Easy Home Expandable Garment Rack

For times when you need extra clothing storage, Aldi sometimes sells a portable garment rack. If you’re familiar with how inventory works at Aldi, you know that some of the same items show up around the same time of year, year after year. That’s the case with this garment rack. It’s been popping up on Aldi shelves for as long as I can remember, and I bought mine about eight or nine years ago.


Easy Home Expandable Garment Rack

The Easy Home Expandable Garment Rack cost $7.99 at the time of publication.

This is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. As mentioned above, though, if you miss this, just wait a while and it will come back around. Aldi also sells some other variations on this rack at different times of year, with some racks including a small shelf or featuring two tiers.

Here’s more info on the garment rack, according to Aldi:

  • Height and width adjustable
  • Features a space-saving design that maximizes storage
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Includes two locking wheels
  • Comes with easy-to-move castors
  • Measures 33″-49.2″ D x 54.72″–64.56″ H
  • Width adjusts to 49″
  • Height adjusts up to 65″

I actually bought the Aldi expandable garment rack about eight or nine years ago. In more recent years the price has gone down, but at the time I bought mine it cost around $10 full price, but I spotted it on clearance for $5. At the time I purchased the rack, my family and friends occasionally had garage sales to sell outgrown children’s clothing. I thought the Aldi garment rack would be a good way to display clothing during garage sales, and the clearance price was perfect because the idea is to maximize profits and not spend a lot of money setting up a garage sale.

I keep the rack in my basement and gradually fill it as my kids outgrow clothes. I haven’t hosted a garage sale in a few years because they’re so much work, and instead I’ve been selling outgrown children’s clothing to a resale shop, but the rack still serves its purpose. It works well as a spot to neatly store clothing wrinkle-free while I’m waiting until I have enough to take to the resale shop.

Easy Home Expandable Garment Rack

The rack lives a very unglamorous life in my basement.

This rack does fine holding children’s clothing or adult shirts, and I’ve packed it quite full of children’s clothing. It starts to lean if I hang too many heavier items from it, especially if I have it set to its full height, as I’ve discovered when I hang formal dresses or bridesmaid dresses or men’s suit jackets from it. (The most recent model might be better, but mine isn’t really tall enough to properly hang long formal dresses without them dragging, even at its tallest setting.)

While the rack has wheels for portability, sometimes the bottom two connector poles pop out if I move the rack while it’s loaded. This isn’t too big of a deal, though, and it’s easy to pop everything back together.

Overall, it’s a good rack for the money and does what I need it to do, but if you’re looking for something that provides heavy duty storage, you may want to find something else.

The Verdict:

Our Easy Home Expandable Garment Rack is almost 10 years old and does a good job holding lightweight items like shirts, spring jackets, and children’s clothing. It works well if you need extra storage space, or if you want an inexpensive clothing rack to help display items during a garage sale. We don’t recommend it for storing heavy clothing such as formal dresses or men’s suits.

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  1. I bought this rack a couple weeks ago and actually just got around to putting it together. Everything was going great until I realized that I’m missing both of the vertical extenders that are needed to complete this. Safe to say I’m not very happy and wasted my money.

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