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Kitchen and small storage accessories are a frequent occurrence in the Aldi Special Buy section, from pots and pans to plastic tubs. These products probably aren’t the sort of headliners that will wow you when you pick up the weekly ad, but they might be the sort of thing that tempts you when you walk by the aisle.

And for $3, this little number is tempting, indeed.

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Sistema is a New Zealand-based plastics company that deals in one thing, and one thing alone: plastic storage. They make all kinds of storage containers, from dedicated microwave cooking products to divided snack storage containers. Their trademark is a so-called “Sistema Klip” that, they say, locks lids into place.

Unlike many Special Buy brands, Sistema is not exclusive to Aldi. Sistema can be found at CVS, Kohls, Macy’s, Target, and a number of other places. They can even be found on Amazon, and if the reviews there are any indication, they are a certifiable hit.

They’re certainly a hit with us. The Sistema Sandwich Box is the epitome of an Aldi offering: durable, practical, and, of course, inexpensive.

The box comes in two pieces. The clear lid is made of a sturdy plastic and fits cleanly over the main box. On the inside of the lid, a line of green rubber marks the contact point between the lid and the box. The rubber is not just for show; it creates a seal with the main box that serves to make the sandwich box watertight.

The main box is, like the lid, made of a sturdy plastic, and also helpfully notes that the box is microwaveable, freezable, top-shelf dishwashable, and even recyclable. The much-hyped “klips” along the side of the box clip easily over the lid, pushing the lid’s seal into place.

We’ve been using the box for years now and we’ve yet to have a problem with leaking. In fact, we’ve been pleased all-around with the boxes. They are just about the perfect size for a standard sandwich, and because of their sturdy build, clip design, and firm seal, they keep sandwiches dry and intact. And all parts of the box have held up well to repeated use.

The Verdict:

With a simple but effective design, the Sistema Sandwich Box is the perfect place to put a sandwich when you want to keep it dry and in one piece. And while you can find the boxes elsewhere, Aldi’s price is very competitive — if not lower — than other places. Highly recommended.

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