The Aldi Toilet Paper Roundup

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Periodically updated with new products.

Yes, Aldi sells toilet paper. Several varieties, in fact. We present the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Aldi bath tissue.

Willow So Soft Classic


This Aldi 2-ply toilet paper runs $6.99 for an 18-double roll pack. The package totals 600 square feet, with 300 4-inch square sheets per roll. It compares to Angel Soft name brand toilet paper. It’s safe for septic systems and is PEFC Certified, indicating it is produced from “sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.”

This has been my family’s go-to toilet paper for years. It does the job and is moderately soft, and we prefer 2-ply for reasons of comfort and practicality. It also has the most square feet per roll of any 2-ply toilet paper Aldi sells.

Willow Soft & Strong Premium


This is a 2-ply toilet paper, sold in either a 12-roll pack or a 24-roll pack. The 24-pack costs $8.49 at my local store, totaling 654.3 square feet and 242 4-inch square sheets per roll. It compares to Quilted Northern name brand toilet paper. It’s septic safe and the package displays an FSC seal indicating the paper is from “responsible sources.”

This is the softest of Aldi’s options by far.

Willow 1000 Essential


This toilet paper comes in various sizes, including 4-, 12-, and 20-packs. It compares to name brand Scott 1000 Sheets Bath Tissue. A 12-pack costs $5.79, boasting a substantial 1264.2 square feet and 1,000 sheets per roll. It’s also single-ply, so each roll won’t last as long as you might hope because you’ll probably need to use more sheets to get the job done. Each sheet measures 4.1 by 3.7 inches (slightly smaller than all other Aldi toilet paper offerings), and the package has an FSC seal indicating the paper comes from “responsible sources.”

This is our least favorite Aldi toilet paper, by a wide margin. Between the rough texture and 1-ply construction, it feels like institutional school bathroom toilet paper. My 5-year-old asked, “Why do we have toilet paper we can see through?” It’s that thin.

Daily Basics Soft and Strong Bath Tissue


This little package is not part of the Willow brand that comprises the rest of Aldi’s toilet paper products. This stuff doesn’t even advertise that it compares to any name-brand toilet paper. This product is $0.59 for a 4-pack at my local store. It’s 2-ply, totaling 66.67 square feet and 150 4-inch square sheets per roll. It contains no added dyes or fragrances and is septic safe.

This toilet paper feels almost identical to the Willow So Soft Classic. The rolls are smaller, though, so you’ll need more of them to get by than you would with the other options.

Willow Mega Rolls Ultra Soft Ultra Premium

Willow Mega Rolls Ultra Soft Ultra PremiumThis 9-roll Willow product is apparently ultra everything, if you go by the name. It claims to be comparable to Charmin Ultra Soft Bath Tissue. The septic-safe toilet paper comes in a 9-pack of mega rolls, which it claims is equal to 36 normal rolls. This 2-ply toilet paper costs $6.99 for 300.3 square feet, with each roll containing 308 sheets measuring 3.9 by 4.1 inches each. Compare that to Charmin Ultra Soft, which at the time of this post costs about $9.97 at Walmart for almost the same amount of bath tissue.

Willow Mega Rolls Ultra Strong Ultra Premium

Similar to the Willow Mega Rolls Ultra Soft Ultra Premium TP above, this is for people who value quality and claims to compare to Charmin Ultra Strong Bath Tissue. It’s septic safe and comes in a 9-pack of mega rolls, which is says is equal to 36 regular rolls. It costs $6.99 for 300.3 square feet, with each roll containing 308 2-ply sheets measuring 3.9 by 4 inches each.

The Verdict:

In terms of cost, here’s how the different options we looked at stack up.

Cost Rolls Total sq. ft. Cost per sq. ft.
Willow So Soft Classic $6.99 18 600 0.01165
Willow Soft and Strong Premium $8.49 24 645.3 0.01316
Willow 1000 Essential $5.79 12 1264.2 0.00458
Daily Basics Soft and Strong $0.59 4 66.67 0.00885
Willow Mega Rolls Ultra Soft $6.99 9 300.3 0.02328
Willow Mega Rolls Ultra Strong $6.99 9 300.3 0.02328

From a cost perspective, Willow 1000 Essential is by far the best deal. Even accounting for the fact that it’s 1-ply, it’s just over half the cost per square foot as the next competitor, and the rolls have a lot of paper. But the Willow 1000 is also our least favorite toilet paper, a 1-ply design that feels like something out of a government building.

Falling in between is Willow So Soft Classic and Daily Basics Soft and Strong. These two feel very similar to one another, with 2-ply construction and a texture that is softer than the Willow 1000 but not as soft as the Willow Soft and Strong. The Daily Basics actually comes out cheaper than the Willow So Soft, but it also comes in smaller rolls and smaller packs, so you’ll have to stock up more on the Daily Basic brand if you want the same quantity. We wish Aldi sold it in larger packages.

On the other hand, the two “mega rolls” — Willow Mega Rolls Ultra Soft Ultra Premium and Willow Mega Rolls Ultra Strong Ultra Premium — are the most expensive per square foot — almost six times as expensive as the Willow 1000 and almost 80% more expensive than the next most expensive toilet paper, the Willow Soft and Strong Premium.

Our recommendation? If softness is important, Willow Mega Rolls Ultra Soft Ultra Premium is your best bet, with Willow Soft and Strong Premium being a more cost-effective runner-up. They’re both more expensive than most other Aldi toilet papers (the mega rolls especially), but they’re still cheaper than the brand-name alternatives they claim to imitate. If cost is more of a concern, we suggest the Daily Basics Soft and Strong if you can stock up enough, and the Willow So Soft Classic if having larger rolls and bigger packs is more important to you.

As for Willow 1000 Essential? If you need an institutional-quality paper that’s cheap, comes in large rolls, and can be bought in big packs, you have your product. But it’s not our first choice for home use, not even at that price.





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  1. I would highly recommend the Panda brand they carry as a special buy once in awhile. It’s comparable to the name brand toilet paper at a better price.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your review. Paying the extra money for the Willow Mega Rolls Ultra Soft Ultra Premium will pay dividends your bottom will thank you for.

  3. Just bought same as last review – 2 ply it is not and shreds as unrolls and feels like sand paper. 9 rolls to be used as chimney fodder. Beware what you buy

  4. I am very disappointed with Willow Ultra Strong toilet paper. It says “Compare to Charmin”, there is no comparison, Charmin wins by a landslide. It’s not as thick or as strong as Charmin and it tears way too easily when wet. I highly recommend you don’t buy this item.

  5. I always purchase Willow So Soft toilet paper @ Aldi – this time In the package there were 3 rolls 2 inches narrow than the entire package – why is this so

  6. tolit paper literally turns to powder as it unrolls. I have powder dust all over my floor from this tolit paper. Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have used it for several years ok but they have changed it and now I won’t ever buy again.

  7. Just buy a good bidet. Cleaner, healthier, eco, and will pay for itself pretty fast.


    I’m just wondering where Aldi s toilet paper is made ?

  9. Where are Willow products made?

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