We Bought a Bunch of Licensed Disney Merch at Aldi. Here’s What We Liked Best.

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Aldi Disney Merchandise

Our family is planning a long-awaited trip to Disney World this year, and we’ve been doing all the things to get ready. We found a Disney travel agent to help with the fine details of resort, park, and dining reservations. We bought new luggage so every family member would have a large suitcase. We bought everyone new tennis shoes for all the miles of walking we’ll be doing. We scoured Etsy for fun and unique Disney-themed t-shirts to wear in the parks. Finally, we bought a bunch of Disney merchandise from Aldi.

Wait, what? Aldi sells Disney merch?

Yes. For a limited time, Aldi is selling a variety of licensed Disney products. This includes everything from shirts and shorts to Loungefly knockoff mini backpacks and wallets. It also includes earrings, mouse ear headbands, hats, sneakers, water bottles, pillows, front door mats, and toys.

These are all Aldi Finds, which means they’re only stores for a short time. Each store gets one shipment, and after that sells out, they’re gone unless Aldi decides to bring a new batch of Disney gear back at a later time. Aldi does not offer online ordering if these are sold out at your local store.

We showed up around store opening time on the day these were scheduled to hit the shelves, and there was a small crowd sorting through all the Disney gear. Some of our favorite finds were the mini backpacks, Minnie mouse ear headbands, and the Mickey and Minnie water bottles. Here’s a closer look at what we bought.

Keep reading for more details about the Aldi Disney merch we picked, up including our thoughts on durability, comfort, style, and more.

Disney Backpack:

Disney Backpack

Minnie Mouse mini backpack.

These mini backpacks (Product Code: 711556) cost $14.99 and came in several styles, including Mickey faces, Mickey pants and ears, Donald Duck, and Minnie Mouse. We bought the Minnie Mouse version, which features 3D ears and a bow and a classic red background with white polka dots. These are dupes of name-brand Loungefly backpacks that can run between $40 and $80 on Amazon, so the Aldi backpacks are a great deal.

The tag states the backpacks are manufactured by Fast Forward based in New York, New York. This company specializes in making backpacks, lunch kits, drink bottles, handbags, luggage, small leather goods, stationery, and other accessories featuring licensed characters, national brands, and private labels.

Disney Backpack 2

The back view.

The Aldi Disney backpacks (Product Code: 711556) are 10 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 4.5 inches deep. They have a main zippered compartment, a smaller zippered compartment in the front, and two small open side pockets. The backpack’s zippered compartments are big enough to hold essentials like a phone, wallet, keys, hygiene supplies, and other small items. The side pockets are not wide enough or deep enough to hold a water bottle, but you can put other smaller things in them. The backpacks have adjustable straps, but the straps aren’t padded and they are thin, so we’re not sure how comfortable they would be wearing all day or how durable they are going to be with regular use.

The backpacks are really cute, and we’re looking forward to using ours in Disney parks. We’ll report back later on how comfortable and durable it is.

Zak! Disney Licensed Stainless Steel Bottle:

Disney Water Bottle

Mickey faces water bottle.

This water bottle (Product Code: 711001) cost $9.99. It came in six different designs featuring Mickey, Minnie, or Mickey and Minnie together in various colors, including black and white, red, green, and silver. We bought a white water bottle with various black and white Mickey faces.

These bottles have a 20-ounce capacity and are BPA free, top rack dishwasher safe, and vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cold. They also claim to be leak proof. The tags say they’re not intended for hot or carbonated beverages. They feature a pop-up straw and a carrying handle.

Disney Bucket Hat:

Aldi Disney Bucket Hat

Black bucket hat with Mickey illustration.

These bucket hats (Product Code: 832072) cost $5.99 each. They were sold alongside several styles of baseball hats for men and women. The bucket hat comes in only one variety, but it’s reversible for two different looks. One side is black with a white animation-style walking Mickey Mouse figure. The other side is white with black Mickey face silhouettes. The bucket hats are 100% cotton and are OEKO-TEX certified free from harmful substances.

The label says to hand wash and use non-chlorine bleach only. Dry flat and do not iron.

Aldi Disney Bucket Hat 2

Flip the hat inside out and it’s a white hat with black Mickey faces.

The bucket hat we purchased fits well on the females in our house, ranging from adult down to tween. It’s soft enough to fold up and pack in a backpack when it’s not in use, and it’s cute. This is another product that will definitely get some use in Disney parks. We’ll report back here later on its durability and how it holds up to washing.

Disney Character Headbands:

Aldi Disney Mouse Ears Headband

Minnie ears headband.

These character headbands (Product Code: 711627) cost $4.99. They came in Black ears w/ Red Bow, Gold Ears w/ Black Bow, Pink Ears w/ Rainbow Bow, Mickey Ears w/ Black Bow, Black Ears w/ Silver Bow, or Vintage Ears w/ Pink Bow. We bought a headband that’s black with a black sequined bow and white ears with black and white Mickey Mouse faces.

The package label states these are distributed by H.E.R. Accessories based in New York, New York, and Hong Kong. Founded in 2000, they design, make, and sell watches, cosmetics, jewelry, hair accessories, and more, and their products include licensed characters and national brands.

The ears on these headbands are actually made of a satin material and are stuffed, so they have some weight and substance to them. They fit fine on our adult and teen family members, and they’d probably fit younger children as well. The headbands have some flexibility to fit on various head sizes. We’re not sure how well these will hold up, but for only $5 they’re worth trying. We also like the low price tag in case these get lost on a ride or misplaced somewhere in a park.

Disney Character Earrings:

Aldi Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Disney Earrings

Minnie earrings on the left, Mickey earrings on the right.

Aldi earrings are notorious for being very large, so we generally have not purchased them prior to this time. However, these Disney earrings (Product Code: 711630) are a lot less oversized. They cost $4.99 per pair. These were available in several designs: Mickey Face, Minnie Face, Gloves, Minnie Bows, and Mickey Pants. We bought a pair of the Mickey face earrings and a pair of the Minnie face earrings.

Aldi Minnie Mouse Disney Earrings

Minnie Mouse earrings.

Similar to the mouse ear headbands mentioned above, the packaging indicates these earrings are made by H.E.R. Accessories, a manufacturer of jewelry, cosmetics, and various accessories.

These are very cute. We find them to be a tad heavy, but they don’t seem too bad. We like the details on these. The Mickey earrings feature faux diamonds on Mickey’s ears, while the Minnie earrings feature faux rubies on her bow. We’ll report back here later on durability and comfort after we’ve worn these earrings for a while.

Disney Ladies’ Shorts:

Aldi Disney Shorts

Disney shorts for ladies. Small on the left, medium on the right.

These Disney shorts (Product Code: 832439) cost $6.99 each. They were sold in bike short styles that are longer and have a close fit, and they were sold in looser athletic or pajama-styles that are shorter. We bought the two designs available in the looser fit. They came in gray with black Minnie Mouse faces with red bows and white polka dots, or in light green with vintage-style Mickey and Minnie Mouse faces.

Aldi Disney Shorts 2

A view of the waistband on the shorts.

The green shorts came in sizes M-L and are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, while the gray shorts came in sizes S, L-XL and are made of 79% cotton, 14% polyester, and 7% viscose. The shorts are OEKO-TEX certified to be free from harmful substances. They feature a stretchy waistband and have a drawstring on the interior of the waist, and they have pockets.

One of our long-time frustrations with Aldi clothing is that the sizes can be limited. One family member really wanted the gray shorts in a size medium, but they unfortunately don’t come in a medium, so that person had to settle for the green shorts.

These are plenty soft and stretchy. The waist does not come up very high, hitting around or just below the belly button on our adult female model who usually wears a size medium. We’ll probably put these to use as lounge shorts, exercise shorts, or pajama shorts.

Closing Thoughts:

Our initial impressions are that we really like the mini backpacks, the mouse ear headbands, the bucket hat, and the water bottle. If you’re considering picking up any Disney Aldi gear, these are solid choices. The jury is out on the earrings (they might be a little heavy). The shorts are cute, but some of us wish the waist offered just a little more coverage.

We’re eager to put our Aldi Disney gear to the test on vacation. We’ll update this post with any new developments.

Did you buy any Disney merchandise from Aldi? Leave us a comment below. 

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  1. Thanks for the review! I bought the Mickey bucket hat & I really like it.
    Have fun at Disney world! We took our kids when they were 11 & 14 & we had a lot of fun!

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