  • If food catches on the blade, you may be chopping too much food. Turn the chopper off, making sure the blade has completely stopped, then remove the lid and scrape the blade with a spatula before starting again.
Ambiano Electric Mini Food Chopper

The various components of the food chopper, including the bowl, base, blade, and lid.

I initially tried chopping some onions in this food chopper. I chopped an onion into pieces that were roughly 1/2 an inch, then placed half of the chopped onion into the food chopper. The pulsing button is very sensitive to slight touches once the lid is placed on the unit, and it doesn’t take much pressure to activate the motor and turn the blades.

Ambiano Electric Mini Food Chopper

Onions in the electric mini food chopper.

The chopper made quick work of my onion. It’s helpful to have a mini spatula or other utensil nearby so you can periodically stop the chopper, remove the lid, and scrape food bits off the side of the bowl for further chopping. It didn’t take long to get finely diced onions bits perfect for using in chili, salsa, breakfast burritos, or whatever you want to make. This is also a handy gadget for dicing onions to serve on top of hot dogs or chili.

Ambiano Electric Mini Food Chopper

A look inside.

Cleanup was a cinch, especially because all of the components except the base are dishwasher safe. I opted to wash the bowl, blades, and lid by hand. They were much easier to wash than my older manual choppers that have more crevices where food can get stuck.

I also later chopped some baby carrots that I pre-cut into chunks, and the chopper handled them fine. I’m looking forward to using this mini food chopper more, and I’ll update this post if necessary with any new developments.

The Verdict:

The Ambiano Electric Mini Food Chopper is a helpful kitchen gadget if you want to chop small amounts of veggies, fruit, or other foods. It’s easy to use, with one-touch operation, and it’s also easy to clean. The three-year warranty is a nice bonus.

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  1. How do I get this to shred carrots?

    • It won’t necessarily shred carrots, but it did a good job of finely dicing/mincing carrots for me the other day. If you’re specifically wanting longer strips of carrot, this won’t do that, even though the box says it shreds.

      • Thanks I was just trying to see if it was the sane thing I had by a different brand it is since it doesn’t actually shred anything.

  2. If you want an inexpensive (about $50) food processor that can Chop, Slice, Shred, Mince, and Puree, look for the Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper. It comes in 8 and 10 cup sizes.

  3. I Purchased a Mini Food Chopper about 3 months ago. I have used it about once a week since I purchased it. I have enjoyed the product. I have used it on onions, celery, ham, cooked bacon, etc. I have not used it on anything hard to chop. However, today I tried to chop purple onions. I cut them up before putting them in the bowl, and the chopper started out ok, but then it stopped chopping. It sounded like it was spinning but the blade was not moving. After further investigation the bracket underneath the bowl was broken. Totally useless at this point.
    I work for a not for profit organization, MBCH Country Haven group home. We cannot afford to buy expensive equipment, and the price on this was great, but not if we have to replace it every 3 months.

  4. Would like to know how to get a new mini food chopper? The blade stopped turning to chop, always put small amounts of food in it at a time and today it won’t turn with any amount fo food. Will turn when empty but very slowly. I’ve only had it since the beginning of the year, and noticed you offer a 3 year warranty. Any help in this would be appreciated. Found it to be very useful in the kitchen.. Thank you

  5. I loved my aldi chopper. I am looking for more this year for Christmas gifts.

  6. these choppers aren’t worth taking home the blade shaft made of plastic I’ve purchase big mistake all 3 the shaft has broke it would be good if the shaft was made of metal

  7. Yes, the chopper works for a few months, but the metal rod that turns the plastic chopper piece slowly chews away at the plastic and eventually breaks the plastic part, so the device becomes useless. I bought one from Aldi, and I think it was a returned item because the part was already broken, so I contacted Ambiano (WK-USA), and they sent me a new part. After a few months, it broke, and I requested a new replacement part, and they wanted me to pay six dollars.

    • That is odd. I’ve never been asked to pay for a replacement part for an Aldi product. My chopper still works fine. Fingers crossed.

  8. Hi I was given a gift of ambiano chopper but within 3 weeks the lid is chipped. I was heart broken. I tried checking for purchasing another lid but, cost is same as the whole item. Can u advice. It was a gift so, I don’t hv a receipt. Iv only used it 2-3 times. I did notice a mark first I opened but, thought it was just a flow or a matk but, that is where its chipped off. Pleeeeease help

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