Parkview Jumbo Franks

I like hot dogs. I enjoy the traditional pork hot dogs, but I am also a big fan of beef franks, which Aldi does quite well. The problem with beef franks is that they are more expensive. This isn’t a big deal when it’s just you or your family, but if you are planning on a massive cookout, those costs can become a factor. Or maybe you just prefer traditional pork hot dogs over beef franks. Either way, Aldi has a somewhat more economical option:

Parkview Jumbo Franks — aka Aldi hot dogs! — come 8 to a pack, for a total of 15 ounces of hot dog. They are fully cooked, a concoction of¬†chicken, pork, beef, and (like most hot dogs) a handful of other ingredients that you need a dictionary to look up. They contain no cooking instructions that I know of, but none are really needed, since hot dogs are about the easiest thing on the planet to cook. You can grill them if you want or boil them if you have to. I recommend the grill method.

The jumbo franks cook up … just like hot dogs should. The flavor is good, the texture is good, and they’re a nice size. They are especially good when cooked over an open flame, although they come out serviceably enough in a saucepan of water.

As for downsides? Well, they’re high in calories, fat, and sodium, so they’re not at all for people on any sort of diet, but you probably knew that before you read this.

The Verdict:

Parkview Jumbo Franks taste just like what you’d expect in a standard hot dog. They probably won’t unseat beef franks in the taste category, but if you are looking for a more economical option — or if you just prefer hot dogs over beef franks — these should do you nicely. Recommended.


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  1. Jerry Anderson

    I used to love Park View Jumbo Franks. They cooked OK in the microwave but after Aldi’s raised their price from 99 cents to Almost $1.30 I suppose because Park View raised the price to Aldi’s they are not the same as the good ones before they ruined them. Now they explode when cooking them in the microwave, they are greasy and taste very different. They changed the ingredients and have added fillers which is the reason for them popping and literately exploding in the microwave. Not worth buying anymore. Cost more and taste worse. Congratulations on ruining a once great hot dog.

  2. I love the Parkview Black Forest hot dogs but they are never in stock at Audi. Since May 1, 2020 until now November 2, 2020 I was only able to buy them on three shopping trips..

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