Crofton Digital Meat Thermometer

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated 11/15/16 after further hands-on testing.

Anyone who has ever grilled, baked, broiled, or otherwise prepared meats knows that proper cooking temperature is crucial. Undercook a meat, and you risk any number of dangerous food-borne illnesses; overcook a meat, and you risk a meal that is dry and generally disappointing.

There are many styles of meat thermometers out there, from the old-school dial thermometers to the modern instant-read digital thermometers. Aldi has introduced a number that falls somewhere in between.

Crofton Digital Meat Thermometer

The Crofton Digital Meat Thermometer comes with the main device, an included AAA battery, a stainless steel probe attached to a 38 inch cord, and a small silicon cap to fit over the pointed end of the probe. The main device has several buttons on the front, as well as a few recessed buttons on the back.

Right away, it’s clear that this is more than just a thermometer. It is also a clock, a timer, and an alarm. (More on this last part in a second.) It can be folded to stand on a table, or can be hung on a refrigerator or metal surface using the back-mounted magnets. The probe, which plugs into a headphone-style jack on the side, can be detached and stored separately from the thermometer.

Aldi Thermometer

Setting up the thermometer is pretty simple. The buttons are intuitive enough that I didn’t need to consult the manual, although it’s there if you need it. Taking a meat measurement is as straightforward as plugging in the probe, making sure the probe button on the back is on, and sticking the probe into the desired meat or poultry. The back helpfully lists desired temperatures for a few products.

The thermometer includes a couple of features to assist with cooking. It has a temperature alarm you can set to go off when your food reaches the target temperature. The packaging boasts that the cord can be used to run the sensor inside the oven while the device is outside. The cord is both slim and, I think, plenty long for the task.

The display also has a timer you can set if you need it. We wish it also included a stopwatch feature, but the timer does the job.

As for drawbacks? Well, there are a few.

One, this is not an instant read thermometer. I’ve worked in the past with thermometers that give a temperature within a second or two. This one does not. On the low end, it took me a good 15-20 seconds of watching the temperature display slowly climb from air temperature to the temperature of the pork I was cooking. When I tested it on beef, it was more like 30-60 seconds.  That’s a long time, and while that isn’t much of an issue if you’re using this in an oven, it’s not at all ideal for someone on a grill trying to make a snap judgement about a meat’s current state. The packaging doesn’t say instant read and you probably wouldn’t expect it for this price, but know that this is not a speedy device, digital or not.

Two, the display stays on all the time. There is a button to turn off the temperature sensor, but the clock is always on and always showing. Some may not consider this a drawback, but I do wonder what this means for battery life.

Finally, I did not see any mention of a warranty on the packaging. This might be the first Aldi electronic device I’ve ever purchased that didn’t have some sort of warranty. Not even 30 or 60 days. There is an after-sales support number, but that seems of small comfort when they can’t do much other than tell you what the manual already said. Granted, the price is cheap and a warranty might not matter, but it’s a consideration … especially that past versions of the Crofton meat thermometer has had either a one or two-year warranty.

The Verdict:

The Crofton Digital Read Thermometer has several cool features, including a clock and a thermometer alarm. If you need something for oven cooking, like keeping the temperature on a Thanksgiving turkey, this is your product. The long read time probably makes it less than ideal as a grilling tool, though. Also be aware that it doesn’t appear to come with a warranty.

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  1. It’s my first probe, digital thermometer and I am very pleased. I’ve been using it for about a year, now.
    If I can locate another one I’m going to get it for my daughter.

  2. Packages says over, is it also compatible for grill useage


    • I’ve looked at the Aldi website concerning this product. It states there that there is a One Year Warranty on this item. Also, the wonderful thing about Aldi is that you can return anything with nary a problem. With or without a receipt! Go on and bring that defective thermometer back.

  4. Mine has given up after a few months, it thinks my room temperature is 138f …. I dont have the receipt and even if I didn’t I know it was on sale when I bought it and can’t remember how much for. I’m more irritated than upset …

  5. Jennifer Petrus

    Thanks, this is the information I needed. Packaging and instructions in 2019 are not completely clear that the probe can remain in the oven while the cord goes to the base outside. I was pretty sure, but it’s good to have confirmation!

  6. Way out of calibration
    Reading 91deg room temperature
    Should be 71
    Ice water reading 72 degree Fahrenheit
    Should be 32 degree

  7. Have been married for 58 years & never had a meat thermometer. Recently bought a Crofton & can’t imagine how I ever lived w/o it! Want to gift my daughter one but not sure where to get a deal on it.

  8. I need the instructions for the crofton meat thermometer and dont see them. Can you send me the link to them please?

  9. It’s the wee hours in the a.m. or I’d go downstairs to see if I still have that info. I can tell you that I use mine all the time for pork & chicken. All you really need to know is that chicken needs to be 165 degrees & pork needs to be 145. I’ve been cooking regularly for nearly 60 yrs. & only acquired my meat thermometer a few years ago from Menards (or Aldi’s) at a great price – $12.99? Can’t imagine how I lived w/o it while cooking for my husband & myself plus 4 kids. I still just cook until I think it’s done & then check it to be sure – usually is over-cooked (explaining, I guess, why nobody in the family ever got food poisoning! 🙂 Seriously, I feel it has stopped me from overcooking so we are now eating juicier meat. I love it. Do not be afraid to use it.

  10. Frederick Frenger


  11. I purchased this digital meat thermometer and it stopped working today, I’ve had it at least 4 years and I’m so saddened. It’s completely out of warranty and I’m hoping they show up in the stores again..

  12. Sadly I just put mine in our electronics recycling bin. Wish I could find another one exactly like it.
    I’ve had it for 5+ years and it worked perfectly until today’s turkey. Never even needed to change the battery.
    I’ve used it many, many times in the oven, on the grill (charcoal and gas), and in the smoker.
    I don’t know if I kinked the cable, got the main unit wet, or perhaps just wore it out but the temperature reading now just shows LLL.
    I don’t understand the original reviewer’s point about the long readout lag.
    This is not an instant read device and never claimed it was. You are to insert the probe before you start cooking not when you think it might be done.
    Also, as others have said, I’ve never had an issue with Aldi standing behind their products whether I had a warranty/receipt or not.
    This was a brilliant little inexpensive device that made me a better cook. RIP.

    • Glad to hear you got a long life out of yours. Mine is still working at this point. I still don’t like it as much for grilling (I use an instant-read for that), but I do like it a lot for turkeys and other long-cook meats. I also got into the habit of grabbing it as a timer when cooking things on the grill.

  13. I use this for candy, brittles and fudge and it works great!!

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