Serra Ladies Wedge Heel Sandals

Summer is here, and it’s sandals season! Okay, technically it’s still spring, but the temperatures have been in the 90s recently where I live, so it feels like summer. It’s the perfect weather to skip the socks and let my feet enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Recently, I picked up a pair of Aldi’s Serra Ladies Wedge Heel Sandals for $14.99. I’m picky about sandals because I don’t like pairs that slip off when I walk or feature uncomfortable straps between my toes (flip-flops are the devil’s footwear), so I was happy to see that these have an ankle strap for support and leave my toes un-chafed.

Serra Ladies Wedge Heel Sandals

These sandals are an Aldi Find, so you can’t buy them year-round, and Aldi does not offer shipping.


These sandals’ advertised features are an adjustable ankle strap, cushioned insole, durable TPR outsole and 2” wedge heel. They also have a zipper on the heel, which isn’t listed, but it’s a nice feature. That way you can adjust the ankle strap to your preferred setting and leave it there. I find that sandal straps often stretch out or break if they’re adjusted frequently, so the zipper on the heel means that the straps will last longer and not stretch out.

Except for the TPR outsole, the materials aren’t listed, but the straps and sole looks like leather. At this price point, I would assume that it’s imitation leather. They are manufactured in China.


I bought mine in an 8, and they were true to size. They only come in sizes 7-9.5, so while half sizes are available, the size range is rather narrow.


Serra Ladies Wedge Heel Sandals

The sandals come in Black or Floral Strap or Tan. I bought mine in tan, which is a neutral honey-brown color that will coordinate well with just about anything.

They have a t-strap that connects the ankle to the toes, and the sole is covered with the same material as the straps, making them dressier than athletic sandals. The TPR outsole on the bottom of the shoe is a hard rubber material with a decent amount of grip. They would be okay on a rainy day and not get too slippery.

The style is a little dressy but not too dressy to wear with casual clothing. You could wear them to work or pair them with a sundress or even use them to dress up a simple shorts-and-t-shirt outfit. I like how versatile they are.


These sandals are very comfortable, though I wouldn’t walk for miles in them.

I have high arches and could do with more arch support, but the sandals are well-cushioned with memory foam. The straps don’t irritate my skin, and I blister easily, so that’s worth noting. The 2” heel is gradual and doesn’t contort my feet into an uncomfortable position.

Because of the lack of arch support, I wouldn’t wear these if I was planning to be on my feet all day, but if your feet are flatter than mine, that shouldn’t be a problem. They are certainly comfortable enough to wear for an afternoon or evening out without ending up with sore or blistered feet. And they’re definitely more comfortable than most “dressy” shoes, especially ones with heels.

The Verdict:

I like these sandals, and I know I’ll get a lot of mileage out of them this summer. I recommend these if you’re looking for a versatile, comfortable sandal this season.

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  1. I just got picked these up and agree with everything you posted. Just wanted to note I got them in a size 10. Maybe not all stores carry that size but glad mine did.

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