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Last Updated on August 5, 2016

Yes, this is a review about a bar of soap.

Source Beauty Bar

Aldi, like any store, has a small stock of non-food necessities: paper products, hygiene products, and the like. One area, though, that is slim is bath soap. How slim? At the time of this review, there is but one Regular Buy option: the Source Beauty Bar. There aren’t any other soap options (around here, at least) and no body wash options whatsoever, at least, not outside of some occasional Special Buy, but even those are rare.

Source comes in a two-pack, and on the packaging says that it should be compared to Dove White, which is advertised as a moisturizing beauty bar. If the Amazon rankings are any indication, Dove White is really popular, and Source must be selling well for Aldi, too.

When I first opened the Source soap, I noticed a couple of things. One, it has a distinctive fragrant smell, probably as most moisturizing bars do. If you’re looking or something more “fresh” like Irish Spring, this is not going to be your thing.

Two, the bar is slippery. Most bar soaps that I use tend to have at least a small amount of abrasive in the soap, as it helps to make the soap easy to handle and also helps work up a lather and get dirt and grime out. A lack of abrasives is normal for moisturizing bars, but it also means that when Source gets wet it gets pretty slippery; it will slide around on almost any surface you place it on.

One final note on this soap: the price. The ones I’ve seen come in a two-pack, so they’re not terribly expensive overall, but the per-bar cost seems a little high for a generic. I’ve been able to go other places and find name brand bar soap for less, although I usually have to buy packs with more bars of soap to get that value. So it’s up to you.

The Verdict:

Depends on your tastes. If you’re looking for a moisturizing bar like Dove White, you might find this worth a look. If moisturizing bars aren’t your thing and you want a soap that has some abrasive, you’ll have to look at another store.


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  1. Katherine Brown

    I love this soap
    I am glad I found who sold it

  2. I love this soap also, nice and lathery, leaves your skin feeling clean.

  3. I love this soap

  4. I also loves this soap, it does not irritate my skin

  5. This soap is the best. It smells so delicate and fresh and my family uses it. My daughter has eczema and it doesn’t irritate her skin at all.

  6. Best thing about this soap compared to Dove, is it don’t break into a thousand pieces when it gets thin. Stays in one piece until its gone

  7. I just started using this soap and I absolutely love it, I will definitely be buying again!

  8. I cannot find this soap anymore in St. Louis. I have everyone looking for it. I have delicate skin and this soap is so good for me. I hope they haven’t gotten rid of it

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