This Week At Aldi: The Ad for July 4, 2018

Each week we highlight a few of the more interesting items in the upcoming Aldi ad. Note that, in our area, the ad takes effect on Wednesday, but in some areas it may take effect as early as today, Sunday.

This week’s big theme is organization, with some fiesta food and cleaning supplies thrown in for good measure.

(Also, don’t forget that Aldi has limited hours on the Fourth of July.)

The Most Interesting Thing We Saw:

Aldi Keychain Quarter Holder

  • Aldi Keychain Quarter Holder, 99 cents. Aldi quarter holders are a bit of a cottage industry online, so it was maybe inevitable that Aldi would sell one of its own. It comes in assorted varieties.

Special Buy (ALDI Finds) Highlights:

Organizing items include:

  • Easy Home Over-the-Door Ironing Board, $16.99. Measures 42″ L x 14″ W.
  • Easy Home Over-the-Door Organizer, $29.99. Measures 76″ x 17.5″ x 6.5″.
  • Easy Home 3-Tier Wire Cart, $7.99. Measures 23.2″ x 7.9″ x 31.3″.
  • Easy Home Slide-Out Trash Can, $24.99. Includes black standard kitchen trash can and fits a 13-gallon trash bag. Measures 19.25″ x 9″ x 18″.
  • Easy Home Two Drawer Slide Out Organizer, $9.99. Measures 13.7″ x 7.3″ x 12.7″
  • Easy Home Wire Kitchen Organizer Assortment, $4.99. Assorted varieties.

Cleaning and laundry items include:

  • Easy Home Spin Mop, $19.99. Includes two mophead refills.
  • Easy Home Steam Brush, $14.99. We’ve used another Aldi item, an Easy Home Hand Held Steam Cleaner, which you can read about here.
  • Easy Home Ultra Hiphold Laundry Basket, $4.99. Available in Aqua or White. Capacity of 1.25 bushel.
  • Easy Home Clothes Drying Rack, $9.99. We’ve used one for years and think highly of it.
  • Crofton Extendable Sink Colander, $9.99. Measures 13.39″ x 9.45″ x 4.33″, and is extendable up to 21.85″.
  • Easy Home Dish Drainer and Drainboard, $9.99. White or Black, measures 14.5″ x 12.6″ x 5.5″.
  • Easy Home Soap-Dispensing Brush, Sponge or Heavy-Duty Refill, $2.69.
  • Easy Home Dustpan and Brush, $3.49.
  • Easy Home Scouring or Soap Pads, $1.49 each. Options include a 3-Pack Copper Mesh Scourers, 10-Pack Soap Pads, 3-Pack Stainless Steel Scourers or 3-pack Heavy-Duty Scouring pads.
  • Easy Home 3-Pack Refrigerator Liners, $3.99. 24″ L x 12″ W each.
  • Crofton Pantry Basket, $2.99. We’ve used these over the years and like them a lot.

Other general household items include:

  • Easy Home Folding Step Stool, $4.99. Assorted colors, measures 11.4″ x 8.6″ x 8.6″. You can read our full review here.
  • Crofton 11″ Stainless Steel Frying Pan, $19.99. Black or black speckled.
  • Visage Bathroom Scale, $9.99. Assorted colors.
  • Crofton 8-Piece Glass Bowls With Multicolor Lids, $9.99.
  • Ambiano 2-Slice Toaster, $9.99. Available in black or white.
  • Crofton 4-Pack Water Filter Replacement, $7.99.

Outdoor play items include:

  • Slime Bombs Splat Set, $7.99. Assorted colors.
  • 7-in-1 Mega Bubble Set, $7.99. Assorted varieties.
  • 6-Pack Bubble Wands, $3.69. Scented or unscented.
  • Maui Sky Ball, $4.99. Assorted varieties. 4″ diameter claims to bounce up to 75 feet. (No connection to Moana.)

Fresh Meat Special Highlights:

  • Rack of Lamb, $9.99 per pound.
  • SimplyNature Fresh Organic Grass-Fed Strip Steak, $9.99 per pound.
  • Fresh Family Pack Chicken Thighs, $0.79 per pound.

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  1. Joshua:

    For the July 4, 2018 – this week at Aldi – can you show a copy of the ad with the actual products – especially under the cleaning and laundry items category, not just the line item?

    • Hi, July,

      We’re not Aldi, so we don’t post the ad copy. Instead, we pick and choose what we see as highlights and post them. You could try contacting Aldi ( but it’s a toss-up whether they would be able to provide you with those specific ads, especially since they’re long since expired.

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