Lacura Face Care Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Day Cream

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I began seeing rumors in April of 2024 on Aldi fan social media pages claiming that Aldi was getting rid of its private label Lacura facial care products. Specifically, people were talking about the night cream, day cream, and aqua gel Aldi had sold for years. On my next couple of Aldi shopping trips, I looked and couldn’t find any of these products at several of my local stores. So, we here at Aldi Reviewer did some research, including messaging Aldi to ask what was going on. We learned that Aldi was not getting rid of its Lacura line. Instead, Aldi told us it was “reformulating” the products and said they would be back in May with a “new look.”

When the month of May rolled around, lo and behold, I found the face creams and aqua gel on shelves in one of my local stores once again. I bought one of each to try out at home and see how they’d changed.

There are two big changes I noticed. First, these products are sold in all-plastic containers now. They used to be sold in glass jars with plastic lids. Second, the day and night creams are now fragrance free. I have less experience with the aqua gel, so I’m not sure if that also had fragrance removed.

I’ve already written a full review on the new night cream at Aldi. Now, in this post, I’m taking a closer look at the reformulated and repackaged Lacura Face Care Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Day Cream.

Lacura Face Care Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Day Cream

Lacura Face Care Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Day Cream is a Regular Buy, so (once the reformulated version rolls out to all Aldi stores) you ought to be able to find it in stores all year. It’s stocked in the small personal care section at Aldi, among the toiletries, medications, and supplements. I’ve seen some readers comment that their local stores still don’t have these face creams back in stock yet. My guess is that if you give it some time, these products will hopefully eventually roll out to all Aldi stores in the U.S.

This cost $3.79 for 1.7 ounces. That’s about $2.23 per ounce.

This was made in Germany.

Lacura Face Care Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Day Cream

This is advertised as fragrance free and good for all skin types. The label states it’s a light cream that “leaves your skin feeling refreshed and ready for your day.” It promises to moisturize skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and leave skin “feeling smooth and supple.” It was dermatologically tested, and it was not tested on animals.

This contains Q10, which is an antioxidant, and the package states it’s a “component found naturally in the body. It works in perfect harmony with your skin and helps provide youthful vibrancy when used daily.”

It also contains bioflavonoids, which the label states are “natural antioxidants derived from elderflower and vitamin E” that help “your skin look and feel younger when used daily.” In addition, this day cream contains provitamin B5, aloe vera leaf juice, and a “special moisturizing complex” to make skin feel “soft and supple.”

Lacura Face Care Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Day Cream

Ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

The instructions recommend applying every morning to a cleansed face, neck, and décolleté and massage in gently. It’s meant to be ideal as a base under makeup. Avoid contact with eyes, and rinse well with water if eye contact occurs.

So far, I like how this new day cream formula feels on my skin and how it moisturizes. It goes on light, doesn’t feel greasy, and absorbs well. I remember not being fond of the fragrance in the old formula, so I actually had not purchased the day cream in a while prior to Aldi pulling it from shelves to reformulate it. In fact, the last time I tried the old day cream, I felt like the scent was a little too strong for my preferences, and the cream may have left my skin feeling overly greasy, so I ended up passing my jar along to a friend who liked and used it. This new formula that has showed up in May of 2024 is one I like a lot better, and it doesn’t feel greasy.

One complaint I have is that this cream does not contain any SPF. Even an SPF of 15 would be helpful. That lack of sun protection is enough of an issue for me personally that I’m not sure whether I’d make the switch to this Aldi day cream from other SPF facial moisturizers I currently use, such as Trader Joe’s Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion. I could always use a separate facial sunscreen in addition to the Aldi day cream, but it’s nice to have a product that does it all in one application.

I also am disappointed that these face care products are now packaged in entirely plastic containers, which seems like a step backward in terms of environmental consciousness, especially for a company that has made strides to be more eco-friendly. I’m not sure what prompted the change in packaging. It’s possible it reflects a change in who the face cream supplier is, but only Aldi knows for certain.

The Verdict:

Lacura Face Care Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Day Cream is a recently reformulated product at Aldi. It now contains no added fragrance, and it features the antioxidant Q10 along with bioflavonoid antioxidants and other vitamins and moisturizers. In addition to removing the fragrance, Aldi has also changed the container this cream is sold in, going from a glass jar with plastic lid to an all-plastic container.

We’re not crazy about the change from glass to all plastic, and we wish this day cream offered some SPF sun protection. Otherwise, this cream does a good job of moisturizing without leaving skin feeling greasy, and we like it.

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