This Week at Aldi: The Ad for July 26, 2017

Each week we highlight a few of the more interesting items in the upcoming Aldi ad. Note that, in our area, the ad takes effect on Wednesday, but in some areas it may take effect as early as today, Sunday.

This week’s ad reveals the first of Aldi’s K-12 back-to-school lineup, and we have no doubt that there’s a lot more to come. Aldi isn’t done with dorm life, though; there are a few more things from that category in the ad.

Oh, and some Chinese food.

Let’s look.

The Most Interesting Thing We Saw:

  • Easy Home 5-Head Adjustable Floor Lamp, $14.99. Not just a lamp, or even a two- or three-head lamp … but a FIVE-head lamp. All with different-colored shades. Standing 67″ tall. We haven’t touched this one, but we do have some positive experiences with other Easy Home lamps. Oh, and it’s not available in California. Make your own guesses as to why.

Special Buy (ALDI Finds) Highlights:

  • Adventuridge Backpack Assortment, $8.99. This is a listing for the Adventuridge Essentials Backpack (also sometimes called the Adventuridge School Backpack). We have plenty of experience with this backpack: it’s versatile, sturdy, and well-constructed. About its only flaw is that it might not appeal to kids who want princesses or Star Wars on their packs. Aldi also sells the matching Adventuridge Insulated Lunch Bag for $3.99; we have used these for years and think they are just as good as the backpack.
  • SOHL Furniture Saucer Chair, $24.99. It measures 33.9″ x 29.5″ x 32.3″, has a weight capacity of 225 pounds, and comes in a few different colors. Walmart sells a well-reviewed one for cheaper, but the Walmart version is also smaller, so there may be some trade-off here. SOHL is also selling a few other items this week, including …
    • SOHL Foldable Storage Ottoman ($9.99)
    • SOHL Folding Tray Table ($6.99)
    • SOHL 3-Tier Metal Folding Cart ($24.99)
  • Huntington Home Backrest, $9.99. It measures 21″ x 16.5″ x 10″ and is perfect for those times when you need back support on a bed, floor, or other place without back support.
  • Huntington Home 8′ L x 5′ W Shag Area Rug, $39.99. There have been lots of rugs in recent weeks from Aldi. This is one of the larger ones.
  • Fusia assorted Chinese frozen items are in the ad this week.
    • Highlights include Fusia Mini Egg Rolls ($1.99), Fusia Beef and Broccoli or Fusia Beef Lo Mein ($3.69), Fusia Pot Stickers ($2.79), Fusia Crispy Tempura Chicken or Fusia Sweet and Sour Chicken ($4.99), Fusia Stir Fry ($2.49), Fusia Crab Rangoon ($2.49), and even Fusia Sushi ($4.99). We’ve tried some of these, and in general we like them.
    • Bonus: if you need a stir fry pan, the Crofton 12″ Stir Fry Pan ($8.99) is also in the mix.

Fresh Meat Special Highlights:

  • Fresh Family Pack Chicken Drumsticks, $0.69 per pound. A nice price for whatever you need drumsticks for. (This Crock Pot recipe is one of our favorites.)


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