Adventuridge Essentials Backpack

Last Updated on August 20, 2016

Starting in July, Aldi’s Special Buy lineup takes on a Back to School theme. It starts with college-themed buys in July, followed not long after by K-12 products. You can’t get everything you need for school from Aldi, but there are a few big-ticket items that they offer.

Adventuridge Essentials Backpack

One of the bigger examples is the Adventuridge Essentials Backpack. When Aldi first started selling a kid’s backpack they were almost impossible to find because they sold so fast. In the last couple of years, they are a lot easier to find, at least around here. I’m not sure why. It could be because stores have gotten more aggressive about sale prices on fall backpacks. It could also be because kids want licensed characters — Disney princesses, Star Wars, you name it — on their backpacks.

Either way, Aldi still sells their own school backpacks, without (at least for now) any special characters or other cool things. They’re inexpensive, just what you’d expect from Aldi, but are they worth it?

Absolutely, yes … with one qualification.

Aldi backpacks are sturdy, practical things. They come in a small but decent variety of colors and styles, and they feel durable, especially compared to other budget-priced backpacks. This we know from experience: we’ve purchased them and they can easily last the school year under busy conditions, if not more. On top of that, Aldi offers a two-year limited warranty, so you might want to hold onto your packaging and your receipt.

The design isn’t anything particularly revolutionary, but it works just fine. The most common configuration to date is a primary pocket, a smaller pocket, and netting on each side to hold water bottles or other things. Some versions have roping or other supports on the very back, which helps provide support if the bag is full.

Also of note: Aldi sells insulated lunch bags alongside the backpacks, which are inexpensive and just as well-built. The backpacks and lunch bags even have coordinating colors if you want to do some matching.

So what’s not to like? Really, nothing … except for the question of style. It’s not that the bags look bad — they look pretty good, in fact. It’s that licensed bags are more in style at this point, both with younger kids and older ones. (You’d be surprised how many high school kids still walk around with licensed backpacks.) It’s never easy navigating trends as a parent, but if your kid loves this bag, it’s a no-brainer.

The Verdict:

It doesn’t have superheroes, Jedis, or princesses on it, but it’s a sturdy school backpack at a cheap price, just what you’d want from Aldi. Highly recommended … and while you’re at it, pick up the insulated lunch bag, which is every bit as good.


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