Royal Class Men’s Genuine Suede Slippers

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Royal Class Slippers

Every year, Aldi sells men’s slippers. It’s usually around the winter holidays, and often in one of a few different variations. Sometimes they’re a traditional slipper, while other times they’re a memory foam model. Sometimes they are of a low-back slip-on variety, while other times they are a moccasin-style that covers the whole foot nearly like a shoe.

They’re always Aldi Finds, which means they’re only in stores for a short time. In 2020, Aldi sold a memory foam model for $6.99, and a suede version for $12.99. They typically come in a few sizes, like 9-10, 11-12, and maybe a 13 or 13-14.

Aldi men’s slippers¬†are always under the Royal Class name. (Women’s slippers are sold under the Serra name.) Royal Class isn’t a company, it’s an Aldi label, which is important because it means Aldi could source its Royal Class-labeled products from any number of manufacturers, even though the label on the boxes might all look the same.

That certainly matches my experience. I’ve been wearing Aldi slippers for four years now — I’ve probably worn six or seven pairs — and it’s been a mixed bag. The first pair I bought were entirely too small, even though I bought a size higher than I usually wear. Subsequent pairs, on the other hand, felt pretty comfortable. One pair I bought last year, however, was also cramped, in part because it was, like the first pair, undersized. That’s frustrating because it’s not exactly easy to try on slippers in the middle of Aldi’s center aisle.

Royal Class Slippers

Royal Class 2019 memory foam at top, Royal Class 2020 suede at bottom. Notice now the one at top is shorter than the one at bottom. Both are the same size.

I seem to have worse luck with Aldi memory foam slippers. On paper, they ought to be more comfortable, but at times for me they’ve run small. I typically get about the same lifespan out of any Aldi slippers I get: maybe 8-12 months depending on how much I wear them, and the most common cause of them wearing out is the sole cracking and splitting. That’s about the same as other budget slippers I’ve bought from other vendors.

Royal Class Slippers

Royal Class 2020 Suede Slippers.

My 2020 suede slippers are generally comfortable, and definitely warm. That makes them a good fit if your feet get cold and / or if you are in a place where the temperature drops. They also were true to size, which was something I’d been hoping for. I expect them to probably last about like the ones before them.

The Verdict:

My experience with Aldi men’s slippers has been a tossup. Some of them have been comfortable, while others can run tight, especially the memory foam ones. Keep that in mind when you shop for them. Also keep in mind that these slippers tend to wear out after maybe a year or so. Still, they’re pretty good budget slippers and worth a look if you need something to keep your feet warm.

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