Easy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Easy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated below with a one-year progress report. Also, Aldi sold this again in September of 2021 for $54.99. 

Joshua also contributed to this post.

There are, generally speaking, two times of the year when people seem to get the most motivated to clean. One, of course, is spring, when the temperature warms up and windows reopen as part of the slow thaw from the chills of winter. The other time is fall, when windows are open to sneak in a few breaths of fresh air before … well, the coming chill. Aldi knows both seasons, and Aldi also knows cleaning, both in the Regular Buy and Special Buy (ALDI Find) variety.

On the larger end of its limited run offerings is the Easy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum, a Special Buy (ALDI Find). It runs for $39.99, which is less than most comparably equipped bagless upright vacuums. The vacuum features include:

  • A cyclonic action bagless system
  • A 2-liter dust tank
  • A motorized brush with 13-inch cleaning path
  • A 19.5 foot extra-long power cord
  • A five-stage height adjustment for different flooring and carpet types
  • An extension hose that allows for extended cleaning reach
  • A 3-year warranty

The warranty email address is info@customercareusa.com, a company Aldi frequently uses for warranty support.

In addition, the vacuum comes with:

  • A crevice tool and dust brush for the extension hose
  • A micro exhaust filter
  • A HEPA filter (pre-installed)
  • A manual
Easy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum

The HEPA filter. (Click to enlarge.)

The manual does not give a part number for the HEPA filter, and says to contact the warranty company for replacement filters. We did so, just to find out what they cost, and were told the filters were $5 including shipping.

The box the vacuum comes in is actually pretty small, which is good for getting it home … but also means there is some assembly required. Putting it together takes about ten minutes or so, at most, but be forewarned: you will need a screwdriver for a couple of the steps. Also, the final bolt that goes through the handle takes a bit of force to push all the way in, so if it looks like it’s stuck, you may have to push harder.

We bought the vacuum as a successor to a solid but aging Eureka Boss.

Easy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum

The Easy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum and our old Eureka Boss, side by side. (Click to enlarge.)

So how does this vacuum do in terms of performance?

The first thing we noticed is that it is loud. It’s louder than my heavy-duty-but-aging Eureka vacuum, and my husband and I had to shout at each other to be heard even when we were standing right next to each other.

It also has a shorter cord than my trusty Eureka. I had to move the plug to different outlets a lot, whereas with my older vacuum I could cover a much larger area of my house without moving the plug. The packaging claims the Easy Home vacuum has an “extra-long cord.” That makes me laugh.

Easy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum

The back of the vacuum. (Click to enlarge.)

The Aldi vacuum is lightweight (about 10 pounds, by our measuring), which makes it easy to carry up and down the stairs in my house. The light weight also means that if I’m using the extension hose and stretching it much, the vacuum skitters along behind me and bumps into me, especially if I’m using it on my hardwood floors.

I’ve never owned a bagless vacuum before, and it’s satisfying to look at all the debris that gets collected in the clear canister on the front, so I can literally see how much dirt I’m removing from my house. Or maybe it’s discouraging to see how much dirt is in my house. Either way, the canister is large enough to hold quite a bit of debris from multiple vacuuming sessions. I don’t anticipate having to empty it frequently. When I do need to empty it, it’s easy to detach it from the main vacuum and dump the contents out. (I emptied the canister onto my compost pile outside.)

My house has a mixture of hardwood floors with area rugs as well as fully carpeted rooms, and we tried this vacuum on everything. On our hardwood floor, using the bare floor setting (the settings knob turns easily with little force, by the way), it did a decent job picking up a cracker crumb mess one of my kids left.

Easy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum

The settings knob. (Click to enlarge.)

Using the extension hose with the crevice attachment, it made short work of crumbs on the hardwood floor under my dining room table. I initially thought the hose was a bit short, but I discovered I could unwind it from the bottom of the vacuum to extend it a little more. The plastic clip on the side of the vacuum that holds the hard portion of the hose when it’s not in use seems a little flimsy; we’ll see how it holds up over time.

It seemed to do a fine job on the medium carpet setting picking up lint and dust from rugs in my living room. It’s either better engineered or perhaps has a little less suction than my big Eureka because I could run the Easy Home vacuum over a small entryway rug without the vacuum sucking the edges of the rug up. I could never do that with the Eureka.

I also was happy with how the Easy Home vacuum performed on the high carpet setting on a shag rug in a child’s bedroom. I’ve never been able to use the Eureka on this rug because it sucked it right off the floor, so I was reduced to cleaning the rug by using the brush/crevice attachment on my Eureka, which was a slow process. While the Easy Home still pulled the rug up at the edges a bit, this vacuum generally played more nicely with the shag rug. Maybe that means it has less powerful suction action, but considering how I was never able to run the vacuum over it before, I’m okay with that in this instance.

Update (September 2019): After a year of use, the vacuum appears to be working mostly well. The wheels occasionally squeak a little when I first start using it, but it goes away quickly. Other than that, it still works the way it did when we first bought it.

The Verdict:

The Easy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum seems to be a decent vacuum for the price. It’s not upper end, but it will take care of most of your basic vacuuming needs. It’s easy to tote around the house and easy to empty. The three-year warranty is nice, too. We’ll see how this vacuum performs over time.

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  1. I have one of these vacuums and I will tell you it is ridiculous trying to replace the belt. There’s no reference to the type of belt or size in the manual and the manufacturer insists on it being a size that is completely incorrect. I took the belt out and measured it and even sent a picture to them and they still insist that it’s 3.88 CM wide and it’s no way wider than 1.3 cm. It’s pretty annoying and I have not been able to vacuum my rugs for 2 weeks now because I can’t get a belt and I’m arguing with the manufacturer who thinks they’re right but they’re really just some moron. I would avoid this product just based on that.

    • Yes! No one can tell me the belt size!!!

      • Wow, you too?
        I measured it and sent a picture to the customer service rep and they insist it’s 3 .88 cm. (I’d say it measures about 37 cm x 1.3 cm) That alone is reason enough to never buy this vacuum because I avoid things that you cannot fix – that’s what they want you to do so you buy a new one instead.

        If I can bring this to a conclusion I will let you know

        • Well, I got the belt today from the manufacturer. It’s the correct size (yay!) but it there is no way it is 3.88 cm as they said.
          The true size is about 1.4 cm

      • After using only five times the belt broke and I have not been able to find a replacement to fit. The vacuum is sitting in spare bedroom for over a year now and I can’t use it. Wasted money!

    • I have found the replacement belts!!! You can order them from
      http://www.OfficeSupply.com. They only cost $3.99 for TWO. The shipping cost twice as much but I didn’t care … received them in three days.

      They are from China & have the identical markings as the original that came with the vacuum. I took a picture of the original & the new ones … IDENTICAL. BTW, the new belt works, hope this helps!

    • Did yu ever find the correct belt size

  2. How did you find a parts number? I called and they insist that the number I gave was incorrect. Any hints where to locate this wonderful number?

  3. There’s a manufacturer’s plate with that information. As I recall, it’s underneath and possibly you have to remove the plastic bottom cover to see it.

  4. this is the worst vacuum i have ever used! as if vacuuming wasn’t infuriating enough even with a decent vacuum. This vacuum goes right over hair, fuzz, crumbs literally everything even in low carpet. do not waste your money or your sanity on this pos vacuum

  5. I bought an ALDI vaccuum. Not sure if it is exactly the same model. the suction tube sticks into the bottom platform to suction the floor vacuuming manifold and can also be withdrawn to attach an attachment. I though that the machine worked well but the plastic coil part of the tube that emanates from the machine has cracked all the way around. It still sits in place but who knows how long before the machine takes in air from the end of the tube instead of through the crack. I actually came to this site to see if there was a way to buy another one. I still think it was a good value for the money.

    • That plastic tube looks like it’s broken, but it’s not. Just twist it in and it’ll kind of screw back in. It’ll take about 12-15 turns to get it back. It’s actually kind of threaded, though you wouldn’t think so when you first look at it.

  6. Hello I have pets in my house and it’s gotton to a point where every time I turn on the vacuum cleaner it gives off s bad odor when I vacuum clean the house (I have carpet) I’m not sure if the filter needs to be replaced.. any ideas? If so, can I have a link to buy a new filter? Tried searching online for this products replacement parts.

  7. My Mom purchased one of these. Is happy with it but, there are two filters to pull out and clean. A third one, white, in the blue cylinder, is filled with debris, but she can’t seem to remove it to clean. Removal of this filter doesn’t seem to be in the owners manual. Any help appreciated.

    • It looks like a white. Fence type round thing. You just have to carefully work the white edge off. Once you get it jiggled around it will come on off.

  8. Mine has been a very effective cleaner. When the belt, I called the service number and was told they’d send me a new one. They did, but I couldn’t wait, so I took the old one to the local hardware store where they matched the size for me. That one has worked well–and I received a new one from Customer Service within a few days!
    In response to the suction, I found there’s a trick to using the suction tube to vacuum. My vacuum must be locked upright for the tube to work. Trial and error for me! Hope this helps somebody!

  9. I bought this a year ago at Aldi and it literally fell apart. I have one rpom in my house witj carpet so it was not over used. The screw that attached the handle had to be wrapped in tape because it kept falling out. Now it does not work at all. Don’t bother trying to clean the filter it does not come out. There is not a company or product offered in the USA that cares about quality.

  10. I just finished vacuuming the whole house with one of these. I’ve had it for a while and decided to come on here and leave a review.

    No carpet in our house. Hardwood, ceramic tile and laminate. We have a dog that is shedding like crazy right now.

    I like the vacuum. It picks up dirt, dander and dog hair. I have used vacuums that don’t seem to perform this most basic of functions. This one does.

    I don’t feel I have to keep going over the same spot. When I’m done vacuuming, I feel like the floor is much cleaner than before I vacuumed. The junk swirling around in the canister bears this out.

    There is nothing fancy about this vacuum, but it performs its most basic function to my satisfaction – even beyond.

    It’s staticky in the winter and dog hair sticks to the hard plastic when you’re trying to empty it.

    When you vacuum in the corner, it tends to blow stuff around.

    It is not good at getting under furniture, but the wand helps with that.

    For the price I think you can’t beat it. I’m glad I bought it and hope it lasts a long time.

    • I failed to mention that it is good at cleaning the floor along walls – you know, along the baseboard.

      Mine does not seem to be anywhere near falling apart like some others mentioned above, although I am glad to know how to get a belt if mine fails and thank all those who supplied that info.

  11. I’ve use the vacuum exactly 3 times. The third time, the floor attachment would not work. Reading the comments, I’m guessing it is the belt. Ridiculous

  12. If you are a user who would mainly be vacuuming up tufts of pet fur on hardwood floors, as I am, this vacuum has a fatal flaw which renders it nearly useless. I’m not sure I have the exact same model you’ve reviewed, but this one has the exhaust pointing towards the front, just above the housing for the brushes. Instead of rolling forth and vacuuming, one rolls forth and finds the machine blowing a fair amount of fuzzy debris around. I cannot understand this design. I suppose if you’re vacuuming dirt that’s too heavy to blow or caught up in carpet, it may be fine. I didn’t expect long -term durability or frills, but I was surprised to discover this vacuum making the job more difficult and time consuming. I gave it a solid five minutes of use before dragging my heavy vacuum upstairs to the scene (where I accidentally vacuumed a sock that is now stuck in the expandable hose – but that is another story).

    • To use the hose attachment, you need to make sure the vacuum is in the upright position and “bare floor” selected. I believe that is the only setting where the roller doesn’t spin, so you don’t get anything coming out of the exhaust tube.

  13. I might have a newer model than what was demoed above. They didn’t show a filter when unpacking. I just followed the directions in the manual to put it together. On the parts diagram B it shows #19 filter in the English version but it’s not even shown in their Spanish version. It never tells you where to put it. Should it have gone in the floor nozzle before I attached the backbone? I don’t want to take it all apart just to find out that’s not where it goes. I also think it should be accessible to wash so it wouldn’t really make sense to go there. Help!

  14. I just want to know where I can get the round replacement filter for this vacuum. If I need to order it through Easyhome, Aldi’s, or can I get one at any department store? I am very happy with this vacuum However, the cord is short. Thank you.

  15. Hello everyone. I took a chance on this vacuum for my upstairs. I also have one of the Dyson Cinetic Animal. I like this cheap Aldi vacuum, especially when it comes to cleaning it. A few weeks ago, I took the canister part apart to clean. I rinsed all of those parts, including the filter, off with the hose and left them in the hot summer sun to dry. Put it back together and was good to go. However, this week, I noticed that it wasn’t picking up. I hadn’t cleaned the roller brush part, so I thought something might be clogging it. That’s when I realized the belt was damaged. All of your comments regarding the belt were helpful. I looked at the one suggested on this chat, and tried to find it elsewhere (Amazon, HomeDepot, etc.) What I ended up doing was taking the old belt to Home Depot and taking my chances with the few that they have. SUCCESS. I got Eureka-Type-U-Belts-2-Pack, Model # AA20001 for $4.49. Honestly, though, I don’t think there was any difference between this one and the others that they had. I just felt through the package for which felt like the right size; they all felt the same.
    Thanks for your help and I hope this helps others.

  16. Any chance anyone has any info on where(if at all) you can purchase this product. I just borrowed my grandmothers and love it! But can not seem to find any info on the manufacturer and this is obviously an old item and don’t know if it will be returning to Aldi 😩 and if it does there is no guarantee I’ll be able to score one 😢. Thank you in advance for any information! ❤️

  17. Vacuum doesn’t develop enough suction to be useful, and it blows dirt out the exhaust instead of into the canister.

    • I can confirm that the Eureka type u belts from Home Depot mentioned above do work with our vacuum…thankfully.
      Has anyone noticed that the belt was rubbing a groove into the side wall of the plastic area next to the belt track? That’s what was happening to mines. I first had issues with my vacuum on the first use, breaking the belt after 10 mins of use. I was able to get a replacement that took months to receive, only to have that break as well. Got yet another replacement and noticed that grooved out area. Finally called them to get a refund. I wonder if there is a manufacturing flaw in the design that is causing the high rate of belt tears/breaks.

  18. María Ontiveros

    I need to replace the hose and the filter. Can you tell me where can I buy these parts for the vacuum. Easy home. Deep cleaning. Please let me know or I need to buy another vacuum. Thanks

  19. My daughter was going to throw hers out because she said it didn’t work so I took it home and found it was clogged and the belt was broken. I cleaned it and replaced the belt (got it from a local vacuum parts store) but now I noticed the hepa filter is gone. She told me that there never was one but I think she threw it out now I can’t find a replacement. Does anyone know what the number of that filter is? The machine runs very will and I plan to keep it.

  20. Any idea on where to buy the filter

  21. I purchased this vacuum cleaner with a deep discount since the box torn & ripped during shipping. I just realized there was no instruction book manual inside the box. Does Aldi publish manual’s for their products online?

  22. Yes I found a manual on line for a vacuum that was given to me. It had no hepa filter and I could not find one on line. The manual gave me a phone number to contact the company.

  23. In searching the web for suggestions I found this site and am hoping someone can help even though the model I have is older than this thread started with.

    I have the Crofton 2 in 1 Bagless Upright and Canister Vacuum Item# 5936-12 Model# FJ142L-120-500 which was purchased at my local ALDI store. I bought it some years ago which turned out to be 2012! I have found the instruction booklet. I bought it because it seemed to be a good value to be using when I run out of bags for a very old but working vacuum.

    I have had a good deal a laminate flooring installed and have become concerned about scratches from the brush in the vacuum head on this vacuum (which I have NOT used on the laminate flooring). Is anyone familiar with this model and know if the brushes on the head are soft enough to be sure to NOT scratch laminate flooring???

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