Casa Mamita Queso Blanco

Last Updated on December 7, 2020

Years ago, I visited a highly rated Mexican place in my hometown, ordering a beef chimichanga off the menu. I was underwhelmed, and my feelings were confirmed later when I patronized another Mexican place up the street and found their chimis to be superior. For a long time I simply chalked it up to restaurant quality, until, years later, it hit me that there was a difference.

The first chimi came with sour cream, lettuce, rice, and beans. The second came with sour cream, lettuce, rice, beans … and white queso. It was literally the cheese that made the difference. My suspicions were confirmed when I later went back to the first restaurant and ordered a chimi, this time with an extra side of white queso.

I’ve come to believe that cheese is an all-important ingredient in a quality Mexican-style meal. Aldi sells a nifty selection of it, too, from a shredded Mexican blend to jarred con queso. (We’ve even seen queso blanco in a cheese block.)

In the Aldi Find category, the grocer sells Casa Mamita Queso Blanco. It’s a limited stock item, and it comes in a 15-ounce jar.

Casa Mamita Queso BlancoThe jar comes vacuum-sealed so you can store it at room temperature, at least until you open it. Once opened, you should refrigerate it. I’m pleased to report that, unlike some jars I’ve fought with, I didn’t have to work excessively hard to get the lid off the first time.

To heat it, simply spoon what you want into a microwave-safe dish, then heat it until sufficiently hot. (Do not microwave the jar it came in.) The jar suggests 30 seconds, but how long it will take depends on how much you’re heating up. Either way keep a close eye on it.

We tried out this queso blanco and liked it. It has a smooth texture and a nice flavor. In terms of heat, it advertises as medium, and I’d say that’s mostly true, although it’s on the milder end of medium. I don’t expect it to last very long in the house.

Nutritionally, this is a processed food, which means that you’re looking at some sodium, some fat, and a few extra ingredients. That’s the tradeoff for cheese that is convenient and easy to dish out.

Casa Mamita Queso Blanco

The Verdict:

Casa Mamita Queso Blanco is a good jarred queso blanco, perfect for whatever Mexican dish you like to pair with cheese. Worth a look when it comes into stock.

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  1. I bought all they had in stock at my Aldi!! I love this Queso!

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