Royal Class Men’s 2 Piece Short Pajama Set

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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I haven’t always been much for dedicated summer nightwear. My sleep shirts are often old t-shirts and gym shorts. The reason for me is that it’s not that hard to get regular day clothes that substitute as warm-weather pajamas. In the winter, it’s different: I’ll go with pajama pants and either an old t-shirt or a long-sleeved pajama shirt.

Still, I keep an eye out for pajama sets, especially as my current sleepwear wears out. Right around Father’s Day, I saw that Aldi was selling a summer pajama set and decided to try it out.

Royal Class Men's 2 Piece Short Pajama Set

The Royal Class Men’s 2 Piece Short Pajama Set (Product Code: 803495) is an Aldi Find, which means you can only find it in stores for a limited time. At the time of this post, it cost $6.99 for the shirt and short set. Aldi sold it in sizes medium (M), large (L), extra large (XL), and extra extra large (XXL). They also came in a few different colors and styles, including V-neck, crew, or Henley. Keep in mind that all styles aren’t necessarily available in all sizes.

The set is listed as certified “Standard 100” by OEKO-TEK, which tests for harmful substances in textiles. Both pieces are made of 100% organic cotton and are listed as being made in Bangladesh.

The instructions call to machine wash with cold water with like colors and use non-chlorine bleach when needed. The instructions also call for tumbling dry on low heat, using a cool iron if needed. You should not dry clean these.

I wore them and they feel fine. They’re cotton, and pretty soft, and they fit as expected. The shirt has a good cut for sleeping, and the shorts have a drawstring to adjust them.

Royal Class Men's 2 Piece Short Pajama Set

The Verdict:

The Royal Class 2 Piece Short Pajama Set is a workable option for someone who needs summer sleepwear. They’re inexpensive and have a good fit. Worth a look.

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  1. I have tried atleast 4 stores at Aldis to try and find these Short PJs for men in XXL.. No one has them any longer… Is there somewhere I can order them to get them??? I have seen them in Med and Large, but that is it. the item code is 819611.. thank you for any info,.. I live in central northern Florida.

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