Kirkwood Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Breast Patties

When I was in college, one of my favorite entrees was the legendary chicken sandwich. Whether with mayo (frequently), mayo with pickles (sometimes), or with ketchup (rarely), the little breaded patty wonder was always a welcome sight among the college dorm foods. This was comfort food all the way — grilled chicken salad this was not — but during the stress of finals week, it felt like a little present.

Getting the chicken patty fix in adulthood is not always cheap, since chicken is a bit expensive and premade chicken sandwiches are more so. The good news is, Aldi has them, and they’re inexpensive.

Does that also mean they’re good? You bet!

The Kirkwood Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Breast Patties we bought came in a package of 8, each patty weighing in a bit under 3 ounces: roughly the same weight as a regular McDonalds burger. (A Chick-fil-A patty weighs in at about 3.7 ounces.) The packaging boasts that it’s made from white meat chicken. Each patty has about 180 calories, with enough sodium to be 16% of the recommended daily allowance. Although high in protein, these are not a source of any notable vitamins or minerals.

The packaging lists two cooking methods — conventional oven or microwave — but there are significant tradeoffs between the two. The conventional oven instructions call for cooking the patties at 400 degrees on a baking sheet for 10 minutes, then flipping and cooking them for 5-10 more minutes “until hot and crispy.” The microwave instructions are much faster, requiring only 1 minute per patty on a microwave-safe plate, but the instructions warn that microwaved patties will be less crispy. Unless you’re in a serious hurry, we strongly recommend using the oven instructions.

The payoff is an excellent sandwich. If you’ve had quality grocery store brand-name breaded chicken sandwiches (or, like me, decent dorm chicken sandwiches) these taste indistinguishable. The breading is just right, the chicken is just right, and — if you use the oven — the crispiness is just right. They’re just good. Put them on a bun, top them with whatever you want, and maybe add a side of french fries, and you’ve got a really pleasant meal.

The Verdict:

For a quality chicken patty sandwich, Kirkwood Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Breast Patties hit the spot, and for a lot less than you’d pay just about anywhere else. Definitely recommended.

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  1. Sorry…totally disagree on these. Weird aftertaste. For breaded chicken breasts I have to opt for the TYSON brand..especially the SPICY version. They are found at Walmart.

  2. The worst chicken EVER!!! Taste terrible!! Stink when cooking them! They taste like onions and garbage!

    The taste you can NOT get out of your mouth. Gross! I will NEVER buy Kirkwood chicken again

  3. I happen to agree with you in your article. I really like them. Kirkwood always has good frozen chicken, it’s really chicken , not some weird ground up stuff. The breading is nice and crispy and , yes, it has a different taste, but it’s just the seasoning they use, and I like it. I’m making one right now for my supper, with pepper gravy and mashed potatoes to go with it.

  4. trying to find these to buy….where can i buy some now

    • Aldo use to sale them but I have went to two Aldi’s and they don’t have them – that is the ones I got taste like a chick-Fil-A sandwich

  5. Actually, they’re quite good plain

  6. I am interested in finding and buying the Kirkwood Mediterranean Chicken Patties, I bought them twice now I can’t find them. Please tell me where I can purchase them.

  7. I am also looking for the Mediterranean Chicken Patties! We fell in love with them last year but I haven’t seen them in months. Are they seasonal?

  8. I like them a lot

  9. First time I have ever had tough chicken…

  10. I bought the blue bag. Chicken is TERRIBLE!!!! Just plain rubbery. It is NOT flaky like REAL chicken. I do not know what they did to this but 2 bites & I threw it in the garbage!

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