Visage Rechargeable Vanity Mirror Coming to Aldi

Last Updated on August 11, 2023

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated for 2023. 

The mirror over the sink in the bathroom can be valuable for a lot of things: styling hair or making sure you don’t have a blob of toothpaste stuck to your face. Sometimes, though, you need a mirror that’s better for close-up things such as applying makeup or putting in contact lenses. Or, you might want a mirror that’s portable for travel or camping trips.

Aldi has sold some small vanity mirrors over the years, including a double sided lighted makeup mirror. Most recently, Aldi is selling a vanity mirror that is rechargeable and features a dimmable light. It can be used at home, on the road, or in a college dorm room.

What We Know:

Visage Rechargeable Vanity Mirror

The Visage Rechargeable Vanity Mirror (Product Code: 704699) cost $14.99 in August of 2023. That’s less than the $19.99 it sold for in 2022. That’s also on the lower end of prices for rechargeable vanity mirrors on Amazon.

This is an Aldi Find, so it’s only in stores for a short time. Each store gets just one shipment, and after that sells out, they’re gone unless Aldi decides to bring them back at some point. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products that aren’t in stock at your local store.

We’re not sure if it’s the exact same model, but Aldi also sold a dimmable LED vanity mirror for $14.99 in 2021.

Here’s more information about the 2023 mirror, according to Aldi:

  • Available in assorted colors
  • Features an LED Vanity Mirror
  • Bonus mirror included
  • Includes dimmable LED lights
  • 90°; tilts and rotates for a perfect viewing angle
  • Offers 1x, 5x magnification

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t yet tried this vanity mirror, so we don’t know how well it works or how long it lasts. We write open threads so readers can talk about their experiences with a product.

Do you own the Visage Rechargeable Vanity Mirror? Tell us what you think of it in the comments below. 

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