Why You Need an Aldi Quarter Holder Keychain

Last Updated on September 9, 2019

A few months ago, a relative who follows Aldi Reviewer sent me a small package in the mail. It was a little piece of fabric sewn into a pouch shape with a Velcro fastener, and it had a keychain attached. It was intended for holding the quarter I use to rent my cart each time I shop at Aldi. I thought it was cute, and I fastened it onto my keychain. To be honest, though, I wasn’t sure how useful it would be. Now, after using it during many Aldi shopping trips, I really do like it.

Keychain Aldi Quarter Holder

We all know how shopping at Aldi requires more effort on our part: we must haul our own bags into the store, rent our carts, bag our own groceries, and walk our carts back up to the corral to retrieve our quarters.

Regular Aldi shoppers keep a stash of bags in their vehicle trunks or hatches, along with a quarter in a console or cup holder somewhere in the vehicle. Heaven help any unwitting family member who moves the Aldi quarter from its spot in the car. Other people simply try to keep a few quarters in their wallets so they’re always ready for an Aldi shopping trip, but those quarters are easily spent on other things. In my case, they’re used in the candy vending machines whenever my kids come to the mall with me.

In short, it can be difficult to keep a dedicated Aldi quarter in an easily accessible place.

Enter the handy keychain Aldi quarter holder. The quarter holder makes it so I have to grab one less item on my way out of the car. I don’t have to reach into the cup holder to get my quarter. Now, I grab my reusable bags from the trunk and go, pulling my quarter out of the keychain holder as I walk up to the store. And nobody moves my Aldi quarter anymore, as sometimes happened when I stored it in the car. Now it’s always there on my keychain.

I’m not sure where my relative got my quarter holder from, but a quick Google search shows lots of styles to choose from on Amazon or on etsy. They’re all just a few dollars each. Some of them even come with Aldi’s name stitched on. Aldi also recently began selling a variety of quarter holder keychains of its own as occasional Special Buys for 99 cents.

Aldi Keychain Quarter Holder

If you have basic sewing skills, you can easily make your own quarter holder without any pattern or instructions. It only requires a small amount of fabric, some thread, Velcro, and a metal key ring. It would be an easy project to hand sew; no machine required. You also can find instructions online to make your own quarter holder out of felt here or to crochet a quarter holder here.

My Aldi quarter holder is really a small thing. It’s truly not a hardship to grab a quarter on the way out of the car, or even to pull a quarter from my wallet. Still, the keychain Aldi quarter holder is more useful and helpful than I anticipated. It also makes a nice conversation piece on my keychain when people ask what it is and I can tell them how much I like shopping at Aldi.

So, to cousin Beth, a big thank you!

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