Benton’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Thins

This is a guest post by Sori.

As I’ve gotten older, my taste buds have changed drastically but the one thing that my sweet tooth won’t stop craving is a huge gooey chocolate chip cookie. Aldi’s Benton’s snack brand has come out with their own version of thin cookies. At my store, I was able to locate these thin Benton’s Chocolate Chip cookies at $2.39 for a 4-ounce bag, or 60 cents an ounce.

Benton's Cookie Thins

Everyone has their own preference for chocolate chip cookies, be it chewy, soft, crispy, or a combination of all three. A chocolate chip cookie is the epitome of the greatest times of my childhood. These chocolate chip thins from Aldi are very different from a traditional cookie as it is more of a crispy cookie, almost like a chip. It will break into crunchy small pieces rather than into soft crumbly pieces. So make sure you eat them over a plate or like me, in one single bite.

Benton's Cookie Thins 3

The cookies. (Click to enlarge.)

This cookies are very similar to those made by Tate’s Bake Shop, which are sold nationwide and known for their crispy cookies in a bright green bag. They have a plethora of flavors including sugar cookie and whole wheat, but chocolate chip is their most sold product. Tate’s Bake Shop 7-ounce cookies run for $5.99 (86 cents an ounce) at local retailers and for me personally, that is a little steep for store bought cookies. I’ve always been more of a crunchy cookie gal so you could imagine my excitement when I passed by these at Aldi. These cookies are on the smaller side — two can fit into my palm and my hands are on the smaller side — but that means that you can eat 6 cookies for 130 calories! Tate’s cookies are on the larger side but Tate’s “Tiny Tates” are around the same size as these Aldi cookies.

The nutrition facts for both Benton’s and Tate’s are nearly identical for one 28 gram serving: Tate’s has 140 calories and 12 grams of sugar while the Benton’s brand has 130 calories and 11 grams of sugar. These Benton cookies also have no corn syrup, artificial flavors and real chocolate pieces! I was able to recognize all the ingredients with wheat flour and brown sugar as the first two ingredients. (See below.)

Benton's Cookie Thins 2

Nutrition and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

If you couldn’t tell already, I am a huge fan of these cookies. I know that they aren’t good for me but I do feel less guilty after these these thin cookies. These Cookie Thins remind me of when my mom would bake us cookies but ended up slightly burning them. We still devoured them anyway. These Benton’s cookies are crunchy and light, with large chocolate chip chunks in each bite. It is perfectly sweet and buttery, all around scrumptious. I also love that it is in a resealable bag so that I won’t be tempted to finish it in one sitting, even though it is battle every time. As compared to the Tate’s bake shop, I would say that the Aldi version is not as buttery (don’t get me wrong: the Aldi one is still buttery) but Aldi makes up for it with an abundance of chocolate in each cookie. And don’t forget about the price savings, of course!

The Verdict:

Give these bad boys a try! I absolutely loved them. In fact I’ll probably pick up two more on my next trip. With these ingredients and cookie size, you can feel better about giving these to your family and using them to crave your sugar tooth without ruining your diet.

Sori is a graduate optometry student who adores Aldi.

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  1. They have changed these cookies since around April – I’m disappointed in the thicker texture and the flavor has an aftertaste. Disappointed.

  2. HELLO,
    I also enjoy Aldi brand Benton especially their Oreo killers, chocolate sandwich cookies. Do you know the name of the bakery that produces their cookies? I am a large user of this type of cookie. Thanks.

  3. Joan "Peimann" Dallavis

    benton brand chocolate chip cookies have SHRUNK !! Used to be on smaooler side but NOW no Bigger than a quarter – I will not be purchasing the mini-mini- PETITE cookies – too small compared to just week ago???

  4. I bought my weekly bags last week and experienced the same thing. Thicker little round cookies! Not the thin ones I love!

  5. I think there must be some inconsistency in the baking. I have had some of the smaller less crispy cookies, then the a few bags later it was back. Perhaps it was factory temperatures. I found this info on The Spruce Eats: Chilling and Baking Times
    Other factors that can impact the texture of cookies are chilling (or not chilling) and baking times. Cookie dough that is unchilled will spread more readily, resulting in a crisper cookie. To keep cookies from spreading as much, resulting in a thicker, chewier cookie, chill the dough before baking. This is a good technique to use on butter cookie dough recipes when you’re looking for a thicker, gooier, but not necessarily cakey cookie.

  6. Not thin and crispy like Tates

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