Heart to Tail Cat Treats

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi recently reformulated its Heart to Tail Cat Treats. This post is about the new cat treats. You can read our post about the cat treats under the old formula here

Over the years, I’ve learned through experience that Aldi sometimes tweaks its products. That’s been the case with my family’s favorite tikka masala sauce, along with boxed macaroni and cheese, and even cat litter.

Among the latest products to see changes at the discount grocer are the Heart to Tail Cat Treats. I reviewed Aldi’s cat treats one year ago, and during a recent shopping trip I noticed the packaging was slightly different, and the product was noticeably altered.

Heart to Tail Cat Treats

At first glance, the main difference is that the new cat treats advertise a crunchy outside with a creamy center, while the old cat treats packaging said they had a crunchy texture in the center to help control tartar. Upon further examining the new cat treat package, though, it also states that these new treats have a “center filled with crunchy texture” that “helps control tartar.”

I’ll leave you to attempt to make sense of that.

In the meantime, here’s some basic information on the cat treats now in Aldi stores.

Heart to Tail Cat Treats cost $1.09 for a 3-oz. package at the time of publication. They’re a Regular Buy, which means they’re in stores year round.

They come in three flavors: chicken, seafood medley, and salmon.

Heart to Tail Cat Treats

The chicken flavor. (Click to enlarge.)

They’re all advertised as being guaranteed soy free and wheat free, with no BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) or BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), which are preservatives that may cause cancer, according to The Spruce Pets. They’re made in the U.S.

Heart to Tail Cat Treats

The salmon flavor. (Click to enlarge.)

The new packaging also states the Aldi Heart to Tail pet product brand was voted Best Brand in the American Choice Awards. Aldi sells dog food, dry cat food, canned cat food, cat litter, and more under its Heart to Tail brand.

Heart to Tail Cat Treats

The seafood flavor. (Click to enlarge.)

Each treat has two calories, with a guaranteed analysis of:

  • crude protein: min. 30%
  • crude fat: min. 16%
  • crude fiber: max. 4%
  • moisture: max. 12%

Those numbers are the same for the older cat treat formula as well.

The package instructs to feed as a treat to your cat. The product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only, and the package advises to provide fresh drinking water for your cat at all times.

The first few ingredients for all flavors are chicken meal, tapioca starch, barley flour, chicken fat, rice flour, natural chicken flavor, brewers dried yeast, lecithin, pork fat, dried whey, salt, and water. In fact, ingredients look fairly similar across the three flavors, with some of the differences being that the seafood and salmon flavors contain salmon oil and the chicken flavor is the only one to contain tuna oil.

The treats do contain natural flavors, which I am not a huge fan of, such as natural chicken flavor and natural fish flavor.

The ingredients for the new treats also look practically the same as the old cat treat formula, so I don’t think the changes are very significant.

After a while the Ziploc-style package seal breaks and I have to fold the bag shut and secure it with a clip, but it’s not a big deal.

The jury is out on whether cat treats really help control tartar, but my cat comes running whenever I shake the bag, and she scarfs these up immediately, so they are cat approved.

The Verdict:

Heart to Tail Cat Treats have undergone some slight changes and now feature a crunchy outside and creamy center. They claim to help control tartar and are free of soy and wheat. They come in salmon, seafood, and chicken flavors, and my cat likes all three.

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  1. My cats both adore these. Now I regret not getting two packages!! One thing to mention is these are TINY compared to something like Tempations. Which is PERFECT for treats used for training or keeping a cat happy during grooming! I’ve spent so much time cutting up other treats, I’m thrilled to have some that are actually sized well for cat treats!

  2. My cat’s LOVE these treats. Surely was wondering how you could get a home delivery of the treats.

  3. My cat loves these and was wondering if they came in a larger package than 3 oz . ?

  4. My three cats wouldn’t eat them.(sea food flavor)
    They sniffed them and ran away.
    They all show up every morning and evening and I give them treats that they eat (temptations).
    They won’t eat these … waste of time and money.

  5. Tried the treats about a year ago, in the chicken flavor, my cat wanted nothing to do with them, I recently put an instacart order in at Aldi, and realized my cat was out of treats, and she has a routine with me, and I can get myself in some serious trouble if I don’t have treats for her, so I said let me try these again, low and behold she now loves them, so whatever they changed, definitely agrees with her, and she typically likes Temptations.

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