Heart to Tail Cat Treats

Last Updated on February 2, 2021

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi has reformulated its cat treats. You can read our review of the new version here.

My cat likes Aldi’s Heart to Tail Premium Canned Cat Food, although she does not care for Aldi’s Heart to Tail dry cat food. So I stick with Purina when it comes to dry cat food. Aldi also now sells cat treats in its Heart to Tail pet product line, and my cat heartily approves of these. She inhales them and proceeds to follow me around the house, begging for more.

Heart to Tail Cat Treats

Aldi’s Heart to Tail Cat Treats sold for $1.09 for a 3-ounce package at the time of publication. They come in three flavors: salmon, tuna, and chicken. I tried the salmon and tuna flavors with my cat, and she scarfed up both of them, but she seemed to get a little more excited about the salmon flavor than the tuna flavor.

The package says the treats have a crunchy texture in the center to help control tartar, although some experts doubt how much treats help to clean pets’ teeth. My cat swallows them so quickly that I know she’s not really chewing them to get any dental-cleaning benefits.

Each treat is 2 calories, and they’re made in the U.S.

Heart to Tail Cat Treats Salmon Flavor Ingredients

Salmon cat treat ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

Heart to Tail Cat Treats Tuna Flavor Ingredients

Tuna cat treats ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

Similar to Aldi’s store-brand food for people, Aldi’s cat treats have no certified synthetic colors. They have no wheat or soy. The back of the package also indicates the treats have no artificial flavors and no animal by-products, and they are “highly digestible.”

They also contain no BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) or BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), which are preservatives that may cause cancer, according to The Spruce Pets.

The treats have a minimum of 30% crude protein and 16% crude fat, and they have a maximum of 4% crude fiber and 12% moisture.

The treats come in plastic packaging with a Ziploc-style seal, and the seal broke on one bag after a few weeks of use. I’m not sure if that was due to user error (read: those times when my kids feed treats to the cat) or if it was bound to happen regardless of who was opening the bag. I rolled it up and sealed it with a chip clip instead.

As with any pet treat, you should feed these to your cat as an occasional treat. The package states they are for “intermittent or supplemental feeding only.” They should not take the place of regular dry or canned cat food.

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Heart to Tail Cat Treats come in salmon, tuna, and chicken flavors and are a hit with my cat. They are free of synthetic colors, wheat, and soy. If you want to feed your cat an occasional treat, these are worth a look.

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  1. My cats love the seafood melody flavor ones. Our aldi’s only had that flavor and the chicken flavor, even our cat that doesn’t care for the treats we get from Walmart liked these ones.

  2. Have a finicky cat and he loves the salmon treats

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