Lacura Face Care Q10 Day Cream / Lacura Face Care Q10 Night Cream

Last Updated on December 16, 2017

I’ve been shopping at Aldi for most of a decade but only recently discovered their skin care products. I say “discovered,” but I always knew they were there. I was just skeptical that a face cream under $4 would be worthwhile. Many times I saw them on the shelf and wondered … could something so inexpensive actually work for my skin?

I have normal-to-dry, highly sensitive skin. I moisturize every morning and evening, and I’m picky about what I use. My skin is so sensitive that a lot of products give me breakouts or rashes. A rule of thumb for me is “if it smells like perfume, I can’t use it.” So I am very skeptical of new products, especially “bargain” ones. But one day I was out of my favorite moisturizer and decided to try it. I tried it on my hands before moving to my face, just in case I got a rash.

The first product I tried is the Lacura Face Care Q10 Day Cream. It looked lighter and less risky than the night cream. It passed the hand test, and I tried it on my face. I’ve been using it daily since.

The day cream is a nice, light everyday moisturizer. It has a light, pleasant fragrance. It absorbs quickly and works well under makeup. I prefer to use it at night in the summer, when my skin needs less moisture and I need more SPF protection. During the cold months, it’s my go-to morning moisturizer.

The Lacura Face Care Q10 Night Cream is thicker and richer. It also has a light fragrance, but does not smell like perfume. It has retinol, but not enough to irritate my skin. It’s best used at night because of the retinol, and it also makes a great hand cream. It’s a little heavy to use on my face in the summer, but I’d recommend it if your skin is drier than mine.

The Verdict:

At just under $4, both face creams are a great bargain. Either one would pair well with the Lacura Hydrating Facial Cleanser. Aldi has a more extensive line of beauty products in their international stores. Based on my experience with their face creams, I hope they bring more beauty products stateside!


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  1. Does Q10 have an spf rating?

  2. Do they sell Lacura beauty products in the U.S., if not… can you purchase them via mail order from the UK?

  3. Elizabeth, is there a website from Aldi US where I can buy their products? The closet one is over 100 miles from me.

    • No, they don’t have a mail order service through their website. I’ve seen Lacura products on, but the prices are higher than in the store.

  4. I’ve also seen the same thing with Trader Joe’s products too. They sell the products for ridiculously high prices. There are people who make a killing doing it on Amazon.

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