PurAqua Belle Vie Bold Sparkling Water

Last Updated on July 3, 2023

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Carbonated drinks, including soda, sparkling water, flavored water, and more are gaining popularity. In particular, name brand LaCroix sparkling water is a hot seller. Aldi is in on this trend as well. While I was browsing at the discount grocery store recently, I came across their store brand version of LaCroix.

PurAqua Belle Vie Bold Sparkling Water

PurAqua Belle Vie Bold Sparkling Water is $3.69 for a pack of eight 12-oz. (355 mL) cans at the time of publication. That comes out to about 46 cents a can.

Since each can is one serving, there are 8 servings in a pack. Each serving has 0g of everything. There are no calories and no total or added sugars. The only ingredients are filtered carbonated water and natural flavor. It contains no juice. There aren’t any allergens listed.

Another thing to note is that this is a product of Canada.

Aldi Belle Vie Bold Sparkling Water

Nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

There were a few flavors to choose from, and I opted for the cherry lime.

In order to truly review these, I decided to do a taste test to compare them to the name brand version, LaCroix, which is available at most major grocery stores and retailers, including Walmart. Though LaCroix does have a cherry lime flavor, we were unable to find it in our local regular grocery store, and we purchased a berry flavored LaCroix instead. While it’s not exactly an apples to apples taste comparison, it still gives an idea of what La Croix tastes like compared to Aldi. In addition, we found a cherry lime sparkling water “Seltzer’ade” from a brand called Polar, which is sold at retailers such as Walmart.

The Berry La Croix was $5.79 for a 12-pack at our local regular grocery store and at Walmart, which comes out to about 48 cents per 12-oz. can. The Cherry Lime Sparkling Polar Seltzer’ade was $3.49 for an 8-pack at our local regular grocery store, or about 44 cents per 12-oz. can. That same Cherry Lime Sparkling Polar Seltzer’ade was 46 cents per can at Walmart, though. Compare that to the Aldi Belle Vie, which cost about 46 cents per 12-oz. can and comes in right around the middle in terms of price.

The first thing I noticed after calculating how much each brand costs per can was that Aldi isn’t always the cheapest option, which surprised me. Aldi usually markets itself as one of the most affordable grocery stores, so their stuff is usually the cheapest. In this case, however, Polar Seltzer’ade might be the most affordable option, depending on where you buy it, followed by the Aldi Belle Vie, with LaCroix being the most expensive. Regardless of which brand you choose, though, there’s only a few cents of difference per can. As a result, when deciding which brand to go with, it’s really more about which brand you like better in terms of taste.

This is sparkling water, so none of them are bursting with flavor, but my personal favorite was actually the Polar Seltzer’ade. I felt like it had a bit more flavor. I thought the LaCroix and the Aldi Belle Vie were fine, and I didn’t prefer one over the other.

The Verdict:

Aldi Belle Vie Bold Sparkling Water surprisingly isn’t necessarily the cheapest option for sparkling water if you’re looking for a store brand version of LaCroix. I found the Aldi price to be comparable to name brand Polar sparkling water, and depending on where you buy it, the Polar brand might be the cheapest. The Aldi sparkling water also wasn’t my favorite among the three different brands I tried, which included Belle Vie, LaCroix, and Polar. That certainly doesn’t mean I hated the Aldi sparkling water, though. I liked the Aldi product, and it probably won’t last long in my house.

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  1. The Belle Vue brand is only 3.80 here for 12 pack of most flavors except cherry lime (only 8 pack) which is about 32 cents a can for me. It completely blows everything else out of the water as Polar AHA and LaCroix only come in 8 packs for around 3.70-4.10.

  2. Belle Vie Watermelon was nasty, very bitter after taste. Wasted my money. Did not care for it.

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