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Who Owns Aldi?

As Aldi has expanded aggressively throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States, there has been a lot more interest online about the company itself. Who, exactly, is “Aldi?” And who owns the stores that bear that name? We’ll do our best to explain. Aldi is Two Companies The first thing…

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Clancy’s Cheese Melt

Clancys Cheese Melt

It’s hard to think of anything more symbolic of the late 20th century than Velveeta. Proudly labeled as a “pasteurized process cheese product” (or “cheese spread,” for those who remember that era), Kraft’s famed block is the epitome of a time when the great inventions were the things that could…

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Super Bowl Party, Aldi Style

Aldi Super Bowl

Not long after the dust settles on the winter holiday season, the NFL playoffs begin, starting with the wild card round in early January. Each weekend sees teams move on while others go home, until at last there are but two teams remaining, one each from the NFC and AFC.…

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