Boulder Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Aldi sells aluminum foil every day as a Regular Buy. It’s our go-to foil for those times when we need foil. We tend to use it for covering dishes, since we find it’s a little easier to use than plastic wrap. We also occasionally use it for lining a baking sheet in the oven, although we’ve recently moved to using parchment paper instead, since there appear to be some possible links between high heat and aluminum leeching.

We still use aluminum foil in moderation, though, and if there’s one area where we need it, it’s camping. We often do foil packet dinners when we pitch our tent, and there is really no substitute for the foil. The problem there is that regular foil doesn’t quite cut it: it can tear and burn away. We sometimes compensate by double-wrapping, but we’ve also found there is another solution.

Heavy-duty aluminum foil.

Boulder Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

Boulder Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, but, as I said earlier, you can find standard Boulder Aluminum Foil as an everyday Regular Buy. At the time of this post, the Aldi heavy duty foil is $2.35, which is the same price as the regular foil, although for fewer total square feet (37.5 square feet versus 75 square feet for the regular foil). That comes out to 6.2 cents a square foot, which is much less than equally wide Reynolds foil and about the same price per foot as Walmart Great Value.

We see the Aldi heavy duty foil more than once a year, so if you want some and missed it, you may be able to find it again in a few months.

The Aldi heavy duty foil comes in a 37.5 square feet roll of 18 inches wide x 25 feet (300 inches) long. Most heavy duty foil comes in either 12 inches or 18 inches, but I’ve found the 18-inch foil to be very versatile for things I need it for. When I make foil packets, for example, 12 inch foil isn’t always wide enough and I have to overlap 2 sheets of foil, which can cause some problems. With the Aldi foil, I typically don’t need to do that.

Boulder Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

Walmart Great Value Heavy Duty Foil (left) versus Aldi Boulder Heavy Duty Foil (right). Notice that the Aldi foil is about 6 inches wider.

The foil box comes with a couple of features standard to most foil boxes. One, there is a serrated cutting section on the inside of the box to allow for tearing off sections. Two, there are tabs on each side that push into the foil roll to hold the foil down while you’re using the cutting section. The cutting section mostly does its job, making it easy enough to slice off however much foil I need, and the foil by and large stays in the box.

I did some comparison of the Aldi heavy duty foil to other foils. Just on touch, it’s not hard to feel how the Aldi heavy duty foil is heavier than the Aldi regular foil. The heavy duty foil is less flimsy and more sturdy, and it tears less easily, meaning it will hold up better under use. I also compared the Aldi heavy duty foil to the Walmart heavy duty foil; they’re similar in terms of strength and durability, although the Aldi foil is wider.

We’ve used this foil many times, including when making foil packets for cooking while camping. We’ve found it to be a tough, effective foil that holds up well and does what we need it to do.

The Verdict:

Boulder Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil is my favored choice when I need foil, especially for grilling or cooking over a fire. It is wide and durable, making it easy to use in a variety of different places. The price isn’t bad, either.

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  1. Hello Joshua,
    Your have given such raving reviews of the Aldi product of Boulder foil. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble But: this product clearly does not meet the needs of ALL consumers.
    I realize you just review the product have have little to do with quality control.
    Do you know anyone who is LEFT HANDED? We’ll there are dozens of us out there, many in my own family. So for us, we cut the foil from the opposite end than do right handed people!! Therefore on the LEFT HANDED side of the box the designer decided NOT to put any teeth which enables one to tear the foil!! Get it! There are no teeth there so how does one tear a sheet of foil??
    A bit cheesier on the design of the package, I would say. For lots of wasted foil trying to tear it!

    Thanks for hearing my frustration of Boulder Foil!

    • I actually happen to be left-handed, but I have to admit I haven’t had problems using this foil. The teeth seem close enough to the edge to get the job done.

  2. I just bought foil from Aldi horrible! Ripped, stuck to the roll. Lined my pan it stuck and burnt to the pan. After I wrapped my food in it. Not impressed

  3. The boulder Aluminum foil was horrible. It would not roll out of the box. The foil kept catching and become smaller and smaller. It appeared there was glue at the end that kept it from rolling out as a complete piece of foil. Will never buy again!!!

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