Heart to Tail Shark Cat Tunnel

Aldi sells a lot of products for cats and dogs throughout the year. In addition to Aldi’s cat food, cat litter, cat treats, and dog food, it seems that every month or two the discount grocery store rolls out additional pet items, including pet beds, food and water bowls, and cat houses and activity boxes. One of Aldi’s most recently offered pet products is the Heart to Tail Cat Tunnel.

Heart to Tail Cat Shark Tunnel

Aldi’s Heart to Tail Cat Tunnels and Heart to Tail Crinkle Sacks were $6.99 each at the time of publication.

The tunnels are available in shark or goldfish designs and measure 24″ by 24″ by 10″, while the crinkle sacks are available in dragon or unicorn designs and measure 21.5″ by 11.5″ by 11.5″. Both are similar in that cats can sit, sleep, or hide in them, thus giving the illusion that they’re being eaten by sharks, goldfish, and mythical creatures.

The tunnels and crinkle sacks are made of a nylon/tent type of material with a crinkly layer inside the fabric, and they’re supported with flexible metal hoops that help hold the them open so cats can crawl in and out.

Heart to Tail Cat Tunnel

All the designs collapse for storage. My shark tunnel has small ties to hold it closed.

The tunnels are slightly larger than the crinkle sacks, and they feature what Aldi calls a “three-way” tunnel design because they have narrower “tunnels” that branch off of the main one, although the branches seem too small for a typical adult cat to fit in. Rather, those seem like good spots to place toys cats can bat at.

The packaging my tunnel came in has a seal for the American Choice Awards indicating that Aldi’s Heart to Tail brand was voted a “Best Brand” winner.

Heart to Tail Cat Tunnel

My cat getting eaten by a shark.

My cat really likes the cardboard house I got her from Aldi last December and she spends a lot of time sleeping in it, but I wasn’t sure what she’d think of a crinkly tunnel like this. I untied it and opened it up, and she nosed around some. Then I gently nudged her inside it to “show” her how to use it. She ended up settling down and taking a nap in there, and she also likes to play when I stick toys like feathers on a stick in the various holes.

So it seems like the shark tunnel is a hit. That’s a good thing, too, because last year’s cardboard cat house is starting to wear out.

The Verdict:

My cat approves of Aldi’s Heart to Tail Shark Cat Tunnel. So far she has enjoyed playing in it and sleeping in it. The tunnel comes in a goldfish design as well as the shark design. Aldi also sells a similar Heart to Tail Crinkle Sack that opens on only one end and not two like the tunnel. The crinkle sacks come in unicorn or dragon designs. The tunnels and crinkle sacks fold up for easy storage.

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  1. Nancy Jarzabkowski

    Cannot figure out how to use the white square that came with the Holiday Cat House & Tunnel. I think it goes on the floor of the house but it keeps popping up. Help!

  2. We’re having the same problem! cannot figure out the square base as it still keeps wanting to pop and collapse. It’s like the square base is not fitting right and the tent will not hold itself up. However, We’re finding out that the base needs bent over on one side to make it smaller.. but it bends hard so may need some plyers. Bend about an inch up and have the it facing upward towards at entrance of the tent.

  3. Same problem with the weird, ill-fitting base – so frustrating!!

  4. The Velcro keeps it in place just press down
    I just can close it back to put it up. Lol

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