Park Street Deli Chicken Salad

Park Street Deli Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a favorite in our house. It’s easy to use, has a flavor that is both sweet and a little salty, and it goes perfectly on sandwich bread. It’s not uncommon to see it put to use at lunch, and around here it doesn’t usually stay in the fridge long.

Chicken salad is a fairly old idea, with origins in Europe. The specific kind of chicken salad that Americans are familiar with, which usually involves mayonnaise, seems to have appeared in the South in the early-to-mid 19th century, with the first known appearance in a restaurant taking place in Rhode Island in 1863.

Aldi sells chicken salad in a couple of varieties as a Regular Buy, and they will sometimes sell unique flavors as Aldi Finds. The current Regular Buys — which are available all the time — are a classic chicken salad and a cranberry almond chicken salad. At the time of this post, the classic chicken salad costs $3.69 for a 16-ounce container (23 cents an ounce), while the cranberry and almond chicken salad costs $3.99 for a 16-ounce container (25 cents an ounce).

Park Street Deli Chicken Salad

Classic at left, cranberry almond at right.

We like both of them. The regular chicken salad is your traditional chicken salad, with large chunks of meat, a sauce that is both sweet and savory, and a little crunch courtesy of the celery. Keep in mind that the classic contains eggs, soy, and wheat.

Park Street Deli Chicken Salad

Classic chicken salad: nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.) 

The cranberry almond chicken salad has nice chunks of meat, a sauce that is sweet, cranberries that complement the sweetness, and almonds that add a little crunch. This version of chicken salad contains almonds, eggs, soy, and wheat.

Park Street Deli Chicken Salad

Cranberry almond chicken salad: nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.) 

The Verdict:

Both the Park Street Deli Classic Chicken Salad and the Park Street Deli Cranberry and Almond Chicken Salad are nice ways to do chicken salad. They both go nicely on bread, have the right mix of sweet, salty, and crunch, and both make for a tasty lunch. We’re fans of both.

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  1. People love this but I am afraid to buy it bc I fear it will be chicken flavored mayo. I don’t like tons of mayo-thoughts?

  2. Veronica Trimmer

    It is somewhat over whelming but not with mayo.
    although, I enjoyed it for the most part I found the exteme pickle taste over took the salad. It actually needs more chicken and less mayo and pickles. It appears to be salad dressing and not real mayo, which I would prefer.

  3. I LOVE and my whole family loves this chicken salad it has fantastic flavor and I choose this over any other store’s in town…

  4. Veronica Trimmer

    Actually I prefer to make my own. I don’t normally buy pre-prepared deli food. I’m a little particular when it comes to my preferred taste for certain things and quality ingredients. It served it’s purpose the day I bought it. I ate it with saltine crackers, I was hungry.

  5. This Aldi Chicken Cranberry Almond is the best.
    A little sweeter than others, It’s the perfect blend of ingredients, I haven’t bought any other since finding. I’m looking for the recipe to make it myself, because the price has doubled.

  6. Craig E. Wright

    I’ve tried chicken salad from four different stores and Aldi’s is , by far, the best

  7. Both of the Aldi chicken salads rock! They have the perfect amount of ingredients to where you can taste all of the flavors.

    I’m so impressed by both of them that I won’t buy it anywhere else!

  8. Too much other stuff and not enough chicken, too creamy, too much pickle taste and needs a real mayo taste. I buy it occasionally when I don’t feel like making my own. It’s not my first go to.

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