Simply Nature Seedtastic Organic Bread

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During the times when we eat bread — such as sandwiches packed in work lunches, or a piece of toast for breakfast in the morning — my husband and I have been trying to find some healthier options. For years, we’ve purchased Aldi whole grain white bread, which is better than some breads out there, but it’s not the best. Hence, our search for a better-for-you bread.

Specifically, we’re seeking breads that contain a good ratio of whole grains, which help stabilize blood sugar and lower cholesterol as well as promote heart health. Whole grains can also help lower blood pressure and protect against type 2 diabetes, strokes, and certain cancers.

I recently came across a mixed case in the Aldi baked goods aisle that contains a Graintastic bread loaded with 21 whole grains and seeds. That case also contains a Seedtastic bread, which the package states is “jam-packed with seeds.” Here, I’m taking a closer look at the Seedtastic bread.

Simply Nature Seedtastic Bread

Simply Nature Seedtastic Bread is a Regular Buy, which means you should be able to find it at Aldi all year.

It cost $4.69 for a 27-ounce loaf (1 pound, 11 ounces) at the time of writing. That comes out to about 17 cents per ounce. With 17 one-slice servings per package, that’s about 28 cents per slice.

This looks like a dupe of the Good Seed version of Dave’s Killer Bread, which I found for about 23 cents an ounce at Target at the time of writing.

The Aldi bread is a product of Canada. It’s USDA organic and is certified organic by Quality Assurance International. It is also non-GMO verified and is kosher certified. It also bears the 50%+ Whole Grain stamp from the Whole Grains Council indicating that at least half of the grain ingredients are whole grain and that it contains at least 8 grams of whole grain per serving.

The package advertises that this contains 13 grams of whole grain per serving. For comparison, Aldi whole grain white bread has 8 grams of whole grain per serving. This Seedtastic bread also has 3 grams of fiber per serving, 5 grams of protein, and 780 mg of omega-3. Name-brand Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seed Bread has 14 grams of whole grain per serving, with 3 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and 520 mg of ALA omega 3 per serving.

Simply Nature Seedtastic Bread

Nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

If you’re looking out for allergens, this contains wheat and sesame seeds.

Ingredients include organic whole wheat, water, organic wheat flour, organic whole grain and seed mix (whole flaxseeds, ground flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, black sesame seeds, sesame seeds), organic cane sugar, organic wheat gluten, yeast, cultured wheat flour, sea salt, organic oat fiber, and organic camu camu powder.

One 45-gram slice has 120 calories, 3 grams of total fat (4% DV), no saturated fat, 150 mg of sodium (7% DV), 21 grams of total carbohydrates (8% DV), 3 grams of dietary fiber (11% DV), 5 grams of total sugars, 5 grams of added sugars (10% DV), and 5 grams of protein. This also has 1 mg of iron (6% DV), 32 mg of calcium (2% DV), and 107 mg of potassium (2% DV).

This Seedtastic bread is pretty similar in ingredients and nutrition information compared to its Dave’s Killer Bread counterpart. Name-brand Good Seed bread has the same amount of calories, fat, fiber, sugar, and protein. Good Seed Bread has 10 additional mg of sodium and 2 more grams of total carbohydrates than the Seedtastic bread. The Good Seed bread includes brown sesame seeds and steel cut oats among its whole grain and seed mix. The name brand also contains molasses, vinegar, enzymes, and acerola cherry powder.

Simply Nature Seedtastic Bread

We like the taste and texture of this bread. My husband and I tried it toasted with butter, and I put some peanut butter on mine as well. We’ve also used it for sandwiches. It has a coarser texture like you’d expect with a whole grain bread, and the seeds add some interesting texture as well. Flavor-wise, this is fine for toast, sandwiches, or whatever you need bread for.

This doesn’t have as many whole grains per serving as the Graintastic bread that it’s sold alongside, but it’s healthier than many other bread options at the grocery store.

The Verdict:

Simply Nature Seedtastic Bread features whole and ground flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds. It’s got 13 grams of whole grain per serving, 3 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and 780 mg of omega-3. It’s an imitation of Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seed Bread. While there are breads at Aldi that contain more whole grains, this is a good option if you’re looking for something that’s better for you than white bread. We also think it tastes good.

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  1. Roberta Dorosinski

    I have been buying the Graintastic Thin Sliced bread ever since I discovered it. It’s very good. Thanks Aldi.

  2. Another reason why this bread is a better choice which is all the ingredients are ORGANIC, any time you can buy organic the better for you. The only thing I don’t like is the added sugar which is cane sugar. Wish the sweetness came from juices. But still worth the choice and price.

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