Radiance Ultra Dishwasher Triple Chamber Pacs

EDITOR’S NOTE: Read about Aldi’s other dishwashing products here, including liquid soap for hand washing along with gel detergent for the dishwasher. 

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I’ve written before about Aldi’s dish washing products, ranging from liquid soap for hand washing the dishes to powder and gel detergents for dishwashing machines. (We strongly recommend staying away from the gel detergent, by the way, because it leaves a residue on dishes.) Aldi likes to tweak its products from time to time, and during a recent shopping trip I noticed Aldi has changed its house brand powder pacs for use in dishwashers.

Radiance Ultra Dishwasher Pacs

The new Radiance Ultra Dishwasher Triple Chamber Pacs showed up in my local Aldi stores during the late summer of 2019. The new pacs are $3.49 for an 8-oz. package of 18 pacs at the time of publication. That comes out to about 19.3 cents per load.

They replace Radiance Premium Dishwasher Powder Pacs. According to our records, in 2018, the old dishwasher pacs were $2.49 for a bag of just over 12 ounces that contained 20 pacs, which came out to about 12 cents per load.

That makes these new dishwasher pacs $1 more per package and almost 7 cents more expensive per load.

They replace Radiance Premium Dishwasher Powder Pacs.

Old dishwasher pacs on the left, new dishwasher pacs on the right. It’s definitely a smaller package at a higher cost. (Click to enlarge.)

Whether they’re worth the price increase, I don’t know.

They are visibly different from their predecessors, though, mainly because they contain liquid components in addition to the powder. The pac is divided into three sections, with the largest section containing the traditional white powder. Two smaller sections contain blue liquid and green liquid. The old pacs contained only the powder.

radiance ultra dishwasher pacs

The package for the new pacs states they use a “new bio based formula” and are comparable to name brand Cascade Platinum.

Aldi also sells Cascade Platinum dishwasher pacs next to its Radiance brand, and they are $5.64 for a 16-pack (35.2 cents per load) at the time of publication. Cascade Platinum was $13.97 for a box of 63 (22 cents per load) at Walmart, and it was $16.99 for a box of 62 (27.4 cents per load) at Target at the time of publication, so if you want to go name brand you’re better off buying in bulk at a box store versus Aldi. Aldi’s new Radiance pacs, despite being in a smaller package and despite seeing a price hike, are still ultimately the cheapest option, though, at 19.3 cents per load.

Radiance Dishwasher pacs

Radiance Ultra Dishwasher Triple Chamber Pacs on the left and Cascade Platinum on the right. (Click to enlarge.)

The newly revamped Radiance pacs boast that they provide oxygen bleaching, grease cutting, and a rinse aid with “triple action cleaning.” The package says no prewash is required.

Listed ingredients include sodium carbonate, sodium carbonate peroxide, and enzymes. They contain no phosphates and are advertised as safe for septic systems.

The package also has a symbol indicating the dishwasher pacs are kosher certified through the Kashruth Council of Canada.

You use the pacs like you would any dishwasher pac: handle with dry hands and do not puncture the pouch or unwrap it. Use one pouch per load. Place the pouch in the main dispenser cup and close it. Reseal the bag after each use and store in a cool, dry place.

I’ve used Aldi’s new pacs in my dishwasher several times now, and all seems to be well.

On a related note, I’ve seen some anecdotal conversations on social media about dishwasher pods damaging dishwashers, possibly because the plastic membrane that contains the detergent may not fully dissolve and may clog the dishwasher or drain. Roto-Rooter says, however, that they haven’t seen anything to indicate dishwasher or laundry pods regularly cause clogged drains. If anything, Roto-Rooter states that if the plastic membrane does not fully dissolve, you’re more likely to see your dishwasher’s filter screen get clogged, but undissolved pacs are unlikely to pass through the filter screen and into household plumbing drains. Also, you should be cleaning your dishwasher’s filter screen on a regular basis anyway to remove food particles, or anything else that might accumulate there. It’s an easy task and will ensure your dishwasher functions efficiently and gets your dishes as clean as possible.

I’ve never found undissolved pacs in my dishwasher’s filter screen, and my dishwasher manual recommends using the pacs over other forms of detergent, so I’ll stick with them for now.

The Verdict:

Aldi has revamped its Radiance brand dishwasher pacs. The new Radiance Ultra Dishwasher Triple Chamber Pacs look fancy with blue and green liquid compartments in addition to the powder compartment. The new pacs cost more per load, and each package contains fewer pacs than before, but they’re still the cheapest dishwasher pacs around even compared to buying a bulk name brand package from a big box store. Whether they’re worth the price hike is uncertain at this time.

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  1. Man, somehow we missed that Aldi sells these! They’re a lot cheaper than the ones we’ve been buying. I wish they didn’t come in a plastic bag, though. We’ve been trying to cut down on the waste we generate. I don’t see why so many companies insist on putting things in plastic bags when cardboard boxes would work.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Thanks! I agree it would be great to see products like this packaged in a recyclable or compostable cardboard box.

    • These are fantastic, I just bought these today
      I’ll be buying these for now on.
      I always used Finish pods
      Not anymore, I could not be Happier

  2. We have tried these and they took the paint off our coffee mugs (any design, like Christmas scenes) and they look like someone took an eraser to them. We went back to Sam’s Club packs.

  3. I just picked some of these up today, but I haven’t tried them. I was really disappointed in the predecessor product (the powder-only pacs) but these seem to be more like Cascade Platinum (which is what I normally use), so I’m willing them to give them a try.

  4. I decided I would give these a try since they’re supposed to be comparable to Cascade Platinum and I always use either Cascade Platinum or Finish Quantum (typically the later). I can say that after trying them, I was tired of rewashing so many dishes that I’ve switched back to the name brand as it’s significantly better in this case. I won’t be buying these again.

  5. I have used both the old Radiance packs and the new Radiance Packs with the gel. I find that the old packs clean much better then the new one. I switched from Cascade years ago when I found this product at Aldi’s. May have to find another product, Not impressed with this new product.

  6. I used the previous version of Radiance pods, and it worked great. Once our local Aldi started carrying the Radiance Ultra, I switched. It has been great as well, up until the last package I recently purchased . For some unknown reason, it suds like crazy (tons of bubbles!) and causes the dishwasher to leak. I tried several other pods from the same package, and the same sudsing problem. Perhaps a manufacturing defect with this batch, I don’t know.

  7. Like Don above – I tied Radiance Ultra for the first time yesterday and had an unbelievable sudsing/leaking problem. I know it is not my dishwasher because I had used a brand name in the wash load right before with no problems. You get what you pay for.

  8. Will not buy these dishwasher packs ever again!!! They don’t clean the dishes like the name brands. It left food particles on half of the load.😕

  9. I can’t believe how much sudsing just one pod creates! It was a mess, and I had to run the dishwasher through another complete cycle just to get rid of the residue, and it still had a ton of suds on it. I am gagged to think we have been eating off dishes that had this much residue. What a terrible product. DON’T BUY!!

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