Gardenline String Lights

Light strings are a fun trend on patios, porches, and other outdoor spaces, and Aldi has offered several options at different prices this spring. I opted to try a set of Gardenline String Lights in my sun room.

Gardenline String Lights

These lights sold for $9.99 per set at the time of publication, and they are a limited-time ALDI Find, which means if you want them, get them before they’re gone.

This is the cheapest light string I’ve seen Aldi sell so far this spring, with other light strings selling for around $14.99 and $24.99. I think this light string also is the shortest, and the individual lights may be smaller than what is on other Aldi light strings. This light string set also does not come with a warranty.

This light string features:

  •  a total length of 8.5′ and a lighted length of 7.5′
  • a 10-count string of lights
  • the ability to connect up to 22 sets, for up to 165′ lighted length
  • the ability to be used indoors or outdoors
  • 2 replacement bulbs, 1 fuse, and 10 metal hanging hooks

The light string is made in China and comes in several varieties: Marble Globes, White Flowers, or Black Lanterns. I chose the Black Lanterns, and I bought two light strings so I’d have enough to drape across one wall of my sun room, which is about 12-14 feet wide.

Gardenline String Lights

Two sets of string lights in my sun room.

Gardenline String Lights

A closer view of the lights. (Click to enlarge.)

The light string comes with a set of 10 metal hooks that are similar to Christmas ornament hooks but larger. I was able to hook them into the window frames in my sun room to hang the light string. I used an extension cord to connect the light string to the nearest outlet.

Gardenline String Lights

The lights at night.

The lights themselves are small and tucked inside the lanterns, which I appreciate because I don’t always like the glare and brightness of fully exposed bulbs. They provide nice mood lighting at night but not enough light for tasks like reading. That’s fine, though.

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Gardenline String Lights are a fun addition to a patio, porch or any outdoor or semi-outdoor space. They provide a soft light that looks good almost anywhere. They don’t come with a warranty, so we’ll see how they hold up over time.

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  1. missed the lights that were bugs. The ad featured a bee. Does anyone still have them?

  2. I purchased the canopy lights for my screen deck this summer. I thought they were the BEST! The way they snagged down over the entire space giving a soft comfortable glow. The lights blinked in various patterns but I wasn’t so much interested in that. Sadly, the lights only lasted a month. The unit will not come back on. It is unfortunate the lights didn’t even last as long as a MN summer. For the price I would by more, if I could find them

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