Aldi Huntington Home 3-Wick Halloween Candles

Aldi Fall Candles

Raise your hand if you had “Aldi Halloween candle frenzy” on your 2020 bingo card.

Halloween decorations have been flying off the shelves at Aldi this season. From inflatable cats and pumpkins to skeletons to yard stakes, the discount grocer has it all. My family especially has enjoyed the cookie haunted house kit and pumpkin decorating kits from Aldi.

But perhaps no Halloween item has been as hyped in the fall of 2020 as the Aldi Halloween candles. In the weeks leading up to their arrival on store shelves, Aldi fan pages on social media were alight with longing.

When the candles actually hit stores on October 4 or October 7, depending on when your ad goes into effect, they often didn’t stick around for long. Some people on social media lamented that they weren’t able to get any candles, or that their local store was limiting how many each customer could purchase.

These 3-wick candles cost $3.99 each and are a soy blend, as is the case with most candles Aldi sells. These are Aldi Finds (Special Buys), which means each store got a limited shipment, and once they sell out, they’re gone.

I was able to get my hands on all four of the Halloween candle varieties, although I only purchased three varieties because I didn’t care for the fourth one’s scent.

Aldi Halloween Candles

While the design images on these candles are cute and feature Halloween themes such as witches, cauldrons, spider webs, and ghosts, the design material isn’t the highest quality. These candles get their looks from a simple plastic wrapper (while most other Aldi candles use a paper-based sticker) and in many cases the wrappers aren’t applied smoothly to the glass candle jars.

Aldi Halloween Candles

The wrinkled wrapper on my Witches Brew candle. (Click to enlarge.)

I saw a lot of candles with puckered and wrinkled wrappers, which takes away from the whimsical seasonal images. I picked through the crate at the store to find the candles with the smoothest wraps, but none of them were perfect.

Aldi Halloween Candles

Wrinkled wrapper on my October 31 candle. (Click to enlarge.)

With that said, here’s a rundown of each of the Halloween candle scents and designs:

  • Witches Brew — This is my favorite of the four scents. It has a fruit punch-like smell, or some people describe it as a berry or fruity scent. The outside of the candle features a silver and black floral pattern overlaid with images of a witch, a pointy hat, and a cauldron. As a grammar nerd, I’m not sure what to make of the lack of punctuation on this candle label, but on a fun note, this candle has had me singing and humming this song ever since I brought it home, because the song was a staple at my kids’ preschool Halloween parties.
  • October 31 — This smells like apples, or rather like the fake fresh apple scent commonly found in candles and lotions, but I like it and rank this as my second favorite scent in the Halloween candle lineup. The design features spiders and webs, with one spider dangling near the “3” in “31.”
  • Hey Boo — This smells primarily of vanilla, with some sugar cookie notes. It features a friendly looking skeleton and ghost with a red heart between them.
  • Keep Out! — I didn’t think this candle had much of a scent when I sniffed it in the store. Granted, I was sniffing the candles through my mask, but I could smell the other candle scents fine. So I opted not to purchase this one. Other Aldi shoppers on the internet have compared it to patchouli, while some say it smells like burning wood or smoke. I haven’t seen many people declaring this their favorite among the Aldi Halloween candles. The outside of this candle features a wooden “keep out” sign with bats flying above a forest at sunset in the background.

The Verdict:

The Huntington Home 3-Wick Halloween Candles are a fun novelty during this season when we’re all staying home and burning candles a little more. Some of the candle wrappers aren’t smoothly applied, but otherwise the designs are cute, and for the most part the scents are nice.

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