Huntington Home Signature Luxury Memory Foam Bath Mat

Last Updated on July 3, 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated June 2017 with information on how the bath mats perform over time.

These Special Buy Memory Foam Bath Mats from Aldi are certainly luxurious as their name implies. I picked up one mat for each of our home’s two bathrooms, and the mats are so soft and squishy and comfy to walk on.

The Memory Foam Bath Mat comes in three colors: gray, beige, and light blue. The mat also comes in two sizes: a smaller mat that is 17 inches by 24 inches, and a larger mat that is 20 inches by 34 inches. I purchased the smaller mats for our tiny bathrooms. I also bought the shag style mats, but some have a ribbed edge instead, and both styles have a slip-resistant backing.

The bath mats are 100% polyester and are fast drying. They are machine washable with cold water on the delicate cycle. The mats should be line dried and not ironed.

These mats feel great to walk on. They are plush with lots of give when you step on them, much better than stepping out of the shower onto hard ceramic tile, and less cold and slippery than a bare tile floor.

The bath mats shed a bit when I first bought them, but that stopped after a few weeks of use. The mats don’t seem to have compressed too much after six months of use. They still seem pretty squishy and comfy, and the rubber backing on the underside of the mat has held up well even after several trips through the washing machine.

My only complaint about the shag style bath mats is that the piling has matted and is less fluffy after a few months of use, and bits of lint and even small pieces of grass that my kids track in from the yard get stuck on the mats. The lint and debris don’t all come out in the washing machine, so if you really want to get them out, you have to pick them off by hand. That means that even when my mats are freshly washed, they still look a little dirty. Perhaps the ribbed edge style mats clean up better than the shag style mats, but I’m not sure because I don’t own those.

The Verdict:

The Huntington Home Signature Luxury Memory Foam Bath Mat from Aldi is soft, squishy, and comfortable to walk on. The only downside is that the mats tend to collect bits of lint that don’t easily come out in the washing machine, so it’s hard to get them completely clean.


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  3. Hello, I brought the huntington home signature rugs, and OMG , went to wash them , as instructions says, my washer was all filled with cotton pile , so was my floor after I took out to shake to put in dryer, then my dryer had more in a there, now I need to buy the nonslip rug underlay, so they’ll stay in place ,,,, hopefully my machine is not ruin, ,, or my dryer what to do in next wash,???????, scared to

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