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The Aldi Mobile Smartphone App

EDITOR’S NOTE: This review deals with the Aldi US mobile app version 3.9 (release date August 2018). We will periodically update the review if the app experiences a major change in features or performance. We truly live in a mobile world. While desktops and laptops are still around, especially for…

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Does Aldi Do Black Friday Sales?

On the fourth Thursday in November, Americans celebrate the holiday known as Thanksgiving. The following day is known as “Black Friday,” taking its name from the idea that businesses go from being “in the red” — or losing money — to being “in the black” — or being profitable. (Black Friday…

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Does Aldi Hand Out Coupons?

There are some things that seem to never change. The sun rises. Families argue over politics and religion. Taxes. And people online claim to have Aldi coupons. So what’s the scoop? Does Aldi do electronic coupons? What about print coupons? Or manufacturer’s coupons for name-brand products? Let’s look at these…

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