Sistema To Go Lunch Cube

With two members (soon to be three) of our household packing daily lunches for work and school, we use quite a few small plastic food storage containers. One of the newest additions to our collection is this Sistema To Go Lunch Cube.


I had my eye on this Lunch Cube last fall when Aldi sold it as a back-to-school Special Buy. I know that Bento lunch boxes are popular, but I was hesitant to invest in the niche boxes without knowing if my family would like them. While it’s not exactly the same as a Bento box, the Sistema Lunch Cube seemed like a good, inexpensive way to try a Bento-style box. However, I didn’t purchase it quickly enough and my local store ran out before I could get one. When this Lunch Cube reappeared as a Special Buy immediately after the holidays this year, presumably targeted to all the people who resolved to eat healthier and bring their lunches to work instead of buying fast food, I immediately bought one.

This nifty Lunch Cube is clear, and the handle/latch comes in a couple of different colors; I chose green. Unlock the latch and the box opens and unfolds into two sections. One section holds a sandwich, wrap, sushi, or other larger food items, and it includes its own lid that is attached to the Lunch Cube. The other section is divided into two open-topped sections that can hold other small foods or snacks like fresh fruit or veggies, crackers, nuts, or cookies.


The Lunch Cube is pthalate and BPA free and is made in New Zealand. It holds 47.3 ounces.

We have yet to put this sandwich box to serious use, so I cannot speak to its durability or its ability to keep foods from leaking into each other. I will update this review after my family has thoroughly tested the Lunch Cube.

My husband, Josh, wrote last year about the Sistema sandwich box and talked a bit about Sistema products in general:

Sistema is a New Zealand-based plastics company that deals in one thing, and one thing alone: plastic storage. They make all kinds of storage containers, from dedicated microwave cooking products to divided snack storage containers. Their trademark is a so-called “Sistema Klip” that, they say, locks lids into place.

Unlike many Special Buy brands, Sistema is not exclusive to Aldi. Sistema can be found at CVS, Kohls, Macy’s, Target, and a number of other places. They can even be found on Amazon, and if the reviews there are any indication, they are a certifiable hit.

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Sistema To Go Lunch Cube is an inexpensive way to try out a Bento-style lunch box. It has three compartments for holding sandwiches, fruit and veggies, crackers, or whatever you like to pack in your lunch. Other stores do sell these boxes, but Aldi’s price is very competitive — and perhaps lower — than other stores. Recommended.




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