Intermingle Red Blend (2018)

Intermingle 2018 Red Blend

For me, Intermingle 2018 Red Blend has a nice label, but it could be an excellent label if the gold foil description under Intermingle was removed. It would make it look classier and more expensive than its $7.99 price point.

The red symbol and foil will go perfectly with any of your holiday decorations from Halloween to Christmas, and being a red blend it will pair wonderfully with your chocolate Halloween candy, the pecan pie at Thanksgiving, or by itself after the kids are in bed on Christmas Eve and you’re busy wrapping gifts.

Since it says Red Blend and not Sweet Red Blend this is a clue that it is going to taste more like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah instead of something sweeter like a Shiraz or a Dornfelder. Intermingle is a wine that I would leave on my counter during the winter in Wisconsin or in our basement during the summer. It’s definitely not a wine you want to drink chilled.

The label:

13.5 ALC by Vol.

“Three distinct California varietals – Zinfandel, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon – come together to create this lucious, memorable red wine.

Top notes of jam-like blackberry and fresh raspberry add a vibrancy while mild notes of red fruits give a full body, balancing out a bottom layer of firm tannins.

The intersection of bold, smooth and fruity make Intermingle a perfect partner for grilled meat or chicken. Best when enjoyed between 55-65 degrees.

Intermingle 2018 Red Blend

The label. (Click to enlarge.)

The first thing you notice about the color when holding it up to the light is the deep red. There is very little color difference when you get up towards the top edge. For me this almost always means it’s going to be a bold wine.

I definitely got berries when I sniffed it, along with cinnamon and the feeling of warmth, if warmth had a smell. The longer I smelled I began to get a whiff of smoke, too.

Upon taking the first sip it felt light on the tongue and had a smoky, tarry flavor at the beginning. It has a lingering finish on the back end of the tasting that is tannin heavy, aka a lingering dry/bitter feeling in your mouth and I got a hint of red berry flavors.

Intermingle 2018 Red Blend

The Verdict:

Intermingle would be an excellent wine to drink on its own, with some chocolate, or with a juicy steak. I will definitely be purchasing more to help stave off the cold during the winter months, and I would give it a 91 because of the price and great flavor.

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Kim is a wine and book reviewer, as well as a certified aromatherapist and herbalist living in Wisconsin.


  1. This was a good table wine! The type of wine you want everyone to drink as much as they want since it’s cheap and really good. I give it a 7/10.

  2. I love this wine. If I were to sip it blind folded, I would swear I was drinking Menage a trois. It is soft and smooth and I could enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

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