Chef’s Cupboard Stuffing Mix

Last Updated on December 15, 2017

Stuffing is a staple of any meal involving turkey (and some involving chicken, too). While more adventurous souls might prefer to make it from scratch, or even actually stuff the bird, the majority of Americans nowadays resort to the simple method of stuffing mix.

And, naturally, Aldi’s got it. And because it’s Aldi, it costs a lot less than most other places.

Chefs Cupboard Stuffing Mix

Chef’s Cupboard Stuffing Mix comes in a variety of flavors: past and present versions include chicken, cornbread, turkey, and herb. We’ve found that some of them (like chicken) are everyday Regular Buys, while other flavors (like turkey) are seasonal Special Buys (ALDI Finds). Depending on your Aldi layout, you might need to venture to different parts of the store for different versions of the stuffing, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Regular Buy section, check the Special Buy (ALDI Find) aisles.

The stuffing mix comes with two cooking methods: stove top and microwave. Both require 1 1/2 cups of water and 1/4 a cup (or half a stick) of butter or margarine. We recommend using a half-stick of real butter for this one.

The stove top method involves combining the water and butter in a medium saucepan, then bringing it to a boil. At this point, the stuffing is added and stirred into the water / butter mix, then covered and let to sit for five minutes before fluffing with a fork and serving. The microwave method involves combining the water, butter, and mix in a 1 1/2 quart microwave-safe bowl, microwaving on high for 5-6 minutes, then fluffing with a fork and serving.

Both methods are probably fine, but we suggest the stove top if you can, even though it takes a little longer.

We’ve tried all the stuffing mixes and like them all; your own preferences might be a matter of taste. Cornbread flavor is an easy all-purpose version that goes with a lot of things, while the chicken and turkey flavors go great with their respective meats. All of them, in our view, taste as good as more expensive brands we’ve tried.

The Verdict:

Chef’s Cupboard Stuffing Mix is a great (and cheap) way to put stuffing on the table for dinners, especially holiday ones. There’s a good chance people won’t know it’s from Aldi unless you tell them, and it comes in a variety of flavors to fit the occasion. Do be aware, though, that some flavors, including turkey, are seasonal Special Buys, so be sure to check in that part of the store if you can’t find it in the Regular Buy section. Definitely recommended.


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  1. We buy ALDI stuffing mixes often! We esp like the Herb de Provance mix around the end of year holidays!

  2. I think the instructions actually call for 1/4 cup of butter, not 1/2 cup. A half-cup would be a WHOLE stick of butter.

  3. can you put cooked sausage in Hawaiian stuffing mix

  4. I am a strict vegetarian and want to ensure the stuffing mix IS vegetarian. Can you please let me know the ingredients (which of the various stuffing mixes are vegetarian).

    • I would love to know the answer to this question also. My son is allergic to chicken and turkey but misses his stuffing. The pork flavor does not list anything like a broth flavor and I am curious to know if he could eat it without having a bad allergy attack.

  5. Can you add onions to a box of stuffing of stuffing I bought from aldi?

    • I don’t see why not. If you add them, you’d first want to sauté them in butter or cooking oil before stirring them into the hot prepared stuffing.

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