The 8 Kinds of Aldi Articles that Drive Us Crazy

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Disclaimer 1: This is mostly tongue-in-cheek. Mostly.

Disclaimer 2: We are sometimes guilty of writing posts like these.

Around here, we not only write a lot about Aldi, but we also read a lot about Aldi, too. A lot. As a result, we see a lot of pieces about the grocer, including by larger media outlets. Some of those stories are good, incredible, even.

Others can be found in the dictionary, right next to clickbait.

What are these abominations, you ask? Here are a sampling of eight.

These are the Aldi Products You Can’t Live Without

I like Aldi as much as anyone. I’d better, if I’ve spent the last 7 years writing about it. Trust me when I say that there is no Aldi product that I can’t live without. Not unless Aldi sells lifesaving medicine and I’m just hearing about it.

This Aldi Trend Has the Internet Buzzing

Really? Because we write about this stuff all the time, keep up with social media groups … and this is the first we’ve heard about the Aldi Whatisitthistime Trend. About the only buzz we’ve heard is from your article, or maybe the “viral” TikTok video that just eclipsed 5,000 views. I think I’ll go back to watching game show reruns now.

Don’t Ever Buy These X Products at Aldi

I brace myself whenever one of these drops over at a food / lifestyle content mill blog. More often than not, they just skim isolated opinions off the internet or offer generalized statements that suggest the freelance content writer who penned it doesn’t even live within a hundred miles of an Aldi.

Aldi Just Dropped / Released / Leaked …

This is like the evil blog version of breaking news. Aldi apparently is always just dropping something, as if the grocer operated on a 24-hour news cycle. I suppose I should take a pilgrimage to Batavia, Illinois, just in case Aldi HQ drops some list of products at 3 a.m. Bonus: I have to give special props to the use of leaked, as if an Aldi press release was somehow an exercise in corporate espionage.

… And We’ve Lost Our Minds

I love quality products, the ones that make my life better. But this phrase comes straight out of some sort of consumerist dystopia. Like, go walk through nature or something. Please.

Aldi Shoppers are Rushing to Buy this X Dupe

Please excuse me for a moment while I step outside and watch the stampede of Aldi shoppers racing down the street to get this amazing copycat. Also excuse me for a moment while I Google this insanely popular name brand product this Aldi product is imitating, which before I read your post I had literally never heard of before.

This Entire Aldi Hack is Stolen From an Idea I Found on Reddit, Now Let Me Elaborate

No one ever uses this title, of course. The devil, though, is in the details. There’s nothing like someone writing about some Aldi hack / trick / thing like it’s cold fusion, only to discover that they basically scraped the whole thing from an obscure thread. At least they’re (usually) polite enough to admit it … at the end of the post, of course.

You Need This Aldi Product in Your Life

As far as I know, Aldi doesn’t have an affiliate program. But if they secretly do, blogs that shill like this probably are a part of it.

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  1. I LOVE this article because it is SO true – for reviews of ANY store’s products. Honestly people – use your BRAINS. No one is “going crazy”, “can’t live without”, “buys everything they can”, etc., etc. It’s ALL just advertising hype. Grow up & evaluate products on your own & via their own merits – not all this hype!

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