Royal Class Men’s Sleep Pants

Last Updated on July 9, 2023


  • Updated below with a one month update (November 2017)
  • Updated below with a four-year progress report (December 2021) 

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Aldi carries a rotating line of “upscale” men’s clothing through their Royal Class brand. We’ve sampled some of these products in the past, including belts and slippers. (I’m wearing the slippers right now, in fact.) All of these products, like their women’s counterparts in the Serra line, are limited-time Special Buys (Aldi Finds).

In the fall, Aldi is known to shelve some men’s and women’s sleepwear.

Royal Class Men's Sleep Pants

Royal Class Men’s Sleep Pants retail, at the time of this post, for $6.99. That’s considerably less than most other flannel sleep pants out there. These pants come in three sizes:

  • Medium (M), for waist size 32-34
  • Large (L), for waist size 36-38
  • Extra Large (XL), for waist size 40-42

The sleep pants come in two versions: flannel and microfleece. Flannel is a more traditional option, while microfleece has a softer, fluffier feel. Both are 100% cotton and claim to be “brushed for softness and warmth.” They each come with an elastic waistband with drawstring, side seam pockets, and a button fly. According to the packaging, they were made in Bangladesh and are certified “Standard 100” by OEKO-TEK, which tests for harmful substances in textiles.

Based on personal preference, we went with flannel. The instructions call for machine washing with cold water with like colors, then tumbling dry on low. We did so.

Overall, they’re comfortable, and about as comfortable as other pairs of flannel sleep pants we’ve worn before. We were a little concerned about size because Royal Class (and Serra) apparel can run a little small, but these pajama pants were the size advertised.

Of note, we did find a few loose threads in one of the legs when we pulled it out of the dryer. While we’re no stranger to pajama pants being less than long-lasting, we can’t say for sure how durable these will be, and there’s no warranty.

UPDATE 1 (11/21/17): The pants developed a small tear along one of the inseams after a couple of washes, right in the spot where I’d spotted some loose threads in my original review. Fortunately someone in the house knows how to sew, but it goes to show that these may not be flawless when it comes to durability.

UPDATE 2 (12/5/2021): Despite having a small tear the first month I owned them, I’m pleased to say that, since then, I’ve had no other issues with these pants. These flannel pants are some of my favorites to wear in the winter — they’re comfortable and warm without being too warm. I would buy them again … and in fact I have, since I’ve also purchased other Aldi sleep pants in later years. Those other pants have also held up well.

The Verdict:

They’re your standard pair of sleep pants. They’re comfortable and fit the way they say they do. They’re also reasonably inexpensive. The jury’s still out on longevity and there’s no warranty to back them up, but if you’re looking for cheap sleep apparel you could do worse.

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  1. Got 2 packs of these 2 pairs in 1 buy they are the wrong size! Could I get a refund???

  2. Can I get these online. The Aldi’s Near me isn’t carrying them.

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