Season’s Choice Gourmet Onion Rings

If you’re a connoisseur of onion rings — and maybe some of you are — you know that the side item can be made using a variety of methods. It can be baked or fried, battered in different ways (including with beer), and filled with chopped onion or whole onion. Restaurants and grocery stores alike vary in what kinds of onion rings they serve.

Aldi has Regular Buy onion rings, but that’s not what these are.

The Season’s Choice Gourmet Onion Rings differ from the standard Aldi onion rings in two respects. One, they are a Special Buy, appearing at sporadic times throughout the year. Two, they contain whole onions, as opposed to the chopped onions present in the standard Aldi onion rings. It’s a matter of taste whether you prefer chopped over whole; chopped are probably a little easier to eat, but we think the majority of onion ring aficionados (and most restaurants) prefer the whole ones.

There are two methods for cooking on the package: oven baking and deep frying. The first option is to bake the onion rings at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, turning them at the halfway point. The second option is to fry them in a deep fryer at 350 degrees for 2 to 3 minutes. Since we didn’t have a deep fryer at the time when this post was written — and we figure most of you don’t, either — we went with the baking method.

These aren’t beer battered or anything exotic like that, so the breading was the typical stuff that we all recognize. It had some seasoning to it; we’ve had onion rings before that required salt, but these didn’t. The breading was crisp, too, which was a positive since we’ve had our share of limp onion rings before. And the onion itself on the inside was a whole onion. This last point has one negative in that you can easily pull the entire onion out of the batter in one bite if you’re not careful, but onion ring pros should already be experienced at knowing how to bite down on the onion ring so that such a misfortune doesn’t happen.

The Verdict:

We wish they had more exotic batter, but despite that quibble, these are pretty good onion rings: easy to cook, crisp, and with a whole onion inside. At only a couple of dollars a bag, the Season’s Choice Gourmet Onion Rings are a nice little side item. Recommended.


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  1. I want to know where to buy The season choice onion rings aldes doesn’t have them all the time where else can we buy them

    • Walmart has the same package under their private label, $2.98, more than Aldi as usual. Better quality is from Nathan’s, almost 50% higher.

  2. I finally find an onion ring that is so good, and then guess what , Aldi’s doesn’t have them any more, so come on quit dropping good products.
    Are they gone forever ?????

  3. Where else can you buy them

  4. The onion rings were ok at best. Multiple onion ring were ruined by having the SKIN in them

  5. i had the parm&pepper flavor onion rings they were so bad i could not finish what i cooked.

    • I agree! They taste like someone poured lighter fluid on them!!! I thought it was something wrong with my stove. So I bought another bag…… And sure enough it was the Onion rings 😖 I’ll just stick to the regular Onion rings!

  6. I wish aldis would sell these onion rings year round I never ever find please !!!!

  7. I myself can not find the onion rings the people working there said the same thing Thay said seasonal it had been 2 Aldi please bring your onion rings back.

    • As the post explains, these are only in stores from time to time. They actually are back in stores this week for a limited time, so I bought several bags to stock up.

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