Gardenline Plant Stands

Last Updated on May 10, 2021

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi is selling these plant stands again in 2021 under its new Belavi house brand name, and the price is now up to $14.99. 

I’ve been keeping an eye out at Aldi for some plant stands that would look good in my sun room. Enter the Gardenline Plant Stands. Aldi has listed several plant stands in its weekly ads this spring, although, unfortunately, not all of the stands have been available at my local stores.

Gardenline Plant Stands

The set I got includes two different-sized stands that sold for $9.99 for the pair at the time of publication. One stand is larger at approximately 14.8″ tall with a square 9.8″ top. The other smaller stand is approximately 10.8″ tall with a square 8″ top.

For such an inexpensive purchase, these actually come with a three-year warranty. A German company named Protel services the warranty on these plant stands, and they also provide product consulting, replacement, complaint management, storage, and logistics for a variety of product brands, including Maginon electronic/tech products that sometimes show up at Aldi.

The plant stand package says Protel’s after-sales support can be reached by calling 1-800-270-5071 or emailing Protel’s website also lists another phone number: 800-087-2677.

The stands are made in China.

The package for the plant stands states:

  • “Perfect for balconies, terraces, and gardens”
  • “Made from powder-coated metal”
  • “Easy assembly”
  • “Max weight per stand: 11 lbs.”


The instruction manual includes directions for assembling several different Gardenline plant stands: the 2-Tier Plant Stand, the 3-Tier Plant Stand, and my regular Plant Stands that I purchased.

The plant stands come packaged flat in a box, and assembly was quick and easy. It was just a matter of gently tapping the legs, which are all one piece and held together by an X-style hinge mechanism, into the “tabletop” part of the stand. Tapping the legs in did result in a few tiny metal shavings falling onto my garage floor, but the stands don’t seem to have been damaged structurally or aesthetically.

The instructions recommend cleaning the stands with a”neutral cleaning solution.”


Gardenline Plant Stands

Gardenline Plant Stands

The plant stands in my sun room.

These stands are smaller — and shorter — than I expected them to be. I thought they would be the size of a small end table but they are smaller; they are shorter and with less surface area. That’s not a deal breaker, and the dimensions are listed clearly on the outside of the box, so I should not be surprised.

They do seem sturdy, and they generally are each large enough for one small to medium pot, or two very small pots. Also important; they look nice in my sun room. Because of their small size, they take up little space but provide a good spot for some greenery where I didn’t have any before.

The Verdict:

Aldi sells a variety of plant stands in different styles and sizes as limited-time ALDI Finds (Special Buys). The Gardenline Plant Stands are smaller than I anticipated based on photos in the ad, although the dimensions are plainly stated on the box in the store, so their size should not be a big surprise. They were easy to put together and appear to serve their purpose well, providing spots for potted flowers or house plants. They also come with a three-year warranty.

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