Warming Up with Aldi

Staying Warm With AldiWe’re experiencing record cold temperatures in St. Louis this week, and I live in a house that’s almost 100 years old and a bit drafty. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the vast array of warm products recently at my local Aldi: electric blankets, electric mattress pads, slippers, warm socks, scarves, fleece sheets, and more. I had to resist the urge to buy every single warm thing in the store.

But I did buy a few things that I’d wanted to get anyway. I bought the fleece sheets ($24.99), the electric throw blanket ($24.99), the 2-pack of women’s warm socks ($4.99), and the infinity scarf ($4.99). Rachael reviewed the winter infinity scarf and I agree that it’s both warm and fashionable.

Huntington Home Fleece Sheets

Cost: $24.99

Flannel sheets are nice, but when the wind chill drops near or below zero, they’re not quite enough for me. Fleece sheets feel like you’re surrounded by the world’s softest blanket. They also wear well with time, as they are often thicker and sturdier than flannel sheets.

These sheets are just as soft and warm as I expected. At this price, they’re a great deal. I’ve seen ones online for much more, and the quality is comparable to a pricier set that my kids have in their room.

The fleece sheets come in Queen or King sizes, and my Aldi had two colors in stock: beige and a red-and-white pattern. I’m not a fan of beige, so I grabbed the red ones. I actually put the flat sheet on top of my bed as a duvet cover because the pattern doesn’t go well with the cover I already have. It looks great and will still provide lots of warmth.

Biddeford Electric Throw

Cost: $24.99

Aldi also sells full-size electric bed blankets for $59.99. The throw size is big enough to warm up my side of the bed, and it’s significantly cheaper, so I went for this option. It has 6 heat settings and an automatic shut-off, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on accidentally. It’s softer and more sophisticated than the scratchy electric blankets I grew up with. I like the variety of settings; I can start out on a high setting to warm up the bed and then turn it down before actually going to sleep. Like the sheets, these blankets are good quality at a low price.

Adventuridge Ladies Thermal Socks, 2 pack

Cost: $4.99

I’m wearing these while I type this review, and my feet are nice and warm on this cold day. The socks are 61% wool, 22% acrylic, 16% nylon, and 1% spandex. The high wool content makes the socks warm but the acrylic keeps them soft. They’re a big improvement over my usual socks and are tall enough to cover most of my calf, too. Good quality warm socks are usually a lot more than $2.50 a pair, so I plan on picking up more next time I go to the store.

Important note: because these have wool, you can’t put them in the dryer. They are machine washable (warm, permanent press cycle) but should be air-dried.

The Verdict:

If you’re in the market for warm goods during this cold snap, then Aldi has you covered. The products I tried are affordable, good quality, and are making January in St. Louis a little more bearable.

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