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There are hot dogs, and there are beef franks.

Both are fine, but there are differences. Hot dogs are made of a wild assortment of … stuff, from pork and chicken, to salt, preservatives, and other things. Beef franks also contain an assortment of ingredients, but they are fewer in number, and beef — rather than pork and chicken — is the base ingredient. The net effect of this is that hot dogs and and beef franks have subtle but significant differences in taste.

In general (but not absolutely), beef franks are considered the slightly superior food, and many ballparks will carry beef franks. It is not uncommon for people, in fact, to call them “ballpark franks.”

Now, Aldi carries all kinds of things, so you can certainly get your hot dog fix if you want to (and sometimes we do). For today, though, we decided to look into one of the Aldi beef frank options, the Parkview Beef Frank:

Parkview Beef Franks

Parkviews — that has a nice ring to it — come in packs of eight and are in the refrigerated section, near their hot dog cousins. Like other beef franks, Parkview Beef Franks can be frozen or thawed, and in our experience the taste tends to be about the same, although cooking from frozen naturally takes a little bit longer.

The franks don’t contain any cooking instructions, which is not surprising since beef franks are generally pre-cooked. I don’t think anyone would argue against the idea that the very best way to cook a beef frank is over a grill, although those without grills can also boil them in hot water or microwave them if necessity dictates. Regardless of the method, the franks cook up in minutes.

And the Parkview Beef Franks are good. They are every bit the equal of their ballpark counterparts, with a great taste and texture. Pair these with nachos and cheese or Aldi steak fries and you’ve got a tremendously tasty — if not entirely healthy — meal.

Any drawbacks? Just one. The Parkviews run about $2.30 a pack at our local store. That’s a lot more than Aldi hot dogs, which can be had for $0.99 or less. Of course, the tradeoff is a superior taste (and for a lot less than a single actual frank at the ballpark), but if you’re cooking for a huge crowd you might think twice about buying a ton of these. On the other hand, if you’re trying to impress said crowd: go for it. They won’t know what hit them.

The Verdict:

Aldi has delivered the goods on a true ballpark frank here. They cook easily, taste awesome, and cost a lot less than what you’d pay at a real baseball game. If you don’t mind spending more than you would on an Aldi hot dog, this one is a winner. Highly recommended.


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  1. Just ate my first Parkview Beef frank or I should say half. Upon first taste the franks are on the Salty side. But my biggest complaint was the huge chunks of fat and bone I found. I don’t know if it was just the one dog or the entire package but I threw out the package out. Will not be buying these again

    • I just ate 1 of your hotdogs in To and broke my tooth on a piece of metal when I bit the hotdog

      • I believe that Melissa Kilgore did bite into a piece of metal. I have been cutting up pieces of Parkview Hot Dogs and heating it for 8 seconds to mix with my dog’s food after I give him his medication, and every time my microwave sparks with an orange glow after the first couple seconds. I have no choice but give it to him because he won’t eat his food otherwise without the smell of the hot dog.

    • I thought the franks taste off the grill was OK but I do have an issue with the size. 4 1/4 inches long does not cut it for me. If you can’t make a hot dog or frank that fits a bun then you should stop making them.

    • Please return the entire product to Aldi for a. “Twice as Nice” refund. If you have your receipt, the refund will be returned in the original payment method.

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  3. I am Ri and I broke my tooth because a metal in the hotdog

  4. As a kid, my uncle (the butcher) told me that the terms hot dog and frankfurter were used interchangeably. So they’re the same. As far as the Parkside franks, well, the skin burns rather than browns. One of the few ‘non natural casing’ franks that doesn’t burn black, is Nathan’s. And you can get an 8 pack of nathan’s franks at Aldi for $2.66, as opposed to over five dollars at the rest of the supermarkets, boy have they been ripping us off. So my recommendation, is Nathans. Still the best supermarket type frankfurter available (Used to be Nedicks, but they’re no longer distributed, also due to being marketed as a premium item instead of the ground up meat that it was). Pity the meat companies and supermarkets like to rip us off so much. If Aldi can sell nathans for half the price that the supermarket chains do, they must be really ripping us off. In fairness, the Parkside franks are tastier than most, and are more like what most Americans refer to as ‘smoked sausage’; so a better option is Aldi’s actual sausage, especially the ones with cheese, for $1.99 for the same size package.

  5. Does Joshua work for ALDI, why such a contrast in reviews?

    • I don’t work for Aldi and we are not affiliated with them in any way. We spend time with products (which we buy with our own money) and write our thoughts on it. We’ve had Parkview Beef Franks many times, and this review reflects what we’ve found.

      But I also know that people may have different experiences, and that’s why we have a comments section, so other people can chime in one way or another. On that note, if you have a different opinion, we’re always interested to hear it.

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  7. I tried these and didn’t really care fore them. I really like Nathan’s hot dogs. They had Nathan’s for only $.79 more so I wish I got those. I just didn’t care for the flavor and texture of the parkview beef dogs. They had a sort of vienna sausage vibe going.


  9. They are way too salty! Returning them!

  10. We purchased these hot dogs a couple days ago. They have been in the fridge and haven’t been opened yet. A roommate went to get one today and the bag was swollen. It seemed like there was more and more swelling over the time. The liquid in the bag looks weird. I researched this brand and found out there was metal in them just last year. I’m going to take them into the store.

  11. Best tasting hot dogs ever and my husband is an expert. The texture, taste, and natural “uncured” ingredients make the difference. I don’t particularly like hot dogs, however this brand is in a league of its own for quality. I used to purchase Omaha Steaks dogs, but no more. Thanks Parkview!

  12. I have been buying the Parkview Beef Franks rather than just Hot Dogs for several years. The increase in price over the Hot Dogs is worth the quality improvement. For the past 6 months, I have been buying the Parkview Uncured Beef Franks which is a step above in quality. However, for the past month or so, I have not seen the “Uncured” Parkview Beef Franks in any of the 3 ALDI stores in the area I have been shopping. Has ALDI dropped this particular item ? Does any one know where Parkview Uncured Beef Franks are sold ?

  13. I tried Parkview hot dog for the first time after noticing that was in the fridge for about a week .I can honestly say that this is one of the best hot dogs that I have . it was warm inside; for me it was not salty I didn’t have any metal no chunks or anyting that would make me think twice about eating this hot dog because it was so good I took out another one and I did the same thing and I just couldn’t believe what I was tasting .from now on this is the only hot dog I will personally by Parkview uncured beef franks

  14. they really suck>>>>>???Worst hot dog in the world ????

  15. At onetime herein Orlando, Aldi carried Parlview Jumbp Beef Franks.
    They were GREAT, but as all good things, they disappeared.
    I wrote you asking for them again…but never say nevere again!

  16. I just bought these. I’m not really a hot dog person but I saw they were Angus beef, uncured and a reasonable price. I normally do not buy cheap hot dogs and if I must have one eat Nathans’ brand. I’ve tried Sabrett and don’t like them. I am a little worried reading about bone and “metal” in these? Was there a recall?

  17. Wih so many metal complaints was there a mandatory USDA recall?

    • Please return the entire product to Aldi for a. “Twice as Nice” refund. If you have your receipt, the refund will be returned in the original payment method.

  18. I bought the Hawaiian flavored Parview hotdogs. I love them so much that I had to go back to my Aldi store and buy more packs. Honestly, after cooking them they are just so succulent. The browning on the skin is caramelization of the sugar (at least for my hotdogs since it is hawaiian flavored, one would assume it has sugar/pineapple syrup in in). I score them dogs before placing them in a pan with half inch water (just like the instructions on the pack says) and cover until water has disappeared, then i add a bit of oil to help them brown up evenly. Tastes soooo delicious!

  19. I had a blind taste testing at my House. I had a friend that says he will only eat Nathan’s hot digs. So I left the Nathan’s hot dog wrapper on the counter but put Parkview franks on the grill he two before I asked if he liked the hot dogs. He said they were great and the I siloed the news. He was surprised. He has changed his brand to Parkview Hot dogs and loves the price tag too.



  21. when is the last time Parkview doggies were recalled?

  22. The packaging says “collagen casings”. It does not say “beef collagen casing”. Do they have a pork casing? There is nothing to indicate if it is kosher, so I am wondering about the casing.

  23. could be either pork or beef or other likely beef though for beef products if they used pork or others it would be listed in the ingredients

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