Aldi Electronics: What is Bauhn?

Aldi’s Special Buy lineup of electronics has grown to the point now where most of the basic items that a person might want — and a few more specialized ones — eventually make an appearance. Laptops, desktops, tablets, cameras, TVs, headphones, and speakers are among the electronics items we’ve seen inside the grocer in the last couple of years. About the only thing we haven’t seen are cell phones (yet).

Aldi contracts its electronics to a few key companies. We’ve previously looked at one of them, Medion. Today we’ll look at Bauhn.


Bauhn is an Australian-based electronics manufacturer. According to its website, they make and distribute “Televisions, Tablet PCs, Blu-Ray Players, Digital Set Top Boxes and Home Theatre Entertainment Systems.” That’s a pretty large lineup, although we haven’t seen all of them at Aldi in the United States. More on that in a moment.

A look at Bauhn’s website — at least at the time of this post — shows a clear Australian focus. The featured products on the site highlight upcoming offerings in Australian Aldi stores, complete with prices in Australian dollars (which, because of exchange rates, will be be higher than what you would expect in U.S. dollars). Bauhn does appear to have a U.S. portion of its website, but as of right now it’s outdated and there isn’t much there that you can’t find on the main page.

So Bauhn is apparently an Australian-based maker of technology that primarily serves the Australian market but has also contributed to Aldi stores in the United States. We’ve noticed that Bauhn’s primary focus in the U.S. seems to be speakers and headphones, with occasional offerings like TVs and some small electronics accessories. Laptops, desktops, and tablets seem to fall more to the German-based Medion.

That’s not the only difference between Bauhn and Medion. Medion, from what we’ve gathered, is a company separate from Aldi, owned by the Chinese megacorporation Lenovo. Bauhn, by all appearances, appears to be actually owned by Aldi — note the copyright information at the bottom of its website.

We haven’t gone hands-on with any Bauhn products yet, but a quick review around the internet has been mixed. Their TVs, for example, have ranged from average to terrible. When you’re talking about a TV that potentially costs several hundred dollars, that is no small consideration. We’ll be keeping an eye on them down the road.


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  1. raymond thacker

    Will not buy ANY ALDI electronic device- especially Bauhn ever again
    A barely used ( 4hours max) 50″ TV before it became out of
    warranty/failed- cost of TV was 599.00 – good score Aldi
    no support offered as “was out of warranty”

    • I live in australia and wouldnt touch a bauhn product with a barge pole, I’ve been stung by three of there products. All in warrenty thankfully.

  2. I bought one to a BAUHU & IT DON’T WORK AT ALL I PAID $25.00 for it the I lost my receipt so I can’t take it back to the store what wast never again

    • Bought two bauhn product both multi port chargers both have stopped working at same time not sure why very disappointing

  3. What operating system do Bauhn HD TVs use and can they be updated as I have two of them and most Android Tv streaming requirement is KitKat can Bauhn run this

  4. Recently bought a Bauhn speaker to replace a Bose that was stolen and wasn’t expecting much, but it actually sounds of similar quality and is quite impressive for something less than 1/4th the price!

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